Florida AG Bill McCollum Distances Himself from Rekers Wreck

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, whose campaign Facebook account was bombarded with negative comments last week after it was revealed that "ex-gay" right-wing hypocrite George Rekers was paid more than $100,000 to defend the state's gay adoption ban, is now distancing himself from Rekers and the "rent boy" scandal.

Mccollum Said McCollum to Naked Politics: "I will not do it again. I think our team’s done what it should do. We’ve been defending the constitution of the state and we’ve been representing the Department of Children and Families, who hired him and paid him and needed expert witnesses and he was available and credentialed. I wouldn’t do it again if I knew what I know today but I didn't know that then and neither did anybody else."

The paper adds: "McCollum spokeswoman Sandi Copes called to clarify: 'They have paid him but we did select him, executed a contract that DCF approved,' Copes said. 'We selected him, they paid for him.'''  


  1. stephen says

    These people are ‘splitting hairs’ with their words… clearly, he wasn’t the only ‘credentialed’ expert witness available- he likely was the ONLY one that supported their unsupportable position.

    You hire craZy, you get crAzy. Why are more truly qualified reps for children not raising their voices?!

  2. says

    He may not have known that Rekers was a closet homosexual, but he did or should have known that Rekers’ testimony had been found to have no credibilty by both a Federal court in Florida and by the Arkansas Supreme Court. He also knew or should have known that Rekers’ theries had been thoroughly discredited long ago. Even an imcompetent lawyer would have checked out an expert witness before agreeing to pay him a high fee.

    McCollum probably did know all of this but hired Rekers anyway because he couldn’t find another charlatan to testify in favor of the Florida law.

    Lawyers set the trial strategy and lawyers choose the witnesses. This is not the fault of DCF. This is McCollum’s fault.

    McCollum is a coward who does not have the courage to admit what he did.

  3. Rafael says

    Bill McCollum went out of his way to hire the most bigoted expert witness he could find. And now he is telling us that were it not for Reker’s lack of integrity, he wouldn’t have objected Reker’s testimony. At this point I don’t know who is worse Rekers or McCollum, probably McCollum since he and his prejudice are still in a position of power.

  4. walter says

    mccollum is a lying piece of shit is now trying to cover his ass. if the people of florida vote him they get what they deserve.
    it also proves what homophobic state florida is and it doesn’t deserve gay tourist dollars.

  5. BART says

    McCollum can call a cat a dog but it doesn’t make it a dog, it makes him a liar. Period. And is it any wonder that an organization like Florida’s Department of Children and Families loses more kids than any other state in the union every year. That department is in shambles and this Reker’s mess is indictive of the retardation of Florida’s government.

  6. Tone says

    I don’t know which is worse, the monster Rekers or the idioto who hired him.

    On the one hand we have a man who has systematically oppressed and marginalized LBGT people every chance he got. Then he went to bed and dreamed of cock and in his waking hours hired attractive young hustlers to stroke him.

    On the other hand we have a career politician who set out to oppress us by hiring the worst example of a credentialed expert I have ever seen, and wasted a hundred large doing so.

    Fry them both.

  7. Jerry6 says

    Could Mr. McCollum be a self hating closeted Gay? He hired a self hating closeted gay to rile against open gays who simply want to live their lives in peace. Unfortunately, when self hatters come across happy people, they will do their darndest to destroy that happiness.

    I guess that there isn’t much hope for Florida as it looks like McCollum will be their next Governor. Time for the gays to leave and take their money with them.

  8. telly says

    so this AG now is repeatedly lying about who picked him when he speaks to the press …

    and if this AG had done minimal research that was not biased by being a Straight Supremacist then he would have realized how dis-credited the Conversion Therapy guy was to speak about the ability of gays to be parents.

    He is as an evil man.

  9. alguien says

    everyone’s going on about “had he done minimal research,” “he should have know,” etc.

    the fact is he already did know and regardless of whether he knew better he was going with rekers because, let’s face it; mccollum had an agenda to push.

    now what is it the religious fundies are always accusing gays of?

  10. says

    “I don’t know which is worse, the monster Rekers or the idioto who hired him.”

    The latter. Rekers can be a self-loathing closet case all by his little self and affect next to no one. But when he’s HIRED by the state of Florida to testify against out gays and lesbians. . .

    “Could Mr. McCollum be a self hating closeted Gay?”

    YAH THINK???!!!!!!

    Bottom Line: GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK!!!!!

  11. says

    In the appeal brief, McCollum’s office attacked the judge for her treatment of Rekers’ testimony. So McCollum can say, “never again,” but in fact he stood behind this guy even after he made a fool out of himself and McCollum’s underlings then slimed the judge who clearly saw through his bullshit.

    Isn’t it interesting that McCollum has no problem with gay adoptive parents when they are doing the dirty job of trying to make him look fit for the governorship, but puts an obviously flawed witness on the stand to keep other gay adoptive parents from doing the dirty job of saving Florida’s abandoned kids.

  12. walter says

    are the main stream papers in florida even covering this. the people should be made aware of the lies and waste of money carried on by the canidate for governor. boycott florida its vacation sites and produce. time to put the gay dollar to work.

  13. walter says

    just posted on the mccollum for governor facebook page and asked if he was going to back the money for perjured testimony can’t wait to see the answer or lack of

  14. walter says

    this is basically off point but i felt i had to say it. as a group we can put 1 million people in the stree for a pride perade but for something like repeal of DADT
    only 300 show up. a lot of the LGBT leadership has lost sight of the prize and busy worring about themshelves and their connections. noone is going to hand us anything. its going take large scale marches and boycotts of certain people, products and places boycott will work especially in this economy. don’t support a political party support a canidate, one who makes position clear then vote and if is somebody out to do damage vote for the canidate even if is not of your party. a clear leader much step foward set the agenda for all groups to follow. it is time to become very serious about our rights, freedoms and safety. time for hrc, glaad stop bickering and the money to effective use backing canidates not throwing cocktail hours

  15. Groucho says

    NARTH and FCR both immediately removed Rekers from their websites as soon as the scandal broke. Rekers claims he is not gay. I postulate that the powers at both NARTH and FCR already KNEW Rekers is gay — otherwise why would they drop him so fast?

  16. Jerry6 says

    I moved to Florida in 1980 because I believed that it was a gay friendly state due to the openness of gay friendly Ft Lauderdale. However, I soon learned that northern Florida controls the state and they are far from gay friendly.

    I finally gave up and moved to Pennsylvania which is really gay friendly. I live in a largely strait middle aged community and have been welcomed to the extent that I have been introduced by straits to other gays in the area. Now, that is realy friendly.

  17. James Stone says

    I would be so pissed if I lived in Florida and my tax dollars were given to this creep-whether I was gay or straight.

    McCollum should do some “damage control” and admit that his adoption law is hateful and unconstitutional. He hasn’t done that yet..has he?