Emails Show Florida AG Bill McCollum Pushed to Hire George Rekers Against Advice of His Own Staff

Newly-released records show that Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum pushed to hire Christian "ex-gay" activist (and employer of rent boys) George Alan Rekers to defend the state's ban on gay adoption even after his own attorneys recommended against it.

The Herald Tribune reports:

"The hiring of a now-disgraced psychologist to defend Florida's ban on gay adoption was done over the objections of the main attorney defending the case for the state, according to records made public Thursday…Nevertheless, Attorney General Bill McCollum pushed for the hiring of the psychologist George Rekers, who was at the time a leading advocate for conservative social issues."

For some reason, McCollum really wanted to get in bed with Rekers:

"The e-mails released Thursday show that an attorney in McCollum's own office warned against hiring Rekers, whose testimony had been deemed suspect in an earlier Arkansas lawsuit that challenged a ban on placing foster children in homes with gay parents.

Assistant Attorney General Valerie Martin wrote in a July 2007 e-mail that after talking to Arkansas officials and reviewing the background of the former University of South Carolina professor that she would 'recommend NOT using him.'

E-mails also show that during a conference call Martin — who said the state considered more than 30 possible expert witnesses — was ordered to hire Rekers 'against my strong cautions.'"

This news contradicts McCollum's statement in a July 2007 letter to Florida's Department of Children and Families (DCF) in which he said that his staff strongly recommended hiring Rekers.

The state of Florida ended up paying more than $120,000 to an "ex-gay" hypocrite who hires rent boys to defend the state's ban on gay adoption.

McCollum is running for governor of Florida.