1. Luke says

    This is so sad. These “theme parks” that feature captive dolphins, killer whales, etc. are so antiquated. I feel sad for the animal trying to escape. They’re way more exciting to see out on the open water (except when that water is the Gulf of Mexico right now).

  2. chris says

    Lucky they didnt saw his fin off and pass it around as a snack.

    If you can’t contain the animal in your way too low walled “zoo” — you have no F’in business selling day passes so that others can watch him..die.

  3. peterparker says

    I found it fascinating the way all the other dolphins crowded around the glass wall to see what was going on. Clearly, they were concerned about their fellow prisoner. How I wish all these animal theme parks would disappear…including zoos!

  4. says

    Poor creature. Glad it wasn’t seriously hurt. And yes, I agree with other commentators that theme parks like this in which animals “perform” for human amusement need to be phased out.

    btw- true Killer Whales/Orcas are also technically dolphins, not whales…

  5. RGB says

    @ everybody

    Animal themed amusement parks are not as bad as everybody here makes them out to be. They get fed the freshest foods, they are not forced to perform and in fact get as much time off as they please when they don’t want to be cooperative. The performances they put on equate to an afternoon of playing with your dog and there is absolutely NOTHING cruel about it. ALL of the whales in American theme parks are now bred in captivity and have no recollection of what it means to live in the wild. Releasing them would kill them as surely as it would putting them in front of a japanese whaling boat. Also, dolphins are whales just like terriers are dogs and not the other way around.

  6. says

    @RGB They get off as much time as they please? That is laughable. Animals should have “off” all the time, it is not their responsibility to entertain wide eyed tourist.

    Then again maybe he was just saying, so long and thanks for all the fish.

  7. Beef and Fur says


    So you are running around advocating against the theme parks? Or are you just sitting on your ass spewing vitriol at someone you don’t agree with. Pathetic is as pathetic does.

  8. RGB says

    All that I am saying is that there is a lot going on here that clearly a lot of people do not understand. You can’t force a killer whale to do anything it doesn’t want to do. It’s the number one apex predator known to man. So I stand by my statement that the whales get to decide when they want to perform because there is really no way in hell to force a killer whale to do anything it doesn’t want to do already.

  9. says

    @RGB: I bet you would have said the same things about slaves. “They sure had it better than when they were in Africa….”

    I was fascinated that the other captives crowded around looking concerned. I have never been an “animals are people too” type until I saw that part of the video. Very interesting.

  10. RGB says

    The fact of the matter is that these places serve a very important purpose. Not only do places like SeaWorld use their revenues to fund wild animal rescue and rehabilitation centers, but they also provide an environment for the masses to understand the importance of ocean ecology and the wonder of a world that most people are severely detached and largely ignorant of.

    I see these places and I know that because of them, ocean wildlife is safer. I care about the ocean and the wildlife that lives there and I am pretty sure I know more about this stuff than any of the people who’ve insulted me for my beliefs. They do so much more than put on shows for people’s entertainment. Even now people are learning more everyday about these animals in theme parks that will one day benefit all the wildlife living out in the ocean. It’s really sad that all the good places like these do is lost on people who really do not take the time to truly understand what they are all about.

  11. RGB says

    @ christine
    That is so untrue and so far off base that I can’t even begin to explain how wrong you are! That’s the most disgusting lie ever perpetuated by people like you and I am now completely over this because there’s no arguing with somebody as close minded and ignorant as yourself.

  12. Jono says

    @RGB: I’m right there with you. Everything you have said is correct and I’m glad someone did. It is very easy to have a negative point of view when watching this video or hearing news of a trainer getting injured or killed. But in reality these places and aquariums and zoos massively aid wildlife in their natural habitats. And there are many species that still exist in the world just because of these places.

  13. Tony says

    As a lover of wildlife I initially felt very against aquariums, zoos and the like. But when I learnt more about them I slowly came around to the views that RBG holds. Yes, there are places that certainly are cruel due to mismanagement etc. and I am totally against circus animal performances and such. (And how many gay men keep their big, designer dogs in tiny condos?)However, many aquariams, wildlife parks and zoos promote conservation, provide education and create a love of animals among people who might never be exposed to them. We also need to be careful about projecting human motives into animals (anthropomorphizing). Who knows why this false killer whale did what it did? How can we infer that it’s an ‘escape attempt’. Yes, it’s distressing to watch but the issue is so much more complex.

  14. Sargon Bighorn says

    As humans collectively “we” have made a choice about how the other beings on this planet will live. And it’s not always “free” outside in the wild. A Zoo might be the only place some animals remain alive. Being “free” for some animals means being hunted and eaten in the wild until they are no more.

    Because most people refuse to change their life style, the planet suffers. These “theme parks” are indeed silly and purely for the entertainment of humans and NOT for the survival of aquatic beings. But since humans as a collective entity are destroying the home of these aquatic animals a choice must be made. And guess what choice is being made? Yup you put 2+2 together and got 4. Zoos and theme parks. If you want it any differently HUMANS will have to make the changes. Period end of story.

  15. Maria says

    This is the best video? The guy totally misses the whale jumping out, and then pans back just in time to get the back of a woman’s head. THEN he focuses on the backs of other people. Lousy camera skills.

    I feel bad for the whale.

  16. TANK says

    If you have no objection to animals as intelligent as dolphins and killer whales being housed in zoos, then you shouldn’t have any problem with humans being housed in zoos, either. or eating meat…cannibalism…I know I don’t.

  17. Drew says

    Now THAT’S a poorly designed tank when the animal can just leap over a what, 4″ wide wall? They should have a concrete ‘beach’ that measures at least 5′ all around the perimeter just for this reason.

  18. scientitian says

    If people really want to preserve cetacean species in safe, captive areas, there are better ways (like netted-off inlets that at least resemble natural habitat). Holding an animal that migrates thousands and thousands of miles on an annual basis in a small aquarium (not to mention the whole performance thing) is a bit over-the-top. There are better ways to “raise awareness.”

  19. gwyneth cornrow says

    Christine is right. Where do you draw the line? I mean, first they have zoos and aquariums for dolphins and the next thing you know there will be aquariums for the gays. They will wipe out their natural habitats like Chelsea and West Hollywood and crowd them into little fish tanks to perform for straight tourists. I do think it’s cute, though, how the other little fish gathered around to watch. Kind of like gays do at their clubs when other gays go into the K-hole.

  20. Em says

    I’ve been to this aquarium, and honestly watching the show, the animals seem really happy. Also that tank wall isn’t that much taller than the ones they have at Sea World. Also, I realize everyone thinks that all Japanese people are dolphin and whale slaughters who eat it, but as a Japanese person growing up in Japan, I’ve only encountered whale meat once in my life and it was at a restaurant, and never dolphin. No one eats it on the regular. I just hate the mistaken view the whole world has about Japan on so many aspects.

  21. Em says

    Oh and just to clarify, this is part of the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, which is home to the second largest aquarium in the world. It’s beautiful, you learn a lot, and they also have a large population of sea turtles which you can find natively in Okinawa but as many know, are becoming an endangered species.

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