Florida AG Bill McCollum Paid George ‘Rentboy’ Rekers $87,000 to Be Star Witness for State’s Gay Adoption Ban

Florida taxpayer dollars were used to compensate George Alan Rekers, the "ex-gay" activist caught recently returning from vacation with a hustler from Rentboy.com, to defend the state's ban on gay adoption.

Rekers While the ACLU defended Frank 'Martin' Gill and his sons, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum paid Rekers and his colleague Walter Schum close to $100K to spread their falsehoods in order to keep children away from the loving care of gay parents.

They were the only witnesses the state called.

Equality Florida:

"Rekers was one of only two witnesses Attorney General Bill McCollum called in an effort to reverse a Miami judge who ruled Florida's adoption ban- the only one in the country- is unconstitutional. McCollum paid Rekers and a colleague $87,000 for testimony that called gay people mentally unstable and advised that the ban should be expanded to include Native Americans because, Rekers claimed, they are also at much higher risk of mental illness and substance abuse.

'They would tend to hang around each other,' Rekers testified. 'So the children would be around a lot of other Native Americans who are … doing the same sorts of things.'

This latest controversy may shed new light on how outrageously bias and scientifically unsupported Rekers' testimony has been, said Nadine Smith, executive director of Equality Florida.

'It is disgraceful that the attorney general used taxpayer dollars to compensate this discredited bigot-for-hire,' said Smith. 'It shows just how low they have to scrape to find anyone even willing to defend this awful ban that denies children permanent loving homes.'"

So I guess we now know where the money came from for Rekers' "rent boy" and vacation — from the state of Florida's efforts to discriminate against gays and hurt children.

Gill More:

"As a paid witness (in the case against Gill), Rekers relies on long-discredited research to justify banning gay people from adopted and dismisses numerous studies suggesting that children of gay parents are no worse off than those of straight parents, testifying that he opposes gay parenting even if it flies in the face of scientific research.

In court, Rekers said that he favored removing children from any gay home in favor of a straight home, even if the child had been there 10 years.

In an article from 2005, Reker compares allowing gay people seeking to adopt to terrorists and drug dealers:

'This is not basically different from denying placement in other households with structures that are not in the best interests of children. Fifteen-year-old couples, 90-year-old couples, Thai-language-only speaking couples, blind and deaf parents, households with a pedophilic-behaving adult, households with practicing criminals, households with drug dealers and drug abusers, households with unemployed adults, households that advocate the overthrow of the U.S. government, households with an active terrorist, households with sexually promiscuous unmarried men and women co-habitating and households with homosexually behaving adults all have either inherent instability or inherent disadvantage, stress, and potential harm to placed children.'"

The ruling in the Gill case is due any Wednesday now.

ALSO: Some 34-year-old Rekers ickiness from Good As You.


  1. Chitown Kev says

    Drip, drip, drip…LOL

    And I guess that now we know that Rekers spent some of that taxpayer money on a rentboy that gets into all kinds of things (but luggage…it wasn’t in his profile…lol)

  2. Fred says

    Where is the mainstream media on this? This is an outrage and a big story! $87,000 for witness fees? (We know where those went.) It’s bad enough that gays are discriminated against, but then to have the witness supporting all of this fucking around with a RENTBOY with money from the state doing the discriminating — it’s madness.

  3. Rick S. says

    Let us not forget that this geezer bachelor (yet expert on the value of heterosexual marriage) himself adopted a son, a 16 year-old adolescent, four years ago, making his son the same age as the male concubine Rekers recently employed, and the implications of that are too creepy for words. I mean, if he thinks that gay men are unfit to adopt children, I suspect his point-of-view is more subjective than anyone would have thought.

    $100K taxpayer money to be a “paid witness?” For one thing, I had no idea that was legal, and two, that seems exceptionally exorbitant in terms of the actual service rendered, i.e; “offering testimony.” Kind of odd, when one considers that this is the political party that is always screaming bloody murder about “government waste.”

  4. MikeMick says

    McCollum was one of the little pieces of septage that pushed for Clinton’s impeachment. Nice to see he’s carrying his legacy of blithering idiocy and mouth-breathing bigotry into a new millennium.

  5. gregorybrown says

    If anybody is foolish enough to take Rekers’ s advice, who is left to adopt all the kids that are less adoptable because they are unacceptable to people who reject out-of-hand the ones who aren’t cute enough, are of the wrong race or mixed-race, who have physical or emotional “special needs”? I’ve talked with people who told me that their criteria for choosing children reflect such matters. THEY are the ones who sound like they want a puppy instead of a child! LGBTQ people seem, generally, to be more accepting and ready to adopt such children and raise them lovingly, respecting their unique personalities and dealing with their particular needs. Wouldn’t it be more honest for Rekers and his cohort to advocate selective murder of “undesirable’ children, relieving the need to deal with them and “unstable’ would-be adoptive parents at once? I’m sure they could find a way to make that profitable.

  6. romeo says

    Leno mentioned this on his show last night. Hopefully more media outlets will pick it up. With all the details it’s just too juicy for words. HaHaHaHaHa!!!

  7. Daniel says

    I’m sure Rosie O’Donnell is fuming at this story.

    Rosie – get Whoopi to mention this story on The View if the Main Steam Media won’t.

  8. FunMe says

    All GLBT organizations and blogs should be notified of this story as well as progressive/liberal blogs so that it eventualy get the national news it deserves.

    This douche bag has caused a lot of harm to people that he needs to be taken down hard.

    MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and others need to be notified, too.

    This pretty much tells me that any anti-gay person with so much self-hatred that he attacks other GLBTs like himself is actually a CLOSETED QUEEN. They all need to be investigated.

    What a pathetic groups of FREAKS.

    Are they mentally disturbed?

  9. Mark says

    Well, well…look who is going getting terrorized now? Karma say what?

    This scumbag is so deserving of this public crucifixion by the media. So much for his credibility as an “expert”. Looks like his only real expertise is in trashy twink hos aka “luggage handlers”.

    That little dude looks like he could barely handle one of those mini-backpacks little girls wear. Actually he probably has one! LOL

  10. Loki7329 says

    Perhaps the board of trustees of the University of South Carolina would appreciate an e-mail informing them of how one of their star faculty spends his extracurricular time. I’m sure the governing board of such a bastion of liberalism would be very understanding.


  11. KeKagle says

    Can we go ahead and agree that most of these pricks like prick and go ahead and start uncovering their lies from the onset?

    I just read this book named Hardly Silenced that includes a slew of these monsters and probably like 500 quotes from people like Rekers.

    I got it on the theglbtactivist.org website but I know they’re also on Face Book.

    Seriously, check it out. It makes you think.

  12. nic says

    what a steaming pile this horrible old hag is. just because he knows that he is vile, wretched and demented, he assumes all gay people are.

  13. Charlie says

    And I hope the survivors of his “treatment” program from 34 years ago have gotten good lawyers. UCLA should have to pay for this. (Assuming the protesters were unsuccessful at stopping this ill conceived program.

  14. Straight but not Narrow says

    If you’ll have a look at the Florida CFO’s website, thanks to Florida’s open records laws, you will find out that Rekers and Schum have actually been paid a total of $157,071.47 by Bill McCollum’s Dept of Legal Affairs during fiscal years ending June 30 2008 and June 30 2009.


    Via this link, you can also find the individual payment amounts and a link to contact information to find out the details for these payments

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