Emails Show Florida AG Bill McCollum Pushed to Hire George Rekers Against Advice of His Own Staff

Newly-released records show that Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum pushed to hire Christian "ex-gay" activist (and employer of rent boys) George Alan Rekers to defend the state's ban on gay adoption even after his own attorneys recommended against it.

The Herald Tribune reports:

"The hiring of a now-disgraced psychologist to defend Florida's ban on gay adoption was done over the objections of the main attorney defending the case for the state, according to records made public Thursday…Nevertheless, Attorney General Bill McCollum pushed for the hiring of the psychologist George Rekers, who was at the time a leading advocate for conservative social issues."

For some reason, McCollum really wanted to get in bed with Rekers:

"The e-mails released Thursday show that an attorney in McCollum's own office warned against hiring Rekers, whose testimony had been deemed suspect in an earlier Arkansas lawsuit that challenged a ban on placing foster children in homes with gay parents.

Assistant Attorney General Valerie Martin wrote in a July 2007 e-mail that after talking to Arkansas officials and reviewing the background of the former University of South Carolina professor that she would 'recommend NOT using him.'

E-mails also show that during a conference call Martin — who said the state considered more than 30 possible expert witnesses — was ordered to hire Rekers 'against my strong cautions.'"

This news contradicts McCollum's statement in a July 2007 letter to Florida's Department of Children and Families (DCF) in which he said that his staff strongly recommended hiring Rekers.

The state of Florida ended up paying more than $120,000 to an "ex-gay" hypocrite who hires rent boys to defend the state's ban on gay adoption.

McCollum is running for governor of Florida.


  1. B says

    Just by looking at this tool you can tell he’s a guilt ridden, Christian Closet Queen who probably attends glory hole parties with Mitch McConnell, Larry Craig and Mark Kirk just to name a few of the many Republican hypocrites.

  2. says

    This guy wants to be governor so bad he can taste it. Nothing wrong with that. Ambition is a positive thing. The way this article makes it sound is he wanted to push the conservative issue so badly to the point of disregarding not only Rekers’ history but the recommendations of his own staff. That to me STINKS of blind ambition.

    I doubt very seriously Rekers has anything on this guy. I doubt McCollum is even gay at all. He’s just so driven by ambition and wanting to move up the ranks that the lives he destroys on the way up to the top are “casualties of war.”

    Karma’s a bitch, aint it?

  3. Rafael says


    Bill McCollum is a liar, his deceit of the public trust and his biased mismanagement of tax payer money to inflict pain on many tax paying families, is more than enough to disqualify him for the State’s highest office. I hope a committee is appointed to look into these serious matters. We should put pressure on Governor Crist to shed light on the issue and take appropriate action.

  4. woodroad34d says

    Jeb Bush’s Florida…figures, doesn’t it? Republican misdeeds, corruption, lying.

  5. anon says

    The ambition here was to win the case and gain conservative bona fides at the same time, and he was willing to essentially commit/induce perjury to do so. However, he cannot be charged because AG have prosecutorial immunity. That said, misconduct is grounds for a new hearing.

  6. unokhan says

    i think we all can see where this is headed — and yes, it must and should go there

  7. Jerry12 says

    I moved to Florida in 1980 and worked there until I retired in 1993. For several years I traveled throughout the British Isles and Europe with my partner, and then settled into a quiet life with friends and relatives.

    It became appearent that Florida was no place for old gay couples. When I failed a heart stress test and was told I needed a heart bypass operation, I found out that my partner would not be permitted to visit me or receive any information about my condition until I was out of intensive care.

    My Doctor confirmed that what I heard was correct. In Florida my partner has less rights than my dog. I asked him where he would go for the operation if the situation was his. He replied: “Philadelphia”. I did a little research, and contacted a Heart group; flew up a day later; Had a six vessel bypass operation three days after that, and when I woke up my partner was there holding my hand. He had already been told the details of the operation; what the recovery program would be; and what the long term situation would be.

    Three months later, I changed my residency to Pennsylvania; had all my medical records sent to doctors up here, and only visit friends in Florida occasionally. When we sold the house in Florida, we left the state to the bigots.

    True to form; look who is going to be their next Governor.