1. stephen says

    Looks to me like the film board did everyone a favor… including the filmmaker, because otherwise no one would ever see this except at future Midnight Cult Film showings.

    It’s LA, the zombie just needs a good cosmetic dentist.

  2. Gridlock says

    It may look completely stupid, but now the people in Australia don’t actually have a choice to see it or not.

    Big brother strikes again, and the censorship cheerleaders clap like seals.

  3. says

    Your opening line says the film festival banned the film – it was the Australian OFLC.

    The OFLC’s decisions on what is banned and what is not, surprises me all the time…

    All they’ve done is given the film more publicity than it ever would have received on the front page of a major Australian newspaper.

    Bruce La Bruce said he was ‘delighted’ about the decision! Ha.

  4. says

    I feel ashamed to be Australian at times like this.

    A world-respected film festival (the biggest in Australia) having a film banned is just disgraceful no matter what your opinions are about the filmmaker or the movie itself. And for “breached local taste standards” of all things. Who are they to say what our taste standards are?

    I had no desire whatsoever to see “LA Zombie”, but this is disgusting.

  5. Fenrox says

    1) Bruce La Bruce is a talentless dude, I’m sure he is nice (He isn’t) but as a director and writer he is AWFUL. I keep waiting for him to get better but he fails every time.

    2) L.A. Zombie is unwatchable, It is SO BAD. Slow, confusing, boring, lack of plot focus. His ideas are OK (Hustler White could have been an amazing movie) but somehow he just fucks it up, maybe he hires terrible actors too, dunno as they rarely make any impression.

    3) Censorship is bad, Way to go Australia, you stopped all 10 people willing to pay for this! Still available on the internet though….

  6. TANK says

    this is a clear unjustifiable infringement on liberty…as is most censorship. As such it should be condemned. But…I don’t care for bruce labruce at all. “Transgressive” for the sake of it isn’t innovative or interesting. This is just giving him underserved attention, and free publicity.

  7. homoDM says

    Didn’t LaBruce also do “Otto; or, Up With Dead People”? How many gay zombie movies can one man make?

    P.S. I actually liked “Otto.”

  8. db says

    Wait, was this really “banned” or did they choose not to show it. I’m not especially a fan of Bruce LaBruce’s films. I find them to be unpleasant porn and not much more.

  9. g_whiz says

    If it makes anyone feel any better about censorship (and it probably shouldnt) a pretty succesful video game compamy by the name of Valve had to heavy edit all the gore out of their zombie game series Left 4 Dead to get past Australia’s extremley conservative standards. I get the impression they’re just very zombiphobic in Australia…

  10. says

    DB, film festivals are given an exemption from film classifications on the basis that all films are only allowed to be viewed by people over the age of 18 (unless they’re kids films in which case they can be rated, etc) but the film was “refused classification”, which means that it’s had its exemption revoked.

  11. Kyle says

    I love Bruce La Bruce. He’s very punk rock. You just have to understand that, then his movies make a LOT of sense! His movies are FUN. I LOVED Hustler White. It was funny and fun and sent you on a journey…what more can you ask for in a movie?

    The previews to this movie looked fun, too. Very punk rock, very in your face. A fun trip. I like the mix in his movies. He is a true artist.

  12. Ali says

    As an Aussie, I can state that the stupid censorship of my country is really not an issue because we just buy the international versions of everything online. Everything is so ridiculously expensive here, that it’s usually cheaper to buy that way anyway. Go figure. It won’t make a difference. The 10 people who would have paid to see it, will see it anyway.

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