1. JusticeontheRocks says

    One of the most uninteresting people walking the planet. His 15 minutes are over. Time to move on.

    Great vocalist. The rest of him is very very tired.

  2. says

    Frankly, I think he looks fabulous! Actually, he’s got a little Boy George thingy going on here. I bet his record label is in a tizzy, as they don’t seem to be able to constrain him.

    Fight the power of the old, tired repressive queens! YOU GO SISTER ADAM!

  3. Walter says

    “Fight the power of the old, tired repressive queens!”

    LOL …

    I do not think anything Adam is doing is new or inventive.

    To gay folk over the age of 25 we have seen attention whores do this “glam” stuff for decades …. and it is more tired than inventive.

    YAWN …. this type tends to have serious ego needs and you can tell that with Mr. Lambert.

    Feel free to have all the Glam Fun you want — and enjoy — but everyone does not need to be impressed …. it is our reality not to be impressed by his tired antics played out by greater talents in the past …

    but nobody should try to stop other people’s fun.

  4. yonkersconquers says

    His new look is a vast improvement from the Lizard King goes to Burning Man look he was working earlier. He looks very Color By Numbers in this new pic, which is something I love him for.

    Lambert’s a top man who loves makeup, which is one of the hottest things in the world. Google ‘Josh Hartnett in lipstick’ to see how hot it can be.

  5. says

    @walter Feel free to have all the Glam Fun you want — and enjoy — but everyone does not need to be impressed …. it is our reality not to be impressed by his tired antics played out by greater talents in the past …

    but nobody should try to stop other people’s fun.

    It’s not uncommon for the young’ns coming up through the ranks to display those that came before them with honor and reverence; the people that they idolized when growing up.

    As for the tired and been there done that remark, how many times can something be done? How original is anything these days? In fact, did not music from the 90s take from the two decades prior? Did not the music of the 80s take from the from two decades prior?

    Much of the the electro-pop we hear today is directly lifted from the 80s, albeit more polished in it’s presentation. Whether it be fashion, music, movies or image, everything is cyclical and everybody borrows from something they appreciated from the past. I think the idea goes something like “polish off the old and make it new and fresh again.” Nothing wrong with that.

    At the speed Adam is going, I almost expect his version of Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust by his next album; maybe with a little Lou Reed and Queen thrown in for good measure. Has it been done before? Sure, but that doesn’t discount his talent and ability to make something his own for a new generation.

  6. romeo says

    It’s hot! He’s got the features (good facial bones) to pull it off. Like everybody else in what’s left of the music business, he’s got to keep changing things up to keep it fresh. Love those top hats he wears, sort of a Marlene Dietrich thing he’s got goin’ on.

    Maybe Susan Boyle should try this look, too, to get back on track.

  7. LOL says

    Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before!

    Ugh. This guy has no identity of his own.

  8. Paul R says

    To me it looks more like Boy Goerge meets Liza Minnelli in the jewelry section of the surf shop.

  9. Red says


    Why people like you get angry when some men dares to wear makeup and look feminine? I think it’s internalized homophobia that makes some of gays feel this way. That and sexism. Adam has always said that he loves 70/80s’s glam look, loves to dress-up and wear make-up. I applaud him for being brave because although lots of people may not like it, he’s being himself and not hiding his flamboyance or homosexuality like so many celebrities do. i’m glad that he is showing you can be an openly gay young male pop star in homophobic America, while he’s giving the finger to all those who wish he would conform.

  10. RONTEX says

    Fuck, what is with all the haters. I’m almost 50 and lived through all those decades too but Adams doing something new for HIS generation and looks hot while doing it.

    If you’ve seen it all and done it all then just leave the planet already or move along, you’re contributing nothing to the conversation.

    Bitching is easy, taking risks is hard.

  11. Joe.Moon says

    If that tranny mess gaga woman does it, it’s great, fantastic, creative, she’s not copying just paying tribute to her heroes but if the first OPENLY GAY male backed up by a mayor record label does it, it’s tired, unoriginal, no identity, horrible. I will always say this: gays are programmed to hate each other. That’s why, as a community, we will never go anywhere. I’m proud of Adam, he’s incredibly talented and he’s doing his thing. He’s banking while you bitches are hating. Have a great weekend!!!!!

  12. lewlew says

    Oh yeah, that’s def the way 2 go. His hairdodo was a major minus to his looks. I don’t listen to him, but hey generally: Butch up!

  13. Joseph SingerJ says

    Why is he even interesting? He can’t act. He looks like a freak. What’s the big deal?

  14. johnny says

    I don’t care what he looks like, either way, he’s young, let him have his fun. But why doesn’t he write some songs like a real musician?

    As to “internalized homophobia”, give that idiotic phrase a rest, people. Since when did being fem or wearing makeup become a mandatory part of gay culture for men? I missed that memo… and those supplies didn’t come with my “You Too Can Be A Homosexual” kit.

  15. Paul R says

    Cracking a joke doesn’t make one self-loathing. I used to wear makeup all the time and know plenty of fem boys and drag queens. I just think he has the looks to look better.

  16. Jack says

    Holy crap am I on a website for gays? I wouldn’t know it judging by these comments. No, I’m not saying you have to like Adam or his music, but you’d think there would be less negativity directed at an openly gay pop star. How many of those have we had? Elton, George and Ricky all came out AFTER the height of their successes. Adam’s out at the start of his career so he’s traveling down a road that few have ventured before him in the US.

  17. rduke says

    Bingo @Joe Moon
    “gays are programmed to hate each other. That’s why, as a community, we will never go anywhere.”

    This is SO true. Extremely sad, but true.

  18. Sam says

    First off, he only shaved the temporal part of one side, not his whole head. No big deal in the range of stylistic changes we have seen and can expect to see from Adam.

    Secondly, he openly admits to bowing to those who came before him and simply has fun mixing up bits of their styles into whatever look he’s in the mood for that day. The beauty of Adam’s style is that, unlike many of you, he doesn’t take it or himself too seriously.

    Thirdly, Johnny, he has written a number of songs — several good ones during his pre-Idol days, and he wrote/co-wrote about half a dozen of the songs on his album including the most beautiful and touching one: “Broken Open”.

    And lastly, “What’s the big deal?” several of you ask. The big deal is he’s the best and most versatile male rock/pop vocalist since Freddie Mercury. And of top of that he’s becoming an international singing star and sex symbol backed by a major label while being openly gay and playing with gender boundaries.

    That he’s charming, confident, and ballsy without being the least bit arrogant, gives others to whom he bows or with whom he works their due, and is hot, sweet, funny, open, honest, well-spoken, and intelligent, is simply icing on the cake.

    Would that there were more men out there like him.

  19. JZN says

    When was the last time any of you tired old bitches, and I say this as a 40 year old, dramatically changed your hair style? Give the kid a break.

  20. nuflux says

    Actually, my first thought was Sylvester, not Boy George. He needs to do a cover of “Do You Wanna Funk.”

  21. JusticeontheRocks says

    Dear Red, I don’t want anyone to conform to anything. Just bew something and be good at it. He changes his stage identity every time he wants more publicity. What can I do to shock people this week. All very staged, nothing natural or fun about it. He’s a talented guy but takes himself way too seriously, and therefore he’s boring as hell

  22. Ed says

    I love Adam, he has a great voice, and he is young and having fun while he is looking for his onw style .
    I like this look , he looks beautiful…!

  23. Vernon says

    Honestly, I think most of the haters don’t care for Adam because he’s not some self-impressed, autotuned, dance-mixed harlot or a buttoned-down, sexually repressed, pasty-faced, crooning eunuch singing to the housewives in the cheap seats.

    Is he original? Of course not. You can’t be original in pop music anymore. Someone’s always done it before, no matter what “it” is. I see a lot of tired, bitchy queens talking smack about Adam all over the internet, but I have yet to see one human or demihuman actually make an anti-Adam argument that was worth the effort it took to type.

    Guess what? His music isn’t for you anyway. Go pop on a Judy or Barbra record if you don’t like Adam. Spin yourself dizzy to snooze-inducing Cher and Madonna remixes at your corner bar. Dance the night away to the anonymous strains of whatever club-thumping house anthem is popular this hour, hoping beyond hope that through the haze of booze and meth someone will momentarily think you’re attractive and engaging enough for a quick handjob in the bathroom.

    We do so love to eat our own, don’t we? You don’t have to like Adam Lambert or his music, but if you only reason to weigh in on him is to throw (weightless) stones at one of the most important pop stars this country, and this world, has seen in a generation, then you should be ashamed of yourself. Cannibalism isn’t sexy.

  24. romeo says

    I’m glad to see the panic attacks over poor Adam are finally starting to abate. All you Adam haters need to give it a rest coming into gay sites. Let’s face it; that train has left the station, and it is what it is. His career is launched and he’s finding the predictable audience. It’s not about his looks or his clothes, it’s about the music, and that’s what he’s concerned with. His trying out new looks is just show business as usual.

    As for all you poor ladies still coming in to gay sites using male names, etc., you also need to give it a rest with your gross generalizations of gay people. You’re haters, too, btw, and I know Adam finds it embarrassing. I love Adam, but all this carrying on is so last year.

  25. Mark Hutchinson says

    all i care about it that voice – i hope he allows his career to grow and vary as he is gifted and it should not be wasted on Pop/Dance only. Though I understand why he’s doing what he’s doing I hope he can mix it up as he goes on – i didn’t hurt Madonna’s career to change it up – dance to ballads to theatre..and she can’t sing.

  26. swarm says

    Adam did not shave half his head but a three inch side piece. He never claimed to invent the hair style. He interviewed with MTV that he’s not interested in being uber cool. He’s a sweet, happy person who’s having fun. He’s 28. My damn kid can’t even keep his car insurance up to date at that age. He also said it’s hot at the venues and it’s like air conditioning. Watch his finale here, at Foxwoods venue 4000 seats before RCA pulls it. (it’s the pre encore song). Why bash the boy for working his ass off? BTW Name me someone else playfully kissing a man/promoting gay life for thousands of people per night during a >70 show tour. AND HAVING THE VIDEO OF THE KISS POSTED ON VH1!

    He’s got the heart of a 1968 hippy. Try it sometime.:)

  27. Pugzz says

    Like Ga Ga has anything new? She’s taken her every clue from Madonna. She’s more like Madoona than Lourdes. Why should A.L. not do a Boy George tribute. Boy George was very, very, talented before he went nuts.