1. notshychirev says

    Let’s not forget Kate Shindle, 1998 Miss America whose platform was HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention and she was VERY pro-gay in all of her appearances and positions, much to the chagrin of many in the pageant world at the time.

  2. Thomasina says

    Not to downplay the bravery and impact of Kate Shindle (or, for that matter, the current Miss America, Caressa Cameron, whose platform is also AIDS education []), but as AIDS activists themselves have said for years, AIDS is not (just) a gay issue. I am no expert, but I have never heard of another Miss America contestant who made gay rights, specifically, her platform in the way that Buffie has. I would also say that her pioneering would matter a little more if the Miss America pageant itself wasn’t so incredibly irrelevant today–I mean, last year’s was held in a Hard Rock Cafe, for pete’s sake.

  3. TampaZeke says

    Wow, for the first time in my life I might actually give a flying sh*t about the outcome of a beauty pageant!

    Go CLAIRE!

    Even if I don’t think she was the prettiest person on the set. Thomas Roberts is just toooo purdy!

  4. crispy says

    I had no idea Thomas Roberts was still working. I thought he retired to Florida local news after those photos surfaced of him cruising for cock. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  5. Kyle says

    She is SMART and ARTICULATE !!!
    But can a Gay hairsylist ,please give her a makeover with Hair and Makeup so that she can definitely take the Miss America crown in January.

  6. David says

    There’s some irony that MSNBC had “gay couples” in the caption, even as she was talking about childhood bullying about sexual identity leading to suicide.

  7. Strepsi says

    @ KYLE: NOoooooooo! I’ve seen what “Gay stylist” ken Paves has done to Britney and Jessica with their ratty weaves of blonde hair.

    What I love about this girl’s look is that she has a current, modern hairdo, she is a beautiful girl who looks like your BFF, not some plasticized orange-skinned Barbie clone (although, California and Vegas, DO like their Barbie clones sad to say).

    What I love even more is her message! GO CLAIRE.

    And what i also love is that Roberts is the ONLY anchor I have seen who does not package it as “Gay Rights” (this far-right-wing meme that we are asking for special rights) — he called it “EQUALITY for gay and lesbian people”


  8. BreckRoy says

    @Thomasina, I’ll take your point (that the pageant isn’t as relevant today as it once was) but I’m pretty sure it was held at the Hard Rock Resort and Casino complex in Las Vegas, not a Hard Rock Cafe, lol. The Hard Rock Resort hosts full concerts and shows like all the other major strip/just-off-strip complexes, and is apparently very, very broadcast/recording/video friendly in terms of design, support for crews/equipment, etc. Several recent awards shows have been held there as well.

  9. michael says

    I think she might want to further clarify her position by stating that she thinks Thomas Roberts should be marrying ME. (sigh)

  10. Paulie says

    Thomas Roberts is back after the whole Manhunt ad/firing from the “The Insider” TV show debacle!

    He placed headless cock and ass shots on a Manhunt profile and got publicly busted by one of his tricks.

    He FORGOT to mention it to his live-in long time partner, who was the last to know he was such a manwhore. Then he got fired from his job and went under the RADAR. PATHETIC!

  11. yeahisaidit says

    I just had a peek at those “headless” shots, and if those pics are of him, baby, Thomas can do whatever he wants honey, WOOF..!