1. jexer says

    Wow, they didn’t stay long.. I was in and out of the convention center several times yesterday and never saw them!

    I was hoping to get a pic of them fleeing in terror from by a bunch of hug-happy fur-suited characters. Sigh. Maybe next time. =)

  2. says

    Dear Counterprotesters:

    On behalf of all the sane, Phelps-loathing people of Kansas (who, yes, are many), thank you so very much for making this gang of repulsive idiots look just like what they are.

    Y’all rock!

  3. Mikey B. says

    Perhaps ironically, I think Fred Phelps has done more to bring equality to mainstream thought than all the gay pride parades put together.

  4. Flutterby says

    Someone needs to take Katy Perry’s annoyingly offensive “California Gurls” song, rewrite it to celebrate California nerds, and create a video with clips from this counter-protest!


  5. says

    On the first video, at 26 seconds, you can see the flag-sarong butterfly-sign woman from the other protests. Is it always just the same people at each protest? Are these people actually interested in supporting the WBC, or are they just getting a free roadtrip out of the deal?

  6. rickster says

    “the cylons destroyed the 12 colonies for your sins”–priceless, and i don’t even like battlestar galactica.

    why would god need a star ship?

  7. FrancoisTrueFaxu says

    I saw WBC there on Thursday and Friday, and the counter-protesters really made me smile. I genuinely felt proud in the face of the Phelps-clan.

    On a side note, did anyone else notice the number of super cute nerds this year? It was overwhelming.

  8. Mindrew says

    Fan-ish folks are some of the most accepting people around. Remember, most of them consider themselves as outcasts from ‘normal’ society. I’ve been part of both communities (LGBT & fandom) for most of my adult life, and came out as a ‘fan-girl’ first.. only to find so many folks there just like me.. in almost every way.

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