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Sadmac Hi, folks. Posting will likely be slower today due to unforeseen computer issues. My iMac crashed this morning — grey screen of death (commanding me "you must restart your computer") — and I've tried every troubleshooting solution I could find online, so bringing it in for repair later. This means I'm workin' on old granny. And she's more than slow. So, you will see more posts today – I just can't say how many, or when they'll show up.


  1. Darren says

    Heh, that sounds exactly like my grandma. You don’t know when she’ll show up, you just know that she will. ;D Hope it all works out okay with the sick box.

  2. sparks says

    Unless you’re creating graphics/media professionally or hate Bill Gates, there is just no good reason to use a Mac. 😛

    Hope you get the creature up and running though!

  3. Tom says

    Sorry to hear that. Maybe when you’re back up and running you’ll be able to eliminate the horrible drop-down advertisements that are going to drive us all away.

  4. hugo says

    Andy – you are a lying liar who lies!! A MAC NEVER CRASHES!! STEVE JOBS TOLD ME SO!! You’re just having fun out in the Pines and only too willingly abandon us for the boys on the beach!!

  5. says

    I was thinking once I get an iPad if it satisfied my portable needs, my next main Mac may be a 27″ iMac and it’ll be a combo computer and DVD player/monitor. I basically use my TV for DVDs and watch TV online (Hulu).

  6. says

    Seriously? Every Apple fanboy that I know swears Macs never go down and there was no such thing as the “blue screen of death” or in your case “grey.”

    I guess Steve Jobs really is full of shit like I thought all along.

    Good luck with that 😉

  7. Daya says

    Andy — THANK YOU! Thank you so much for the hard work you do everyday. You inform and entertain. It is obvious that you enjoy what you do; but it still takes a commitment to do it well everyday. This small hiatus for us and inconvenience for you is our of your control. I still want to say thank you. Enjoy the weekend.


  8. johnny says

    I’ve yet to see that ugly death face… (knocking on wood now so it doesn’t happen) but I hear they can make you break out into a cold sweat and have heart palpitations when they appear.

    Hope it all works out for you, as a fellow mac user, I know how it can feel when ol’ reliable is your only back-up.

    And yes, thank you for your hard work and keeping us informed and entertained… I don’t know what I’d do without Towleroad in my morning!

  9. Tilion says

    Your dedication to us, your readers is amazing! I’ll second what Daya said earlier, it’s clear that you love what you do, and I’d like to add: In doing so, you’ve helped me become a better-informed, more self-aware, pro-active gay man. In short, I’m a better person for reading your blog.

    Thank you for everything, Andy!


  10. Reggie says

    Sorry to hear about your baby. Thanks for the heads up. But you know what Jobs will say… If you get the grey screen of death when you use your Mac, then DON’T use it that way. See his response to the new iPhone antenna problem.

  11. stevo says

    I can’t believe there are 20 comments just about him having computer problems…and I can’t believe I just read them. What did I use to do with my time before the internet??

  12. Greenthumb55 says

    Oh my God people they’re COMPUTERS! They BREAK! Even MACS! I knew when I was reading this that as soon as he said Mac, it would start a Mac vs. PC debate.

    The bottom line is Macs are expensive and can’t be pimped out or customized like PC’s can, BUT…they are built better, have better, more streamlined software, and an infinitely better warranty than ANY pc manufacturer. YOU. GET. WHAT. YOU. PAY. FOR. And no viruses or spyware. Had the same Macbook Pro for 3 years, no protection software, visited every kind of website and opened every kind of file there is to open – no problem.

    Unless you’re a gamer or an uber-geek who has to take apart everything, then there is NOTHING that a Mac can’t do for you that a PC can. Pay more, and get a better quality product. This isn’t a new concept! Macs are BMW’s and PC’s are Ford Focus’.

  13. Greenthumb55 says

    BTW if Andy was dealing with a PC under warranty he’d have to call tech support, be put on hold for an hour, talk to some non-English speaking agent in a 3rd world country, wait 2 weeks for said company to send him the proper box to ship it in, receive the wrong box, send that back, wait 2 more weeks, receive the right one finally, ship it back with the unit inside, and wait 12 to 14 weeks for it to come back fixed.

    With a Mac he just has to take it to a Genius bar or Apple dealer and probably get it back within a week at the latest. :)

  14. neverstops says

    in 100 years we’ll all be dead & no one will give a bloody fuck if you were using a mac or pc, or what droid or i-gadget you were holding in your hand

    it’s a damn computer, not a social movement

    intel is laughing at everyone on its way to the bank

    funny to watch people get so butthurt & warlike when any discussion of mac/pc comes up

  15. mike/ says

    Mac Naysayers: look how much work Andy has done on his iMac! it is up and running constantly and he’s reporting for the first time, as far as i can remember, that he’s having a problem.

    how many times would you all have taken/sent your Window’s machines in for fixing or rebooted over and over and over and over?

  16. Paul R says

    I have to use a PC because all my clients demand it (yes I know there are equivalent Office programs, etc., on Mac, but my clients are paranoid). Anyway, I have a warranty where I call, wait zero time, tell them what’s wrong (usually something I did, like spilling water all over the laptop), and they come fix it at my place within 12-24 hours at no cost. Had the same warranty on my previous laptop; runs 4 years and cost $100.

    I would love to have a Mac, but it’s ridiculous to act like Macs are flawless and PCs are all pieces of crap. I couldn’t be happier with my high-end ThinkPad. The guy came so often to fix my previous laptop (at least six times a year) that we called each other by name. Luckily I’ve become less of a spazz.

  17. TomJ says

    This is quite a coincidence! For two reasons:

    1. I just got my Mac back from the shop after having a similar issue: grey screen/apple – not booting. It only took 1 day for the tech to reinstall the system (10.4.11) and it’s better than ever now.

    2. I echo Tom’s comment above, and reiterate my own complaint I made about these animated ads, video ads, dropdown ads that have made your great blog almost unbearably slow on anything but the latest computers.

    Andy, I love your work, but now that you’re experiencing the slowdown on your older machine due to all that animotion that we’ve been experiencing, all I can say is, welcome to my world.

  18. michael says

    wow dude you can get utilities that pretty much takes care of all that in the background while you are not on your computer! i use mine for transcription work and it never dies on me. 😛 i’ve used macs for over 20 years now and never once had one crash!

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