Towleroad Guide to the Tube #673

DANGER: The perils of lesbianity.

THE OVERTON WINDOW: The bizarre trailer for Glenn Beck's new book.

ADAM LAMBERT: And the female fan from Scranton who loves him.

TRAINWRECK:Countess Luann mocked by KTLA interns at performance of "Money Can't Buy You Class".

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  1. voet says

    This sounds like the effort of someone who has had a few too many drinks in a bar and gets up to sing karaoke. I am glad she seems to be enjoying herself, but why inflict this on others? I remember on the RHNY episode where she met with her producer to discuss this song. He mentioned Itzhak Perlman and Luann referred to him as a singer.

  2. willi says

    She is no longer a countess, she divorced the count. She is allowed the use of a coutesy title, such that she is now LuAnn, Countess Du Lesseps, not Countess Du Lesseps. Just like Diana, after the divorce, was no longer Princess Diana but could use the courtesy title of Diana, Princess of Wales. Just FYI. I think she is trash and it is true, money cannot buy you class. She is living proof.

  3. alicia says

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