1. Rocco says

    OMG! Gay people,who have adopted, going
    to church!! Tank’s head is going to explode!!!
    But seriously Tank, please tell me,what is so “gross”
    about gay people adopting children again?

  2. TampaZeke says

    This is a sweet story and a sweet gesture but frankly I’m getting sick of sweet gestures and no real action from this White House.

    Obama has become the master of the sweet but meaningless gesture that distract from his lack of real action for GLBT civil equality. Unfortunately too many in the GLBT community don’t see the difference between the two and swoon over him like he’s our savior.

    And yes I know; no one was a bigger supporter of his election than I was. I believe that gives me all the more right to express my disappointment and outrage. And for the record, I don’t think Hillary would have done one damned bit more.

  3. TampaZeke says

    I believe what TANK said was that he found gay male couples who wanted to “nest” and have children gross. That may seem like a distinction without a difference. Perhaps it is. TANK, like so many others, seems to have lost the ability to differentiate between expressing one’s own disinterest in PERSONALLY pursuing a certain life goal and denigrating others who’s greatest wish is to achieve that goal. It’s the difference between not wanting to marry personally and not thinking anyone should want to, or be allowed to, marry. As a gay husband and father I respect TANK’s personal disinterest in nesting and having children. It’s a shame that he doesn’t equally respect my personal choices and goals and feels the need to publicly call my greatest joy in life “gross”. He could be setting himself up for a Rufus Wainright moment sometime down the road.

  4. John Normile says

    Tampazeke go to Washington and do something about it… Or maybe even lobby in homophobic Florida.. President Obama is kicking ass for us as a people.. baby steps may suck but at least we are visible now…….

  5. Gridlock says

    Yeah, he’s kicking so much ass for us that his DOJ compares us to incestuous pedophiles, his administration goes out of its way to defend DOMA and DADT in court when it is not required to do so unless it finds both those things to be constitutional, Barney Frank calls him out for being a dick, David Mixner reports that there is NO movement on our rights, and Obama’s spokesbitches LIE on a constant basis, or avoid questions altogether on the topic of us.

    So much asskickery! How does he manage it!

    I bet in your mind he reformed health care too.

  6. bobbyjoe says

    Considering the two-faced nature of this administration, next week the Department of Justice will probably take this Dad to court to remove the kids form his custody while Obama sits on his hands and does nothing.

  7. TampaZeke says

    John, unlike many people here you clearly know NOTHING about me. I HAVE been to Washington MANY TIMES to lobby. I also went to Maine to campaign for marriage equality. I dedicated a solid year of my life fighting Amendment 2 in Florida and I continue to fight for adoption and marriage and other matters of fairness and equality in my home state. Oh, and by the way, I dedicated hundreds of hours phoning and walking neighborhoods campaigning for Obama because I believed his promises and felt that he could actually accomplish change. I have every right to express my disappointment and displeasure with him and the entire Democratic Party now.

    Don’t DARE presume that I sit doing nothing on the sidelines and bitch.

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