News: Zeus, Charlie Crist, Moustaches, Blake Oshiro, Right Whales

 road Dick Cheney goes to Riyadh, mysteriously

 roadGay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson writes letter to Pope Benedict.

Crist  roadFlorida GOP's official Charlie Crist portrait put up for sale on eBay.

 roadJames Franco dodges questions about his sexuality at Tribeca Film Festival panel.

 roadTexas Governor Rick Perry blames Gulf oil spill on God, not Halliburton or BP: "Perry questioned whether the spill was 'just an act of God that occurred' and said that any “politically driven” decisions could put the U.S. in further economic peril.

'From time to time there are going to be things that occur that are acts of God that cannot be prevented,' Perry said."

 roadRight whales fail to appear in Rhode Island waters.

 roadWest Hollywood City Council votes to boycott Arizona.

 roadACLU joins New Jersey's marriage equality lawsuit: "The brief cites the evidence that civil unions have not provided the equal protection the court promised in 2006, when it issued a ruling in the first iteration of this case. Since then, couples in civil unions have learned firsthand that an institution so poorly understood cannot actually protect their rights. Couples have found themselves justifying their relationship to those with influence over their lives – from their children's public school teachers to the administrators of county hospitals – who understand marriage, but not the separate new structure created only for them."

 roadArjan interviews Toni Braxton about her gay fans and bowling with Lady Gaga.

Bettywhite  roadBetty White and her harem.

 roadGOProud executive director Jimmy LaSalvia appears at Temple University: "The premise of my whole discussion and the premise of the existence of our organization is that HRC and the gay left don’t speak for everyone. Their priorities aren’t necessarily the priorities of everyone in the gay community. If the No. 1 issue for gay and lesbian voters was hate crimes and ENDA, then 1.3 million gay people would not have voted for John McCain, because he did not support those pieces of legislation."

 roadNew gay mag, Zeus, launches.

 roadProfile on NY LGBT activist group Queer Rising: “I would say our group is younger. People are just fed up, that's basically it. It’s people who are just fed up with the old lobbying and just sitting back and hoping that our rights will eventually come to us.”'

 roadGuess who's performing at the MTV Movie Awards?

 roadGuess who wants to sing at the VMAs?

Joe_namath  roadIt's Moustache May.

 roadTom Brady slicked up for the Met Costume Institute Gala.

 roadRicky Martin thanks gay activist and NGLTF communications manager Pedro Julio Serrano for all the work he does for the community.

 roadSpencer Tunick gets more people to strip again: "One thousand people took part in the installations on Saturday and yesterday, a tribute to L. S. Lowry, a former local, and painter of matchstalk men hunched against bleak industrial backgrounds."

 roadWeatherman: the forecast is, uh, penis

 roadHawaii lawmaker Blake Oshiro came out of the closet shortly before the civil union vote: "Hawaii State Rep. Blake Oshiro has never before talked to the media about his own sexual orientation, but Friday he broke his silence, telling local ABC affiliate KITV he decided to bring up a civil unions bill for action in the House only the night before it finally passed. Oshiro said his being gay didn’t influence his decision to push the bill one last time, explaining he’s always been a vocal supporter of the measure." Video.


  1. John John says

    Seriously? The phrase “Act of God” is a legal, insurance term that is part of nearly every policy, from homeowners or multi-billion reinsurance contracts. I’m not a fan of Rick Perry or his politics but BP still hasn’t determined whether or not the event was due to human error or an “act of God” event, which is treated differently under coverage policies and insurance law because they are unavoidable and will happen with a certain statistical frequency.

    The fact that Politico wrote the article and you it was re-posted here makes us look clueless on the level of the wingnuts that write about Kevin Jennings wanting to indoctrinate children. That’s the phrase. Act of God.

    Look it up on Wikipedia as a legal term:

  2. says

    @JOHN JOHN: I’ve been thinking the same thing for a couple of days. It is what it is, an “Act Of God” in legal documents.

    Of course, if Pat Robertson had said it, it would have been “an act of God to punish the US for allowing homosexuals to live freely…”

  3. Sean Mac says

    I wouldn’t phrase it as Blake came out just prior to the final push for HB444. He’s a stand up kinda guy who I’ve never known to be closeted. Of course, I’d love for the larger community to now step up and seriously show him some support – he’s gone front and center on the issue in an election year. That’s balls of steel, and I love him for it.

  4. HawaiiBill says

    Blake has never hidden his sexual orientation. There are many LGBT officials here and the media just doesn’t think it’s newsworthy (or anybody’s business) to report it. He’s been “out” for years.

  5. Mike says

    I can completely understand the curiosity about James Franco’s sexuality, but honestly that is his business. If he was tapping toes in an airport restroom and then actively lobbied against gay rights that would be a different matter. Franco is extremely kind to our community, and marched in the demonstrations against Prop8. He has earned our respect. It doesn’t matter to me who he likes to fuck. He’s a nice guy! The only time I think it is appropriate to ask those kind of questions if is some type of hypocrisy is involved. Otherwise, it’s kind of rude.

  6. Mark440 says

    OK…Rick Perry + BP + Haliburton + platform blow up = “act of god”.

    Hell yes he is trying to bend it that way to save his other texas buds some major bucks. And, I haven’t heard anyone say they were going to stop drilling in the G of M. Hell – there are a boatload of platforms already out there and pumping! Perry is trying to play his usual “GW wanna be, good ol boy, bless your little soul, moronic governor” card.

    Besides, rumor has it that he really doesn’t like it when “they” pull out after an explosion…

  7. Harry says

    Texas govenor Rick Perry is a total nut job. I just asked a pastor at my job if God creates natural disasters and he said no. So then I wonder why do they call them “acts of God?” I guess Mr. Perry doesn’t know that God doesn’t do those kind of things.

  8. unruly says

    So your pastor believes in “The Great Flood” (Noah’s Ark, and on and on) but doesn’t believe that God creates natural disasters?

    This is why most/all religion is fucked.

  9. Kyle says

    Moustaches for me have never gone out of style. I’ve been wearing one of over 25 years. In all that time, I’ve only shaved it off twice. I swore I’d never do it again.

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