1. Zach says

    I hope Steele survives this. The RNC hasn’t been this precarious in a generation. The damage is done for 2010, but a weak RNC post-2010 is excellent news for 2012.

  2. tony says

    the legitimate Republicans really need to wrest their party back from the grips of the radicals and the crazies and get back to a place where sane legislation can happen.

  3. says

    Michael Steele will discover his inner Blackness and ride this one out as soon as he points out his inner Blackness to his Republicant masters. Once he points out that he has found his race card, he’ll be safe for awhile.

    If he hasn’t already.

    I hate Black people like him, Ward Connerly and Clarence Thomas. They have the most anti-Black opinions until they’re in trouble and all of a sudden they get all Angela Davis and start jabbering about how they a victims of “Hi-Tech Lynching” and other BS.

    When House Negroes Go Wild.


  4. Chitown Kev says

    @Derek Washington

    “When House Negroes Go Wild”


    Although Ward Connerly did come out against Proposition 8…never could figure that one out.

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