Charlie Crist Supports Court Striking Down Gay Adoption Ban, Has No Problem with Gay Couples Living Together


TIME magazine sat down with alleged closet case Florida Governor Charlie Crist and asked him why he doesn't support same-sex marriage and a repeal of Florida's Defense of Marriage Act. Crist answers that he's for traditional marriage but has no problem if gay couples want to live together (gee, thanks!).

He then discusses gay adoption and says that a judge is the best to decide it, which is interesting because all the latest decisions by judges have struck down the state's ban. Crist has always expressed support for retaining the adoption ban in the past, although last July, when asked about the issue, he said he'd "have to think about it."

Says Crist to TIME (my transcript):

"Well I've always felt that as it relates to same-sex marriage, marriage in my view is a traditional sense between a man and a woman. You know I think that if you want to have couples or partners who want to reside together, I don't have a problem with that...I think it's important that you have a live and let live attitude as it regards adoption. I think probably the best decision maker would be a judge. Currently we have a law on the books in Florida that precludes that from happening. I'm sure that a future legislature and maybe the next governor might address that issue...I've always supported civil unions. I think that's a good way to go, and I think marriage in the traditional sense is what I believe in."

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