1. Oso says

    Some things are just more… “accepted” in Europe. A beard doesn’t make a butch if he’s still in a sleeveless t-shirt and leather vest.

    Porn clones aren’t my thing but I’m glad to know Marys are still trying to recreate Bronski Beats

  2. TomSkylark says

    @Tank: Thank you for singlehandedly justifying the continued political relevance of the bear movement. My cynicism about the bear community’s own disciplinary practices notwithstanding, I’d much rather fall in with the acceptance-and-masculine-friendship camp–however utopian or sometimes problematic–than on the sneering, judgmental side of the LGBT community.

  3. Don says

    My boyfriend and I are pretty good looking, masculine, hairy muscular bears that have been together over 13 years. We sure liked this video. It reminded us of us..before they had their falling out. Especially the kiss between the fence. Have a good one all.

    Don and Todd

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