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News: Marco Rubio, Lithuania, Modern Family, The Kid, ROTC

 road UK parliament hung.

 roadHusband of homophobe Iris Robinson loses seat in Northern Ireland.

Givenchy  roadGivenchy designer Richard Tisci uses transgender model in campaign. WWD won't say which one it is.

 roadMariah Carey launches fragrance for ghetto fabulous munchkins.

 roadTeabagger Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio to be keynote speaker at anti-gay Florida Family Policy Council dinner: "The Florida Family Policy Council is also one of the main groups behind Florida's anti-gay Amendment 2, the "Marriage Protection Amendment", that passed in 2009 and enshrined discrimination into the Florida constitution by not only banning same-sex marriages, but also civil unions and any other relationship recognition for gay Floridians."

 roadJake Gyllenhaal wants to be taken less seriously.

 roadPrince Harry training to fly Apache helicopters.

 roadLithuanian court reverses ban on Gay Pride parade: "A Lithuanian appeals court says a gay pride parade can go ahead as planned this weekend, overturning a ban imposed by a lower court that cited security concerns. Law enforcement officials have warned that Saturday's parade in downtown Vilnius could spark violence and should be canceled, an argument that swayed the lower court."

Modernfamily   roadDoes Modern Family have a problem with same-sex kissing?

 roadNYC gay lounge Vlada begins weekly party for HIV-positive men.

 roadHIV PSA fail.

 roadSimon Curtis plays The Roxy.

 roadThe Kid: The musical about gay adoption based on Dan Savage's memoir, opens in NYC. "As with many books-turned-musicals, the art of creating 'The Kid' was one of fits and starts, with initially important characters like Dan’s father ultimately cast aside and the depiction of the baby’s mother — a homeless teenager named Melissa — carefully considered and reconsidered. Aiming to appeal to a wide audience, the creators also wrestled with how explicitly to render both the graphically sexual jokes in the book and the politics of gay adoption, which the creators — most of them gay men — did not want to shy away from in the musical."

Urie Winner:  roadUrie gets Lucille Lortel award for 'Temperamentals' role. Show to close.

 roadROTC Student must pay $80,000 in loans back to the military after coming out as a lesbian!

 roadJonathan Capehart of the Washington Post is no longer a fan of Gabourey Sidibe.

 roadBritain sees first domestic violence murder within a civil partnership.

 roadAntony & The Johnsons announce new album Swanlights, and book.

 roadPennsylvania prison guard settles federal anti-gay harassment suit: "A guard at a state prison in Fayette County has settled his federal lawsuit claiming co-workers have harassed him based on their perception that he is gay. The lawsuit contends a co-worker told others he had a protection-from-abuse order against John Yanik Jr., of South Union Township, fueling rumors, innuendo, and other ill treatment by other guards who now believe Yanik is gay."

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  1. People take Jake G. seriously?

    I noticed the lack of kissing on Modern Family, but put it down more to Claire being drunk and (possibly) the two guys not wanting to kiss in a public place. I've watched the show many times, and I don't know what city they live in---but it seems suburban, so that may have something to do with it. Plus, I've never been one to be affectionate in public, no matter where I am.

    Posted by: Paul R | May 7, 2010 4:05:19 PM

  2. I want to take a moment to recommend The Kid. My friend Andy Monroe wrote the wonderful music for it and I had a very very good time at the show. It captures all of Dan Savage's wit and it has a lot of heart. I was very moved and I am a tough audience member when it comes to stories about people wanting kids. I don't want any myself and I generally can't relate when people go on and on about wanting to conceive or adopt . . . but I was very much engaged with the story and this couple's struggle to adopt. Plus, it's one of the first times I've seen a gay couple depicted on stage or screen that felt REAL to me.

    Definitely check it out!

    Posted by: Alejandro | May 7, 2010 4:29:23 PM

  3. "The kid" the musical? Pass. I can't stand most musicals, so don't take my word for it. That book, however, does not lend itself to a musical adaptation, and seems to be the product of savage's reputed love of musicals (which he truly did...well, that wouldn't be the one). I like opera and some gilbert and sullivan (light opera)...but overall, musicals are blech. Gimme a play any day.

    DADT and $80K, vote third party or not at all. Obama doesn't care about you.

    Posted by: TANK | May 7, 2010 5:02:54 PM

  4. WTG U.S...

    Sara Isaacson story.

    Nothing like kicking someone in the teeth once you've knocked them down to the ground.

    Sure you don't want to 'charge' her with something? Throw her in the brig for a couple years?

    You gotta admire her integrity. She's got more in her little finger than most of them in politics or in the church put together.

    Posted by: aleabeth | May 7, 2010 5:07:29 PM

  5. Wow, Tank, I thought I was the only gay guy who can't stand musicals.

    When Dan Savage signed a copy of The Kid for my ex and me, he wrote a note strongly encouraging us to adopt a kid, since we'd been together about 10 years at that point. All I can think now is what a fucking disaster it would have been if we'd followed his advice. I've also never been able to shake my sympathy for his actual kid when he was old enough to read that book, because Dan essentially says he adopted a kid because he had a contract to write a book but no ideas for it.

    Posted by: Paul R | May 7, 2010 5:11:18 PM

  6. Tank, when you adapt things you take liberties. Which the writers did to create a good story for the show.

    Sorry you don't like musicals. While I think the form is in desperate trouble there are some nice ones that come by every so often. I'm strictly old school and by that I'm mostly Sondheim. That's the pinnacle of the musical theater genre right there.

    I'm also a new opera buff--I love me some Bellini, Donizetti and Verdi. The opera is one of the places I can see dramatic music in the theater that doesn't sound like some bad power ballad which is what you get on Broadway these days.

    Posted by: Alejandro | May 7, 2010 5:18:54 PM

  7. I understand that Peter Robinson (Iris R's husband) wasn't ousted because of his homophobic wife. Rather, both he and the wife were claiming massive expenses at Westminster (UK Parliament), and were nicknamed the 'swish' family Robinson... good Ulster folk, particularly but not exclusively protestant, would take a very dim view of corruption. I would imagine that he won't last long as Northern Ireland's First Minister.

    Posted by: Sean R | May 7, 2010 5:27:13 PM

  8. I'm shocked shocked Mario Rubio would be giving a speech to the wingnuts! I have never understood these people - they are major hypocrites. Drives me insane. I just can't watch Fox News - actually makes my skin crawl.

    Posted by: Mike | May 7, 2010 5:53:04 PM

  9. Interesting comment on Modern Family - I thought it was just me being over sensitive when I saw that scene.

    I recently wrote a blog piece about Modern Family actually - as much as I love the show there is something very old fashioned about the way the gay couple are treated... and slightly homophobic...

    Posted by: Richie | May 7, 2010 5:55:19 PM

  10. "Dan essentially says he adopted a kid because he had a contract to write a book but no ideas for it."

    That's about as good as any other reason, if you get down to it. Lucky you, not following his advice! Kids suck (not that I know from firsthand experience, thankfully).

    Musicals are obnoxious crap for the most part. I like gilbert and sullivan because they made the actors work very hard for their keep, and it's amusing.

    I like wagner, puccini, verdi and bizet. But that hardly counts as "musicals".

    Posted by: TANK | May 7, 2010 6:02:02 PM

  11. RE Gabourey Sidibe throwing shade at Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post: Maybe it's because she couldn't stand the stench from his having his head so far up Obama's ass most of his waking moments.

    Posted by: Michael @ | May 7, 2010 6:21:02 PM

  12. Sorry,I don't get the PSA fail. After my first partner died when I was 28 years old from HIV complications I treated everyone as if they were HIV positive. That meant having safe sex every time. At 44 my 42 year old brother told me that he was HIV positive. I am now 47 and still HIV free. I think what the ad is saying is that you can never be 100% sure of anything and that it is up to you to take the necessary precations.

    Posted by: Alfredo Zapata | May 7, 2010 6:39:57 PM

  13. gabourey sidibe, gayyourbay citybythesea, citybay gabor-aye. what evs. who does this bitch think she is? she was on the view and out-uglied whoopie. that is hard to do. has anyone told her that she is a fat, ugly woman? she has no reason to be "throwing shade." does anyone still use that expression?

    Posted by: nic | May 7, 2010 8:20:33 PM

  14. The American party that's most analogous to the Tories is the Democrat Party.

    Both feed the rich with handout/bailouts.

    Both support offshore drilling. Obama proposes opening "vast expanses of water along the Atlantic coastline, the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the north coast of Alaska to oil and natural gas drilling, much of it for the first time..." NY Times. The Tories propose tax breaks for multinational oil companies, ‘streamlining’ of licensing arrangements to encourage more offshore oil drilling – and they want to do it in some of Britain’s most sensitive seas." Both backed off temporarily after the Gulf of México was turned into an oil sludge by British Petroleum.

    Both oppose same sex marriage and fight to delay full rights for LGBT folks.

    Both have a strategy that verges from 'benign neglect' to 'malignant neglect' towards the well-being and standard of living of working people. Thatcher busted unions and Obama busted the UAW.

    Both support ecological degradation: the Tories with a mercantilist approach to their African neo-colonies that encourages single crop or single commodity production and the Democrats with NAFTA and the other FTAs that have create great environmental and economic problems in Mexico and Northwestern Latin America.

    Both support the wars of imperial aggrandizement and oil piracy in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Both engage in immigrant bashing.

    The Democrats are far to the right of the Tories on the questions of socialized medicine decolonization. The Tories seem to understand the concept of neo-colonialism while the Democrats rely more on the use of brute force to steal other countries resources. The Tories are to the right of Democrats when it comes to union busting.

    Both the Republican and Democrats Parties are right centrist and share similar views on the wars, union busting, handouts to the looter rich, GLBT rights, FTAs, the environment. The key difference is that the Republicans are more honestly reactionary.

    Posted by: Bill Perdue | May 7, 2010 11:19:54 PM

  15. @Tank: See, the deal is this: before you rag on something, ya gotta see it first. So, um, since you don't like musicals (as if anybody here cares), and you won't go see "The Kid", then I might suggest that you STFU.

    Posted by: jamal49 | May 8, 2010 12:20:03 PM

  16. I don't have to see certain things to know that they suck. This piece of musical "theater" sucks. It's a steaming pile.

    Posted by: TANK | May 8, 2010 1:12:57 PM

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