Lt. Dan Choi, Sandra Bernhard Come Out for Homeless LGBT Youth


Lt. Dan Choi and actress/comedienne Sandra Bernhard were among the speakers at a rally for homeless LGBT youth yesterday in NYC's Union Square.

Bloggers Frank and Gabe have a thorough report: Forney  

"Putting a face to these numbers were several gay youth who stood up to tell the crowd their story. Most had experienced a similar trajectory. Having grown up in conservative, religious households, when they came out to their parents or guardians, they soon found themselves on the street. Organizations working to help LGBT youth like the Ali Forney Center took them in, and now some were even working for the same organizations that had given them a lifeline when needed it most. A representative from the Center for American Progress, a think tank that is dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action, reminded the crowd that while New York City LGBT youth are fortunate to have resources dedicated to them, the same is not true in many parts of the country."

You may remember the Ali Forney Center was hit by anti-gay vandalism earlier this week.

Watch Choi and Bernhard speak, AFTER THE JUMP...