Photo: John Mayer and ‘The Situation’ Flash Their Abs


John Mayer and Jersey's Shore's 'The Situation' faced, er, ab-ed off at the CMT Country Music Awards last night. Does anybody win in this situation?


  1. GB says

    @ JTLVR – agreed. Besides John Mayer gives good face. The face is much more important. “Sit” looks like an ugly dog with good abs. Needs a nose job big time.

  2. Walter says

    John has a smoking hot body — The Situations is the same sad overworked over skinny waxed body on display in gay clubs across the land.

    He just picked up the gay boy vibe during his stripper days.

  3. jakeinlove says

    Had to do a little research to see what The Situation is since I don’t waste my living years watching Jersey Shore. Further than his association with the show and his admittedly hot abs, I don’t understand his relevance or anyone’s fascination with him.

  4. Brandon D says

    Ugh, this guy just can’t seem to keep his shirt down. Is there a female equivalent, like a girl who wants to show her tits all the time? Usher used to be the same way I think. Either way, he’s a total ho, in many respects. Yes you spent countless hours developing those muscles, congratulations. Here’s to you and your media whoring. Do something useful and make out with him, you’re already halfway there.

    Also, Jerry Springer in the background? Or is that David Letterman?

  5. says

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