Towleroad Guide to the Tube #694

WONDER CAMERA: Photography from the future.

FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL: Sex education will turn kids gay.

DADT: The Ed Show talks to Lawrence Korb about the Pentagon survey.

SHARRON ANGLE: The Right's latest nut shows what she's made of.

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  1. Paul R says

    The far-reaching implications of the new camera technology involve law enforcement and government oversight of personal lives more generally. If you can see detail at massive distance, it gives you enormous, Big Brother power.

    As for sex ed, no 10 years old is not too young. Have you met a 10 year old recently? My nephews and nieces veer around that age and know a LOT. Because of our culture (and most others), kids are sexualized (in several meanings of the word) at a very early age. Might as well clarify the issues, though I think kindergarten is premature.

  2. Piper says

    Wow…just when I thought there was no one more clueless than Sarah Palin now there’s Sharron Angle. We need to bring back the “Laugh-in” wall and stick them behind it.

  3. JH says

    I got sex ed starting in 5th grade, at age 10. When kids start going through puberty, they need to be aware of the biological changes that are happening to them. In my school it was focused completely on learning about the structures of our bodies and what the various terms for intercourse meant. They didn’t instruct us on how to go down on someone, but they did teach us the consequences of sex (ie someone can get pregnant from vaginal intercourse, not fellatio). Also, in my school, if your parents didn’t want you to learn about it in school, they didn’t sign the permission slip.

    As is explained in the clip, the “sex” education that’s being taught to kids in Kindergarten and First Grade is not about sexual activity. It’s about “Some of us are boys, some of us are girls. Some of us come from families with one parent, or two parents, or many parents. Some families have two mommies, some families have a mommy and a daddy, some families have step-parents.”

  4. Joel V says

    @JH, Agreed. I was learning that as well. I think the FRC spokesperson said it all: “I want to shelter my kids..” By the time you’re in kindergarten or first grade, kids already know when a boy or a girl is a little “different” than the others per the bullying problem. To say teaching them about gay people and families will plant ideas in their head ie: make them gay, is ridiculous. Much like creationists, these hacks need to be called out for what they are.

  5. says

    The City Center project is so massively important here in Las Vegas that no one who doesn’t live here can possibly understand how vital Harry Reids’ efforts were for this valley. Thousands upon thousands of people go to work there everyday. With Angle, not only would these people not have jobs, they also wouldn’t have unemployment benefits. I just don’t get her.

  6. stephen says

    What are people so afraid of related to sex?!

    Young people need to understand without shame that sexuality is part of the human existence. These people seem completely determined that no one else gets to have a point of view.

    The world is wacky and unpredictable- then kids learned about sexuality- and the world was still wacky and unpredictable.

    Get over it, already.

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