Photo: First Confirmed Image of a Planet Outside Our Solar System

Alien_planet writes:

"A planet outside of our solar system, said to be the first ever directly photographed by telescopes on Earth, has been officially confirmed to be orbiting a sun-like star, according to follow-up observations.

The alien planet is eight times the mass of Jupiter and orbits at an unusually great distance from its host star — more than 300 times farther from the star than our Earth is from the sun.

Astronomers first discovered the planet in 2008 using visible light observations from telescopes on Earth, making it the first direct photo of an extrasolar world. But at the time there was still the remote chance that it only looked like it was orbiting the star, from the perspective of Earth, due to a lucky alignment of object, star and observer…The host star, which has an estimated mass of about 85 percent that of our sun, is located approximately 500 light-years away in a group of young stars called the Upper Scorpius Association that formed about 5 million years ago."

Billions and billions…


  1. Rooney says

    If it’s bigger than Jupiter it must be a gas giant,which means we can’t live there.
    Gas giants usually have erratic weather,temperatures and toxic atmospheres. There are tons of other planets out there but Earth is still the only one humans can live on.

  2. Drew says

    I love the sexy astronomy stuff and it’s just amazing how goddamn big and inhabited the Universe is by ‘stuff’. Teach me, Towleroad, teach me!

  3. Matteo says

    It’s only a matter of time before we find Earthlike planets elsewhere. Who knows, maybe one of its moons has a breathable atmosphere and water?

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