Rep. Aaron Schock ‘Burned the Belt’ That Made Him Look Gay


Over the weekend, Gawker posted a photo of Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) at Tuesday's White House picnic that they said was "jamming up the gay staff listserve."

The photo quickly went viral. 

More interesting than the photo, now, is Schock's reaction to the fact that people said it made him look gay.

Writes Schock in a Tweet: "Never thought a pic of me w/ my shirt on would go viral. Learned my lesson and burned the belt."


Wow. Such a dramatic way to deal with one's shame.

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  1. yonkersconquers says

    Aaron Schock wins this month’s laughably Overcompensating Asshole award (sponsored by Larry Craig and Ted Haggard Ministries).

    That Twitter post makes me groan even harder than his color sense.

  2. cueylove says

    Well, he’s going to have to burn he shirt, the pants, the fag hag and the “gay face”. The last one might hurt. If he needs a match, I have one.

  3. says

    I like that his reaction is “omg! I’ve learned my lesson! I’ll try not to look gay, I swear!” … I like the “i don’t care” reaction from today’s real straight guys.

  4. stopabusingourchildren says

    I wonder if he listens to the band You Can Run But You Can’t Hide.

    I don’t think it’s his outfit that makes him gay, it’s his face.

  5. gayalltheway says

    Notice that he didn’t mention ‘gay’ in his comment. Perhaps when he is ready to come out later in his life/career, we can’t say that he is a hypocrite or closet-case because he can say that he has never denied that he was gay. Very well played, Mr. Schock!

    In any case, I’d do him in a second.

  6. Roland says

    He looks shockingly gay. He could have donated the belt to a homeless shelter or goodwill or even a theater group.

    Who does he represent again? Peoria, Illinois? I guess its entirely possible his outfit was one of those “ensemble in a bag” things they sometimes have at Costco or Wal Mart.

    Besides his appearance, clothing, and overcompensating denial is there any evidence he’s gay?

  7. excy says

    I bet he thought the outfit was hot when he laid it out on his bed. There was definitely some thinking involved in that selection.
    Perfect for an Atlantis cruise, don’t you think?

  8. Hermes in DC says

    OMG! That is the GAYEST outfit I have EVER seen.

    He looks like Dorothy Gale’s queer as shit older brother.

    I don’t think that his tweet is all that objectionable actually.

    (Presumably) straight guys still don’t want to be thought of as looking “gay,” which I think a lot of them interpret only to mean too fashionable or like they’re trying too hard to look good. Metrosexuals have helped to defy that particular straight guy folkway, but we’ve got a long way to go in Peoria . . .

  9. Paul R says

    Who would dress that way for a White House event? Seriously. It looks like he’s going to a BBQ in Fire Island or Provincetown. He’s from Illinois, not some trendy hotbed, and he’s at a White House event.

    You couldn’t get me or any of my 4 straight brothers (all of them gay friendly) into that outfit unless you paid us really well and no one had a camera.

    Let me just point out again: it’s a robin egg’s blue belt. Possibly teal. I’m not even sure, but I bet he knows the exact shade.

  10. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Did he really burn the belt…or was he just being sarcastic? I read it as sarcastic… I’ve seem worse on the golf course.

    Is he gay or bi?
    Maybe he just hasn’t met the right guy yet.

  11. Victor says

    I soo can’t wait for the gay sex scandal that comes next. After all, he is republican and that seems to happen frequently these days. Hope the scandal comes with video tape too!

  12. patrick nyc says

    I recall seeing him on Stephen Colbert when he first got elected, he is so green you almost feel sorry for him. He’s so deep in the closet he’d never find his way out.

  13. Chicago says

    Oh, Aaron. When America’s gays find out you are–in fact–gay and closeted, and the fine bloggers like Andy Towle remind us all of your anti-gay voting record, you’ll have much more to worry about than your belt. A lifetime of shame, perhaps?

  14. Jay Croce says

    Schock says; “Never thought a pic of me w/ my shirt on would go viral.”

    Hmmm??? Does that mean he thinks a pic of him with his shirt OFF would be so popular??? Okay, he’s kinda cute, in a rural-prep sort of way. And he probably has a nice body. But GAYDAR alarms are going off all over the place. And a huge pile of burning belts wouldn’t create a smoke screen big enough to disguise his true nature. AND…. if that’s his mom….. well she just SCREAMS drag queen. Can’t you just picture him toddling around the house in her heels??? Maybe even last week!!

  15. says

    Oh, Aaron, without the blue belt it loses the whole Elly May Clampett meets Roy Rogers patriotic vibe you were rocking so well. You’re going to miss that belt, you know you are. Next time, take some of Julia Child’s advice on cooking, which is equally apt for fashion: Learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!

  16. Daniel says

    “Not really blue…or teal. Perhaps…cerulean?”

    It’s ‘Aqua’. Cerulean is more towards light Indigo, kinda Cornflower-ish

  17. lessthan says

    Jean-Paul, I agree with you. It is a great outfit, if a little unconventional. He is gorgeous. Is there more to this story? I don’t see him mention the word “gay” anywhere. If the comments on here are the majority, maybe he burned the belt because everybody hated it? I’m still glad Andy posted the picture though.

  18. walter says

    hey what’s wrong with the belt. it goods well with the good humor pants .but the shirt opened way down so he can show off his chest is a little much.and he seems to have mansaping done on his chest hair. bet all that waxing under those pretty white jeans is a jock strap to held hold his package.

  19. greg2 says

    At one point he liked the outfit enough to go out in public wearing it.But after being “noticed” he became self conscious and slightly defensive.His FEAR of being ridiculed will also show in his Congressional voting record, you can bet on it.Sad thing is both Democrats and Republicans are AFRAID of doing what they know to be right and will vote the party vote instead of being themselves and voting for equality for all….I wonder how many men are afraid to wear a pink shirt?

  20. Derek Pearce says

    Alright after all these awesome comments I have nothing to add except “you are a f-ing fag if the 1st thing you knew to do was burn the belt”, and B), whoever said he looked like a Strawberry Shortcake hoedown, made my day :^)

  21. Jean-Paul, Canada says

    Picture it: you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, so content.

    Then you notice a pair of white pants with an aqua belt hanging on your bedpost, you roll over, and there’s a black-haired Adonis smiling back and saying: “Let’s do it again?”

    Sigh. Belt??? What belt?

    Let me get my mouthwash; I’ll be right back.

    You see yourself in the mirror, and there you are….wearing his red-checkered shirt scented with good Old Spice.


    Oh never mind…I know how discriminating your tastes are and you’ve got beautiful men lining up outside your door.

    Now, where did I put my red-checkered, strawberry condom. Yummy.

  22. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    He should have sold it on eBay and donated the money to the Treasury to reduce the Federal deficit….oh, I forgot, repugs only TALK about responsible government.

  23. hephaestion says

    Bethenny Frankel’s “straight athlete” assistant ran to the sink to wash his hair after someone thought that he was gay based upon his hairstyle. Another closet case??

  24. rayy says

    I guess he has a point–with any other belt, that outfit is “less gay”.

    Too bad he can’t come out of that closet & stay–the air is much better outside.

  25. Kitty Boots says

    Good work damning him for ‘looking’
    gay! Excellent way to keep a stereotype firmly entrenched in the public mind.

    Why do the dumb bitchy fags run the movement?

  26. MickJr says

    I think he was just trying for a take on a red, white and blue outfit for a White House picnic. Do gay men currently dress like that somewhere in the USA? He did overreact but that was probably because of the reaction to the abs in a swimsuit photo. Aaron may just decide to hire a stylist.

  27. bgb808 says

    Hmmm. He said *burned* but what he really did was *bury* it… in his Special Drawer. He can only bring it out now when there is no-one who can see it. A little sad, actually…

    One hopes that when he does finally come out, he will start working *for* his own people, instead of voting against them. There *is* precedent (very little, but some, and one does hope…).

  28. jakeinlove says

    Well you chose wrong in the “burn the gay away” game. No self respecting gay would have put together a turquoise belt with a red and white picnic table cover and white 501’s anyway. God only knows what the shoes looked like. That was you sole confirmation of your alleged straightness. So the only question is. How does one set themselves on fire these days?

  29. Bob says

    The belt does not make him look gay. It makes him look like he has no taste. I don’t think any self-respecting gay man would wear that color combination. Oh, I think I just answered the question: No SELF-RESPECTING gay man would wear that color combination!

  30. Mark Hutchinson says

    really? he thinks it’s the belt? if anything the belt leans toward straight fasion sense — but honey look at him..he’s so gay.

  31. Jerry12 says

    Deary; It is not the belt that gives you away. It is that beautiful smile and look of your eyes.As a matter of fact, I never saw the belt until I read the comments.

  32. says

    Schock’s district will probably be elimated by 2012 because Illinois is losing a congressional district, so perhaps he’s trying to branch out into some form of celebrity.

    His homosexuality is pretty much an open secret in Illinois and on Capitol Hill, where Washingtonian Magazine voted him “Most Likely to Become Involved in a Scandal” last year. However, unlike fellow closet case Illinois Republican Mark Kirk, Schock repeatedly votes against gay issues, including the repeal of DADT. I don’t know who counseled him on doing this magazine cover; not only is it pretty unprofessional for an elected representative, but he looks like he’s posing for the cover of Blueboy.

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