NYC LGBT Homeless Shelter Hit with Anti-Gay Vandalism


NYC's Ali Forney Center was hit with anti-gay graffiti last night, the organization reports in a press release:

"The Ali Forney Center’s newly opened shelter for homeless LGBT youth in Astoria Queens was defaced last night with anti-gay graffiti. At 6am this morning, two of the residents of the shelter discovered the slurs which included; 'We don't want gay people here' written on the exterior of the shelter, and 'Gay Shelter' written on the site’s door (see attached JPG). 'I am infuriated that someone would target our kids in this cowardly way' says Carl Siciliano, Executive Director of the Ali Forney Center, the nation’s largest organization serving homeless LGBT youth. 'The young people who come to us for help and shelter have already experienced terrible hardship, and I will not stand for them to be further abused.' The Ali Forney Center (AFC) is working with the New York City Anti-Violence Project, with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and with local Councilmember Peter Vallone on devising strategies to protect its residents from further attacks. AFC has also reached out to the local police precinct and the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force who are now conducting an investigation into the incident."

There is a rally taking place in Union Square on Monday. It had already been planned, but no doubt this crime will be condemend there as well.



  1. James says

    Please can someone please tell me how “Gay Shelter” is an anti-gay vandalism? Am I missing something? Is “Gay” a slur word now?

  2. Rocky says

    @ James

    It is when its meant to defame Gays & Lesbians

    And who cares if you dont see this as “anti-gay” vandalism.It is still vandalism on a gay and lesbian homeless shelter.There for the motivation behind the crime was ANTI-GAY.

    I hope that spells it out for you.GODDAMN IT!

  3. halzch7 says

    Is this really gay graffiti…? I mean it is a gay shelter. Maybe someone was just helping them with their signage?

  4. Bill Torres says

    ‘We don’t want gay people here’ is another one of the messages that was written on the wall of the church that houses this homeless LGBT youth shelter. The article clearly states that, if you would just take the time to read it.

    These are gay kids that were abused and abandoned by their families. The Ali Forney Center takes these kids in and helps them get their lives back on track. For someone to vandalize this site with a message of clear hate is beyond appalling.

  5. James says

    @ rocky: Thanks for the clarification. Buy you don’t have to be so bitchy. Are you having your period?

  6. says

    Bill didn’t sound bitchy to me. He was just merely pointing out that you should read the post before spouting off your nonsense.

  7. Chuck says

    @ James…

    It would be nice if you would show as much concern for the gay homeless teens as you do for your own hurt feelings.

  8. Fahd says

    I think they should fund raise for security cameras, outdoor lighting, and security patrols.

    A homeless shelter for gay youth is obviously satisfying an important need and should be appropriately defended and maintained.

  9. alicia says

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    AN INTERRACIAL DATING MECCA — WHERE LOVE IS COLOR BLIND -== B l a c k w h i t e C u p i d.c/0/m ==

  10. Uhhuh says

    Just paint it over and move on. Far worse things happen to people, gay and straight, in NYC.

  11. says

    Maybe they did it to help gays and lesbians find the place. Seriously. Vandalism costs people money. On that tip, it’s no laughing matter.

  12. Tony Konrath says

    Hang on… If a hurricane shelter is a place where you can hide from hurricanes…..

  13. johnny says

    Easy fix. Outdoor lighting and mounted cameras. Raise some money or ask for donations of same. If you’re going to have a shelter for teens of any kind, this is a requirement for many reasons.

  14. Vince In WeHo says

    “gay shelter” is not an anti-gay slur.

    It was graffiti/vandalism.

    It was perceived by others as “anti-gay.”

    ‘We don’t want gay people here’ is anti-gay and graffiti/vandalism.

    It may be a small detail but a little Truth goes along way.

  15. says

    We are hosting a benefit for The Ali Forney Center…please consider coming out to support the Center if you are in NYC. June 21st @ Le Poisson Rouge at 10pm. Facebook The Meeting*

    Thanks so much!

  16. gbm says

    If the shelters are in apartments situated in residential neighborhoods (which seems likely), then they most likely don’t have “signage” promoting the fact that they are a shelter for gay homeless youth. As with battered women shelters, the object is to provide a safe space where people can live without being targeted or harassed or followed. So, writing “Gay Shelter” on the apartment is a way to “out” the place to the surrounding neighborhood, which may not have known that this apartment was being used as a shelter for gay youth, and so is just as anti-gay as the other graffiti.