1. Strepsi says

    After the UK’s Ben Cohen (rugby) and Canada’s Alexandre Despatie (diving), Novak is the 3rd sexiest athlete in the world.

    Thanks for the pics!

  2. Rad says

    Absolutely nothing; that is Kinesio-tape, used to assist muscles and keep them from straining. I have used it with athletes before. Since he does a lot of overhand work, involving the deltoid muscles, that would make sense that the tape is where it is. Pink is pink. Comes in lots of colors.

    My question is this: Why did it take him 4 hours and 32 seconds to finally tear himself free of his shirt?

  3. Charles says

    The pink stripes are just tape for a injured muscle. He probably just has as a shoulder strain. Taping muscles like that is the new thing in sports.

  4. james Brown says

    I think I saw him last night on “True Blood” turning into a were-wolf! Woof!

  5. omi says

    Whatever effect he wanted to display for ripping his shirt is ruined when he cannot finish ripping his shirt. Pussy.

  6. huh? says

    Why don’t tennis players wear pull-away clothes? Rafa Nadal needs to strip off those shorts – doing it in one brisk motion would be really cool.

  7. BubbaInTX says

    Secure214 wrote: “He has a mighty package in one of those pics”

    Oh,those are just his balls.

    No, really–don’t they put tennis balls in their pockets just before they serve?

  8. James says

    I really dislike Novak. I wish he’d quit tennis. It would make my watching more pleasurable.

    I wish Lleyton would have kicked his ass, in the game.