James Franco Solo Show Features Gay Spock and Kirk ‘Star Trek’ Art


James Franco is mounting his first solo art show, called The Dangerous Book for Boys, on June 23 at the Clocktower Gallery in NYC. What will it include?

"The Dangerous Book Four Boys" addresses boyhood and the "sexual confusion" of adolescence, as Ms. Heiss put it. Short films focus on demolition, showing burning or bullet-riddled structures like a plastic toy home or a large wooden rocket (the exhibition contains originals or replicas of these). Another work explores a romantic encounter between "Star Trek" characters Spock and James T. Kirk. 

"I feel like shows or films that deal with kids, they're playing to all of these sexual feelings that you have at that age, but they don't fully admit to it," he said. "So I kind of try to draw that out. The implicit in those shows and books, I try to make it a little more explicit."

Note: The Spock/Kirk bath image isn't necessarily the one that's in the show, it's just one of my favorite Star Trek gay slash art images.


  1. Rowan says

    @ Paul R

    What hasn’t been done to death? EVERYTHING has. One of the hardest things I found as a artist at Uni was trying to something original!

  2. Rad says

    It’s the bigger point, folks, that ANON pointed out; what’s the point of being in the closet? Somehow, when you paint, you really tend to channel your inner soul. If Franco really did that.. very DETAILED painting, I suspect he’s pretty much out, now.

  3. sparks says

    Uh, RAD, read Andy’s post again. He did mention that the artwork shown here is not by Franco; it’s just an example of a Spock-Kirk gay slash image.

    Unless you’ve gotten a sneak preview elsewhere, we don’t know what the actual Spock-Kirk piece will look like.

  4. says

    I think Franco’s comfort with his sexuality is pretty clear, and supported by his recent directorial debut/film studies/performance art etc.

    I don’t really need an Ellen-style “I’m Gay” cover statement from him (although it wouldn’t hurt either) as I think he seems to represent a new generation of people who don’t define themselves specifically (or in some cases solely) by their sexuality.

    Love him, love his work, and love his courage to be true to himself through his art and life.

  5. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Perhaps Franco is challenging the whole in/out schema, vis-à-vis deconstructing the artist-art-audience paradigm and…and…and… Dang it, I ran out of big college words! Translation: He’s out to anyone who cares enough to notice, but he doesn’t want the dumb People Magazine cover with the cliché “I’m Gay” headline. Good for him.

  6. Paul R says

    @Rowan, and my point is that Franco wouldn’t have an opening if he weren’t Franco. So much of his stuff is just basic art school exploration that gallery owners only show because he did it and it will sell.

    As for the in/out thing, people close to him say he’s straight—just very comfortable with gay men and tired of discrimination, in Hollywood and elsewhere. Though some also say he just does it to get attention/push buttons. I hold no animus toward him, and respect anyone who wants to create art. That doesn’t mean I want to look at it, no matter how cute the artist.

  7. says

    When does drawing a photos of two guys make one “gay”. I dont think for a second James is gay (wish he were though). I wish people would focus a little less on lables.

  8. Rowan says

    @ Paul R

    Yeah it IS because he is James Franco but dude, that is life. All those kids who have exec jobs @ Goldman Sachs..how did they get them? All the most famous artists of the past century had contacts and an easy line into the art world.

    And personally I think he’s bi or more so doesn’t label himself and leans heavily towards the prefering men side.

    Thing is, we have to remember that his people do NOT want him to come out-it’s not easy in Hollywood…

    There’s no way he’s str8. I don’t care what he says or if he has some bland girlfriend. If he was str8, the kind of person Franco is, his girlfriend would be much more out there..

  9. Koder Kev says

    I don’t care if he’s out or not. But he’s done a biopic of James Dean and he was amazing in Milk. Out or not, he is obviously gay-friendly, and that’s enough for me. He seems really nice, I will bet he is a really nice guy.

  10. TylerAnthony says

    “The Dangerous Book Four Boys” addresses boyhood and the “sexual confusion” of adolescence”

    “I feel like shows or films that deal with kids, they’re playing to all of these sexual feelings that you have at that age, but they don’t fully admit to it,”

    this kind of stuff to various degrees are talked about in many different books on sex-in culture(s). So no it doesn’t make him bisexual or gay.

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