FBI Explores Hate Crime Charges in Marine Beating of Gay Man


Cpl. Keil Joseph Cronauer, 22, and Lance Cpl. Christopher Charles Stanzel, 23, the Marines who beat a 26-year-old gay man unconscious in the streets of Savannah, Georgia over the weekend because, witnesses said, the soldiers thought he winked at them, are being restricted to their base.

Georgia LGBT groups are furious that the current charges against them stand as a misdemeanor and not felony:

"The two Marines arrested and charged in the beating over the weekend face misdemeanor charges.

'I’m very concerned this happened in the first place. But these misdemeanor charges are outrageous,' [Georgia Equality Executive Director Jeff] Graham added. 'And then to turn [the Marines] over to the military police is a miscarriage of justice.'

A vigil for the victim, 26-year-old Kieran Daly, is being planned for Sunday at 2 p.m. at Johnson Square in Savannah, said Kevin Clark, board member for Georgia Equality in Savannah."

An FBI investigation is underway.

The Marine Corps Times reports:

"FBI spokesman Steve Emmett in Atlanta said Monday the agency and federal prosecutors were looking into whether the weekend attack on 26-year-old Kieran Daly meets requirements for hate crime charges by the Justice Department. He declined to comment further.

Savannah-Chatham County police found Daly unconscious on a downtown street corner after 3 a.m. Saturday. The two Marines, stopped after an officer saw them running, were arrested on misdemeanor battery charges.

A spokesman for Marine Air Corps Station Beaufort, where the suspects are stationed nearby in South Carolina, said the two Marines have received death threats online from people angered by the case. He urged people not to jump to conclusions.

'There are two sides to every story and right now the only side getting told is the alleged victim’s,' said Gunnery Sgt. Chad McMeen. 'People have looked them up on Facebook and they’re now giving them death threats, for what may have been a simple bar fight.'"


  1. stephen says

    The streets would be littered with bodies if women were allowed to beat senseless every guy that ever winked at them…

    For how long will people continue to entertain this crazed notion that there’s ever ANY justification for physical violence.


  2. David T says

    A simple bar fight? We can see what position the military will be taking. Let’s see, two against one, one man is beaten unconscious, the service men accused him of winking at him, the criminals run from the seen. Just thank them for their service in Iraq, now they can go f&*% themselves.

  3. Fahd says

    The Marines should do a better job in their public relations work, even if it is an internal publication. Maybe the Gunnery Sgt is not their best spokesperson. They need to assure the public that these two — this Mutt and Jeff pairing will be dealt with appropriately.

    I think ignorance is behind these sorts of things. Repealing DADT will make it easier for our military services to have lengthy and thorough training sessions in which the irrational prejudices towards gays can be discussed, aired, and put behind us.

  4. MarkDC says


    STOP terrorizing, attacking, beating and killing The Gays in your streets and your schools and your courts and your legislatures.

    STOP pimping The Gays in your elections and ballot measures.

    STOP demonizing The Gays as dangerous predators out to destroy you and your children.

    STOP pretending The Gays are filthy, disgusting, promiscuous, disease vectoring whores. Denigrating Gay sexuality while denying equal recognition of committed Gay relationships betrays your hypocrisy…and intent.

    STOP pretending sexual orientation is a choice. The idea heterosexuality is genetic and therefore “natural” but homosexuality is magically aberrant is embarrassing.

    STOP making The Gays defend their right to serve their country.

    STOP projecting the fear, anxiety and discomfort YOU feel about sexuality onto everyone else.

  5. Bill says

    Stephen, it will continue to go on because gay people with voices and the general gay population are cowards. They will never, never, never acknowledge haterosexual prejudices. Haterosexuals will continue use sex or implied sex to excuse their behavior and prejudices.

    These two haterosexual males thought it would be fun to beat up a gay man, you know, “put him in his place.” One of the haterosexuals punched him from behind and then they just kept punching and kicking as he lay on the ground as his haterosexaul “friends” did nothing. This reminds me of Paul J. Michalik who was beaten to death at a party as haterosexuals looked on. Once again those haterosexuals used implied sex as an excuse for the beating. Or a few years ago when a gay man trained in boxing was leaving a restaurant in Colorado when a haterosexual male decided he wanted to beat him up because he’s gay and small. The haterosexual friends the gay man was with did nothing. Luckily his boxing training paid off and his was able to subdue his attacker.

  6. TONI says

    Boys will be boys says the military …

    Sorry but even a simple bar fight is not something the Marines should be tossing off as insignificant when it is people who have been TRAINED to be aggressive and killers.

    Yes we need willing dumb poor dudes willing to protect us with a volunteer military (we are NOT talking officers here) … but the military better be willing and able to keep them in line and not hurting civilians that they are being paid to protect.

    As volunteers … they work for cash for us.

  7. MarkDC says

    From the Marines own website:


    “Marines live by a code of uncompromising values. These three traits guide the Marine Corps and every Marine, ensuring success during service and after.”

    “For Marines, honor means being held to the highest standards, ethically and morally. Respect for others is essential. Marines are expected to act responsibly, and in a mature and dependable manner.”

    Attacking and hospitalizing the very Americans they are supposed to “protect” is a crime, a travesty and an embarrassment.

    You can be a rapist, a murder, an ex-con, married to your cousin or “disabled” but you can be A Gay and a Marine?

    Court martial and prison.

  8. Lionsgate says

    Believe in the power of FACEBOOK and strongly worded letters to bigots on facebook!

    First thing I do in gay bashing cases like these is look up the attacker on facebook and write a one part insulting, one part educational and 2 parts activist letter showcasing there’s more gays out there than they think and we gays DO stick together when push comes to shove (all pun intended) and beyond that, I also remind them of the glory behind the fact that their chosen actions of hate will forever haunt them online anytime a future employer does a search engine of their name….forever their past will be a part of their present and I use facebook to remind them of that.

    I fully encourage all LGBT to facebook these vile bigots and where our laws and legal system does not take care of them, facebook and charming words only us gays can muster certainly CAN (and do!)

  9. rayrayj says

    As long as Americans allow themselves to accept whatever is handed to us, we will continue to be shafted by the government that is supposed to serve us.

  10. Bart says

    The Marine spokesman is an utter idiot that made the Marines again look like a drunken frat instead of an elite armed forces group. The Marines should fire this ass-clown and then court martial these two criminals and then they should (and probably will be) prosecuted for hate crimes.

    There is always two sides to every story, but when ONE man is nearly beaten to death by TWO Marines, the right side is already clearly evident.

    Go to jail, boys. Do not pass go, do not hide behind your military.

  11. Shane says

    Yes, I am sure it was just a “simple bar fight” when two ‘rhoided up Marines with Napoleonic complexes beat the shit out of a gay guy while calling him faggot. Yeah, just a simple bar fight.

  12. Rodney says

    Is the gunnery sergeant not sure there is a victim? I say to him, go ask the unconscious guy in the hospital if there is a victim.

    What a tool.

  13. Drew says

    @ Denizo: “Them’s some serious gayface there, boys.”

    This comment is so overused and always on the wrong people. These boys don’t have it. If you’re shorter and work out waaaay too much, even your neck and face gain size. But to gayface these things lead not.

  14. Danny says

    My money says Cronauer and Stanzel have been drunken lovers in the past and this is how they “handle” it. Stories like this almost always have a history like that.

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