1. says


    We are 100% OWNED by corportations, and that includes government. They are the Kings and we are the lowly, powerless peasants. If you think differetly, you have not been paying any attention for the past century, but esp. the past 40 years (howdy Reagan…’s Beelzebub doing today?). We all need to ask ourselves WHOM are we supporting every single time we fill up our gas tanks, or use any energy that comes from fossil fuels (death), instead of solar or wind (life).

  2. damien says

    There is no real silver lining in this disaster. But for one thing, it has encouraged me to reduce driving my car a lot. (I’ve driven it 4 times since the week of the spill – mostly to go out of town.) It’s been bike and public transport for me. It may be the tiniest middle finger I can give to Big Oil, but it’s something and it makes me feel a little better. I encourage others to do the same.

  3. richard s says

    I guess all the tree huggers were right! This is like nothing I have seen in my lifetime. It reads more like one of those cheesy 2012 doomsday shows on History Channel or Discovery.

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