Towleroad Guide to the Tube #633

MIKE MANNING: The Real World D.C. housemate gives an interview to MetroWeekly.

ALICE: I'm not sure the iPad will kill books, but after seeing this I think it might definitely kill pop-up books.

SEATTLE: A recent Glee flash-mob.

FRIENDS: Orcas have a fascination with dogs. Not a new video, but fascinating.

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  1. joeblow says

    Sorry Seattle as usual you’re about 5 years behind the times and didn’t really get the message in the first place. Flash mob’s are supposed to look spontaneous yet the mob all dances the same or at least similar styles.

  2. bading says

    I wouldn’t presume to know what the orcas were thinking, but my yorkie and my sister’s shih tzu, as far from looking like seals as you can imagine, were just fascinated by them as they kept following our boat on a recent trip. Now I know that they both belong to a mutual admiration society.

  3. Chris says

    Luna, the orca in question, was a member of a pod of resident whales. Resident whales eat mainly salmon, not seals. For reasons not entirely clear, Luna remained in a bay after his pod had left and adopted humans, dogs, and boats as his new pod. This eventually proved fatal as his love of rubbing up against boats led to a too close encounter with a propeller.

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