1. Walter says

    So he has the same public position as President Obama — meaning he would like to give gay couples recognition and rights —- but he also wants the votes of the Straight Supremacists who want to retain their elevated status over gay people.

  2. stephen says

    Charlie Crist supports Charlie Crist.

    He must thank the gods every night for the oil spill that brought cameras to his door, because otherwise, no one cares.

    In fact he’s vilified by conservatives, which is why he’s so cozy w/ Barry.

  3. Richard says

    I have a problem with this marriage-adoption dichotomy. If one feels strongly that the institution of marriage must be defended against the gays, wouldn’t it appear that he is throwing chidren to the wolves (or bears, as the case may be)? Can someone explain this to me?

  4. says

    It’s amazing to me (but probably shouldn’t be at this point) how stunningly inarticulate politicians are when attempting to justify their opposition to marriage equality. I mean, “marriage in my view is a traditional sense between a man and a woman.” That’s what you’ve got, Charlie? It doesn’t even make sense. Yet, it’s typical (even if the issue is more dangerous for closet cases like Mr. Crist). I believe only in man-woman marriage because it’s “traditional.” Never mind that women as property, blacks not being allowed to marry whites, etc. was also traditional in its day. The “tradition” of marriage has continually evolved, and that tradition increasingly includes us.

    The good thing is full marriage equality, including adoption, is the only thing that makes rational sense. They have no compelling argument. “Live and let live” means civil marriage equality for everyone, Charlie. The problem is most of the interviewers asking the questions are as ill-informed as the politicians. We need to clone Rachel and have her interrogate Crist and his ilk. They need to be challenged, repeatedly.

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