1. Marty says

    I don’t think is was so much “feigning” as these guys sucked. Seriously, I live in New York where subway singers/musicians are a dime a dozen….this might make for a good story in “Fly Over-Ville”, but in the City, not so much…

  2. Matt says

    Yeah, I saw this on Gothamist. Lame. And those Rick-rolled jokes are getting old. Shouldn’t these kids be studying for finals or something? Go back to Oregon. We have enough annoying people on the subway, thank you very much.

  3. Kugel says

    Nothing against the town itself, or New Yorkers, but I always know I’m going to be bored when someone inserts “I live in New York” into their speech.

  4. patrick nyc says

    Man was that lame. The best was the black chick behind the guy in the red shirt. I’m just surprised that no one threw up on them. Perhaps if someone had beaten them they’d have gotten a better response.

  5. Madam Bomb says

    It’s not bad as subway performances go [a little off-key in parts], but I’m sure the effect they were thinking they’d get wasn’t there because, well, we see this every day in NYC. It’s par for the course. Kudos to them for trying, but really, can we get a new song please? I hated it when it came out, I hate that it’s a “joke” on the Internetz and I’d rather not hear it in the subway live either [or ever again].

    Also, guys, keep in mind that there are hucksters on so many trains. We ignore them because we don’t want to open up our pockets every time someone starts singing or issuing another sob story. Walking out the door in NYC, your pockets already just fly right open and money pours out. Those of us struggling to make it try to hold onto it as long as we can.

    But thanks anyway. Good try! Next time, a better song??

  6. AlexInBoston says

    actually really not that bad and the beat box boy did very well considering how long he had to that.. the lead was good even in the face of the “apathy” of NYC….. come to boston and do that on the Green line!

  7. Thomasina says

    This is not just about New Yorkers skillfully ignoring yet another dose of crazy on the subway, though that’s part of it. But it is also an illustration of the inexplicable fact that acapella is so much of a cult on many college campuses that a certain type of obliviously privileged upper-middle-class white college student forgets that nobody else thinks acapella is cool.

  8. Matt says

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, Thomasina. Let the white college kids sing their acapella on campus & listen to their Ben Folds & Barenaked Ladies or whatever, just don’t shove it in the face of the public. We mostly think it’s annoying.

  9. Brian in Texas says

    Well I guess jaded New Yorkers have seen it all. The guys sounded great. The subway riders should be so lucky that they got that live entertainment on their boring ride to their destination.

  10. Rodney says

    These guys would have got a lot more attention had they participated in Improv Everywhere’s “day without underwear”.

  11. tom says

    Meh. Boring. They didn’t even attempt to entertain. I hope they enjoyed it cuz no one else did. No, we are not jaded, we just prefer to have our down time to ourselves and our own books/music/staring into space.

    Get personalities, then come back. Until then, they’re just more annoying tourists who think they are clever.

  12. drifterbob says

    These posts make me really glad I’m no longer a New Yorker! Good forbid you relax a little bit and have fun. Soooooo busy being cool!

  13. Chip says

    Really good vocal percussion. Decent soloist. Bad arrangement. If they had gotten into it and tried to entertain, they would have sung more in tune. As is, it feels like they’re all embarrassed–as if looking uninterested will somehow make what they’re doing not dorky. They should have taken the dorkiness and run with it. I want choreography, NOW.

  14. MarkBoston says

    wow New Yorkers are a hard bunch ! only one woman was even smiling .. all others were dead pan faced JEEZE !!! Are New Yorkers really SO JADED ???

  15. Andy says

    I also live in NYC and am exposed to a variety of impromptu musical performances, and these guys were excellent. Riders don’t always know how to act because they have to go from being an indifferent rider on an enclosed subway car to being an appreciative listener. Sometimes they make that transition and sometimes they don’t.

  16. says

    People still Rickroll?

    And as an NYC resident, train rides are my reading/iPod time. I don’t like when they are interrupted like this.

  17. Ty says

    In New York you are constantly bombarded by people selling things, singing things, asking for things, trying to give you things. No one is phased by anything. While I appreciate the impromptu music and subway music culture, sometimes you just want a quiet train ride.

  18. tofer david says

    i enjoyed it, but i too have been in this situation before and you never know when the shoe is going to drop and they are going to start asking for money, so i think that that has something to do with the uninterested lookings faces–in reality, unlike some of the jaded posters here, which is pretty par for the course–the people were likely interested and just didn’t want to show interest. that said, they should have just performed in Union Square…they would have a happy crowd to entertain and actively engage.

  19. DeeVee says

    Thank you Ty, I was going to post a reply to a few comments, but you’ve done it well.