1. Wes says

    dayum. its true, its still acceptable to use homosexuality as an insult, even to/around homosexuals. then we all pretend its supposed to mean something else.

    on a separate note, I just realized they are named burt and kurt.

  2. crispy says

    That scene was great. But the best part of last night’s episode was when a high school girl was reunited with her estranged biological mother and together they sang a song about faking an orgasm.

  3. DR says

    It was a well-done scene. Even the actors said in interviews that while it felt emotional on paper, it really took on a life of its own when they actually performed. It hit all the important points, and I hope that the show will resolve the tension between Kurt and Fin with more than just the end of the ep we got last night…

  4. Bill says

    The second season has been a bit of a letdown – until last night. This scene was the kind of excellent dramatic writing I had come to expect from the show and thought they had lost touch with.

  5. Bart says

    We’ve been trying to organize a group of Facebook to get Mike O’Malley an Emmy nomination. He is so tremendous playing Burt Hummel. In a single scene last night, no singing, he steals the show. The actor has taken great writing and knocked this character out of the park.

    So if you’re on Facebook, find us and join the Get Mike O’Malley An Emmy Nomination.

    This character and these speeches wouldn’t work as well if this guy weren’t doing as an amazing job wiht the material as he is.

  6. brad says

    This is a great scene Burt Hummel character is an awesome father. But Kurt deserved to be yelled at. Kurt has been creeping and stalking on Finn for awhile. He even got his and Finn’s parents to move in together so they could share a room without Finn’s knowledge. Kurt tells the bullies that he will not change who is for anyone. Then why must Finn turn into something he is not?

  7. Brett says

    It seems that I was the only one who thought the scene was ridiculous and silly. Kurt’s dad — aka the adult — tells Finn — aka the kid — that the latter can no longer stay in the house because he used the word “faggot.” Wow, that’s a really *great* way to teach a kid a lesson… by kicking him out. Anyone else see the irony?? RIDICULOUS AND OFFENSIVE!! No one should parent like that, EVER.

    The scene not shown here involves Finn learning his “faggot” lesson by dressing up in drag to save the nelly Kurt from being beat up. WTF?! So the lesson here: you have to be like somebody else (straight guy dresses up like a drag queen, which he isn’t interested in doing or being) in order to show you’ve learned a lesson? What a bunch of crap! If Finn had just shown up as “him,” without apologies or shower curtains, it would have been more powerful. But to show up as a character was unnecessary and defeated the whole point they were painfully trying to make.

    I like Glee less and less every time I watch it. It’s becoming some after school special trying to overtly shove “feel good” crap down people’s throats through cheeky lines and cliched stories. Dang… Glee had a lot of potential to change hearts and minds on our issues. I hope they can put the show back on the rails.

  8. Joseph SingerJ says

    Faggy and faggot are not nice words. However, part of this is Kurt’s problem. He’s a manipulator. He manipulated Finn and his mom getting together with Burt just so he and Finn could be together. Finn’s creeped out by Kurt’s manipulation to “fix” the room in what he thinks is what Finn likes. Bringing the faggot word is not nice, but Kurt brought it on himself by his manipulation.

  9. LonerAZ says

    Setting the plotlines aside. What Burt said should be permanently etched into the heart and soul of every mom, dad and best friend of any gay kid out there.

  10. Strepsi says

    @BRETT — yeah… it’s just you, honey. Just you.

    You know, I think Kurt’s been off, and I think he’ll apologize to Finn, but come on — as someone who’s known dozens of real people who were KICKED OUT of their own homes and families for who they love, I’ll take this “feel good crap” thanks!

    As well, this is FOX in prime time having a dad speaking directly to the masses about how to love your gay kids. That IS its potential to change hearts and minds.

  11. virtualdespot says

    Watched this episode in a movie theater here in Columbus, OH last night and during this scene the usually chatty crowd went completely, eerily silent. It was a powerful moment.

  12. Rocky says

    @ WHY?

    Honey You ARE a “FAGGOT” Now shut up!

    Glee was making a point stupid.Some of you queens really need to take a good long hard look in the mirror and reexamine your lives.The kind of bullshit I see spewed by the likes of you cunts here (i.e. Tank) is just a disgrace to all gay people.Go get laid or smoke a joint or something.

  13. TANK says

    What kind of bullshit, rocky? I defy you to bring up one self loathing thing I’ve ever said against the gay community, you goddamn stupid fucking cunt. If you’re calling me a “faggot,” then you’re one dumb motherfucker. In fact, it can be argued that I’m the reason you’re using that term, fuckhead.

  14. tooboot says

    I love how this father stands for his son. There is no debate, he is defending his son. That is powerful. It may not be fair and even though some feel it takes a village it may not be perfect parenting to a kid who is not his son, this is powerful stuff. Its too bad that commenters like Brett and Why cannot allow that to be the overarching influence but instead chose to criticize what it wasn’t. Why don’t you guys look at what it was and deal with it?

  15. TANK says

    And you, too, bitter old ghoul. And “this saved someone’s life” is just so perfect for you, DE…what are you on your fourth or fifth cosmo, queerenstein? If you’re going to call me out, bring some ammunition else you’re just pissing in the wind.

  16. candideinnc says

    50 years ago, I was 6′ 4″, 150 pounds and a geek. My dad had been a Captain in the Marines and fought in the South Pacific. He had me participating in sports (which I hated). At a basketball game, I was being harassed by a bunch of bullies who wanted to embarass me. The situation on this show brings back poignant memories of my father seeing the abuse, stepping in and stepping up for me. It was the first time in my life I think he recognized something of what the life of his little gay boy was like. He called out the bullies (who lied and said I had started a fight) and stood up for me. He told the boys the same thing this fellow said in the TV show in somewhat different words. God, parents have the capacity to do great things sometimes. I’ll never forget that night. It was an important moment.

  17. John in Boston says

    OH BROTHER. You people have got to be kidding me…….the nastiness and name calling on these boards makes fag and faggot tame.

  18. John in Boston says

    My father accepted me unconditionally, without reservation. And he would have been immediately typecast and stereotyped as homophobic, etc., by MOST on these boards. The false sentimentality and hypocrisy by MANY on these boards is a trip.

  19. says

    @BRETT: I agree with you in part: I do hope that Kurt and Finn continue to process their relationship in front of the camera—including Kurt’s stalkish crush (I was glad when Finn started calling him on it).

    But I think one could argue that the curtain drag was more about sticking up for someone in a bold and vulnerable way than Finn changing who he is. He’s certainly not going to stay “all that way”, but just for the moment.

    And it is Glee where everything is over the top after all.

    @TANK: take your meds.

  20. Steve in DE says

    I loved this scene, which makes it unique among all of the scenes I’ve seen on the show. However, it would have been a bit more interesting if the word Finn has been using was “gay.”

  21. k says

    Glee is a total fantasy, with ridiculous plot lines and situations, but awesome music. And somehow it has hooked millions, me included… This was the most realistic, intense, and moving scene of the entire season. Fantastic.

    BTW David R, I have that same crush!

  22. KennyLtad says

    I thought this scene was over-the-top, but it’s Glee. However, Kurt is a total creep. In the episode, Kurt said so himself that he was the one with the idea of having Finn and his mom move in with him and his dad so that he and Finn could share a bedroom. Kurt needs a reality check. CREEP! (And Finn knew all along how Kurt felt about him, but he was still nice to Kurt.)

  23. OberonOZ says

    I love Glee, and I really love the sentiments expressed by Kurt’s father. For a boy like Kurt to hear his father defending him like that is amazing. More power to him. That said, I think Finn was completely right for calling Kurt out on basically stalking him. Sadly for Kurt, Finn is never gonna be the boyfriend he tries to make him into. Its getting a bit creepy how hard hes trying and the sooner Kurt gets to see that the better it will be. Other than that I thought the episode was great :)

  24. LA Guy says

    i’m on the “kurt is creepy” bandwagon. his dad’s reaction to finn saying “faggy” was truly heartfelt. i think it will reach out to gay kids. it’s obviously touched people here. but…

    i hated this scene. it felt so preachy and dramatically off. i can’t deal with kurt anymore. what’s next? is he gonna slip some drugs to finn so he can put the move on him at night?

  25. Bill says

    The dad made an extremely good speech about choices of words, and maybe this will make a few people realize the meanings of some of these words. Howevever, in watching the episode, I felt incredibly sorry for Finn. The guy has been very gentle in trying to make Kurt realize that he wasn’t interested, and Kurt’s answer was to end up stalking him. What is so hypocritical here is that the father has been virtually seducing Finn over the past few episodes, and then practically railroads him into moving in and sharing a room with his son. The father’s outburst comes across to me as not much more than guilt. All of a sudden he is in full defense of his son over an insult that was not even directed at him. Hey, go down and take care of all the football players in the school, who purposfully use slurs. Finn’s mother announces that they will be moving in, and, wow!, the house is much bigger, and you can now share a room. It seems to me that Finn received absolutely no respect here, and gets dumped on, once more. His opinion doesn’t even count, but, “oh yeah”, maybe we can eventually expand the place for you. What did Kurt think, when he redecorated? I think my reaction would have been the same as Finn’s. Then, the father telling him he didn’t want him there with that “attitude” and he was not welcome to live there. I don’t remember him saying that he ever wanted to. Kurt continues to stalk Finn in a creepy way, and he’s just being aided by Kurt’s father and his mother. The fact that the show has Finn dress up at the end is even more creepy. If that was their message, I think it was WAY over the top. Finn reacted the only way he could, having been placed in a corner in a manner that was not of his choosing. I might have done the same thing.

  26. says

    Kurt ain’t stalkin’ Finn… yeesh. He’s sixteen for krimany sake… with a teenage crush maybe but that’s certainly not ‘stalking’.

    Burt may have over-reacted, but taken in the context of what he also said, it made a lot of sense. Listen to the kids today… I whacked my nephews best friend when he told my youngest nephew “stop being such a fag” when he ran up to hug me (22 and with several types of disabilities). I whacked him (open palm to the shoulder)when my nephew heard him and skidded to a halt (which tells me he’s heard that before). “Nice to know how you think of me…” I said.

    He sputtered (caught) “I didn’t mean nuttin’ by it… like I wasn’t dissin’ you.”

    “Okay, now your rambling.” turned to ignore the friend and looked at my nephew, gave him a big bear hug and sloppy wet one on the cheek and said… “you can be as faggy as you want baby… ain’t nuttin’ wrong with it. Anyone tells you different, there’s something wrong with them.”

    “Okay auntie.” Turned to his friend “Yea Jr. somptin wrong wit you!” and laughed his ass off. 😀 I love that boy! And lesson accomplished.

    Kurt was being pressured by his ball-buddies about his involvement with Glee, he was taking it out on Kurt who I saw as just being like a love-sick puppy yes, but not some creepy stalker… and I have experience with those types.

    I don’t watch regular t.v., in fact I’m pretty damn selective of ‘whatever’ I watch. Yes, Glee is schmaltzy in some ways and I’ve only watched this season so far, but I like the program and won’t mind continuing to watch it. I can’t wait for them to introduce Racheal’s parents, which they’re supposed to do before the season end from what I hear. In some small way, I’m hoping they can give Kurt a roll-model(s), even if it is for just a short time. Although I’ve heard that that’s next up, a boyfriend for Kurt.

  27. New Jersey Girl says

    I appreciate the stance taken by Kurt’s dad – and perhaps a lesson was passed on to others who need it.


    I think Kurt’s dad should have told Finn to apologize (or leave, as he did) and then turn to his son and say:

    “And you, son. Take this shit down. This is not an episode of ‘I Dream Of Jeanie’ This is my house and as long as….(fill in Parental Rant Blanks) !!!

    I think that would have sent the right message to both parties.

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