1. OrchidIslander says

    Could gay men be any easier to merchandise to and influence? A hot guy; rainbow colors and watch all the guys parade around in AX clothing and – of course – underwear. Sometimes I think corporations rule gay men.

  2. tonyc says

    Brazilian men have me into LIPS now..I can not get past those amazing lips, that I want to kiss!!…and then start going down and down… the rest is amazing…that country works on their bodies..having that beach time down there, they put it to good use, playing sports etc…or the other side is they have GOOD/inexpensive “dental doctors” as Cathy Griffin names them! :-)


  3. Drew says

    @OrchidIslander: I don’t feel that’s true, though A/X surely hopes it is.

    I’m guessing that most gay guys just shop where they can afford, just like most straight guys. I bought a dress jacket at A/X once, but everything else is from typical stores I can afford. Shit, even Kmart! Well, just socks and boxers from there, lol.

  4. jamal49 says

    Marlon Teixeira is a super-favorite from over at Made In Brasil. This is an incredible portrait of Marlon. Hot, hot, hot!

    Thanks, Marlon. Thanks, Armani Exchange.

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