Robbie Williams Rejoins British Boy Band ‘Take That’


British boy band Take That (above, in 1996) confirmed today that Robbie Williams is back in their midst:

"Williams has returned to the fold 15 years after he stunned the pop world by leaving the chart-topping, boy band.
A statement from the band says: ‘The rumours are true… Take That: the original line-up, have written and recorded a new album for release later this year.
The band – now the original line-up once more of Williams, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen – confirmed they have been recording a new album as a five-piece.
The record, which is as yet untitled, will be released in November of this year. The band will then, most likely, tour next year.
It marks the first time the original band have recorded a full album together since the release of their chart-topping album Nobody Else 15 years ago.
Last night, Williams, 36, said: ‘I get embarrassingly excited when the five of us are in a room. It feels like coming home.’"

And Williams and Gary Barlow are also making some sort of 'Brokeback Mountain' parody clip.


  1. A.J. says

    Are you sure that picture is from 1996? Robbie left the band in 1995. Plus, there’s NO way he’s 22 in that picture….maybe 18 or 19

  2. Gareth says

    Ahhhhhhh how I remember the good ole days when Robbie was doing well when he’d take the p*** of take that and mock them, he particulary had it in for Gary Barlow (the real brains behind the group) hmmmmmmm times must be tough for Robbie now!! if I was Take that i’d tell him to take a run and jump……

  3. Glenn says

    I’m glad they’re getting back together. I heard the rumor about 2 years ago (or was it during the album Patience?) but Gary and the others supposedly said no to Robbie since they were still scared that Robbie was still on drugs then.