1. TANK says

    Awful doesn’t cut it. This is fuckin’ bigotry.

    Next a comic showing how to eat a donut without choking to death, please. Apparently it’s the number one cause of death amongst american soldiers…who are, given this and the survey, apparently considered some of the dumbest people alive by the government they fight for.

  2. trey says

    hmm… it’s interesting how the highest superior in the comic is a black female. and, the first guy was discharged due to claims of a “credible source” (one nosy guy coming and tattling.)

  3. ty says

    This is horrible. It would be interesting to research the artist who created this. What was going through their head? Were they in agreement with the content? Do they realize that straight people can engage in “homosexual acts??”

  4. Glenn says

    It’s awful, but terribly enlightening, and everyone should read it. Notice that initially the comic talks about how the army doesn’t care about what people are, just what they do. But the 2d discharge scenario involves no “conduct” of any kind, just one soldier who decides to reveal his orientation. Out you go! That’s because the fucked-up DADT policy defines simply being gay as having a “propensity” to conduct. So orientation is automatically conduct! So fucked up. Jesus.

  5. Michael @ says

    It is a bittersweet irony that the guide assigns the name of “Gates” to the soldier presumed to be gay given Robert Gates [tho he wasn’t SECDEF when this came out] has been, empowered by Obama, the biggest obstacle to discharges ending and the creator of the $4.4 million Frankenstein “survey” meant to find excuses to perpetuate the ban.

  6. Billy says

    What is the definition of “homosexual act”? Do you have to have physical contact? Is a circle jerk a homosexual act? The potential for hair splitting is pretty great unless we have a concrete definition of homosexual act.
    I didn’t see one in the comic, but I only skimmed it.

    So imagine the psychological challenges to the mainstream north Florida white male recruit who would read this: Women and blacks in authority-homosexuals treated with dignity and respect (before and while being kicked out)….it would be too much for me.

    At least I can take comfort in knowing that we have defeated the communist menace. I remember in my Roman Catholic grade school there was a comic that had menacing armed communists (hammer and sickle on uniform) looking in a window of a school with a nun INNOCENTLY conducting class with a bunch of INNOCENT small children. That’s how they took over a country.

  7. Tom says

    This is sick and sent a chill up my spine. It’s like reading an SS KZ field manual. Homosexuals are treated like subhumans, like interesting little policy notes not worth a drip of compassion. FUCK DADT AND FUCK THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT.

  8. Clinton says

    This is further proof of the amount of time DADT has wasted- for each sample discharge, how much time was spent calling around and talking about it?

  9. says

    This is truly disturbing- it’s titled “Dignity and Respect” and yet Gay Soldiers, by the comic’s own admission, are treated with everything BUT. DADT is a Witch-hunt, plain and simple.

    btw- “Make sure nobody gives him a hard time”. Yeah, right….

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