R-Pants: Robert Pattinson Inspires Low-Rise Men’s Underwear


Note: Above image is not an actual photo of said briefs.

They're called R-Pants.

"Robert Pattinson, or R Patz as the star of The Twilight Saga is known by fans, has been named as the inspiration behind Marks and Spencer's new slim-fit underwear…Dubbed the R-Pant, the low-rise briefs and trunks are designed to be worn under skinny jeans and trousers, a look popularised by the likes of Russell Brand and Mark Ronson, two celebrities the chain cites as design influences. The R-Pant launch is a thinly-veiled marketing strategy designed to appeal to a younger audience and to sex-up its underwear range. 'Over the last three years we've seen an increase in the popularity of hipsters,' says Richard Beale, head of merchandising. 'The new range is designed to appeal to a younger, fashion-savvy customer.' 

The new line hopes to buck the trend started by Marky Mark so many years ago:

"Olie Arnold, style director of Men's Health, believes there is a market for lower-rise pants. 'I hate seeing the waistbands of men's pants poking out of the top of their jeans,' he said. He questioned whether M&S was the right target market. 'Do M&S really even sell skinny jeans? Maybe lots of women will buy them for their husbands and boyfriends, though.'"

The briefs will be available in September.