Calvin Klein Talks to Marc Jacobs About Why He’s Always Naked


Calvin Klein interviews Marc Jacobs in the new issue of Harper's Bazaar. He asks Jacobs about his propensity for not wearing clothes.

Jacobs explains:

"I had 21 percent body fat four years ago. I was in and out of the hospital because I had flare-ups of ulcerative colitis. I’d be in the office for 16 hours a day, six of which were in the bathroom because I was so ill. I ate nothing but junk food. Basically, the doctor said, 'We’re going to have to remove your colon.' And I said, “I’m not doing that!”

So I went to a nutritionist named Lindsey Duncan, and he said, “If you are 100 percent compliant with what I tell you to do, you will be in better shape than you’ve ever been in, and you will not have to have your colon removed.” I said, 'Okay, sign me up.' He said no caffeine, no sugar, no white flour, no dairy from a cow, take açaí every morning, goji, noni, mangosteen, et cetera, omega-3, wheatgrass shots with ginger. The list is endless…  

…He said, 'You gotta laugh every day, you gotta rest every day, and you have to perspire every day, which means you have to go to the gym.' I hadn’t stepped foot in a gym. Well, I hadn’t walked a block in 20 years. So I started, and like everything — I say this, and I hope it’s not misinterpreted, but I like what makes me feel better. That probably doesn’t come as a shock.

When I started to feel better, and when my stomach wasn’t hurting, and when I wasn’t on the toilet all day, and when I could look at myself in the mirror, and when I went from 21 percent body fat to 5 percent body fat and I had muscle, I was like, This is great!

When guys started looking at me and asking me out on dates, I felt way better about myself. So it was hard to keep my clothes on, actually."


  1. Allan says

    I like Marc. He sounds like a spiritual and healthy person. And I liked him more when he said, “I’m not Tom Ford in terms of the grooming and the knowledge of clothes and the precision and perfection of getting dressed.”

  2. MT says

    Dude was a heifer and he whipped himself into amazing shape. There’s no reason in the world he shouldn’t be proud of his body and show it off. He worked hard for it.

  3. GGREEN says

    The best don’t have to advertise. The guys that get ALL the attention at my gym are the ones that shower at home, don’t wear slutty work out clothes and don’t stink. And the tattoos, just a mark that a product is past its “sell by” date.

  4. alex dilucca says

    It’s great he feels good about himself, especially with the colon thing, but I do find it depressing that someone as accomplished and celebrated as Marc Jacobs would still need the approval of guys looking at him on the street to feel good about himself. And not only that, he achieves this by making himself look much more anonymous, looking pretty much like a 21st century clone. What does that say about us? And how we interact with each other, even on an unconscious level?

  5. critifur says

    Y’all are vicious! I don’t like tattoos all that much, but he worked hard and got himself in shape, that is worth praise.

    I need to eat more healthfully, but I don’t know how anyone can live with that restrictive diet, it would make me crazy.

  6. Skooter McGoo says

    @GGREEN I find offense in your comment about tattoos. You may not personally like them but to stereo type that way is just wrong on many levels. First of all, I don’t have a “sell by” date, what ever that even means I’m not sure. Second, tattoos haven’t just become popular, they have been around awhile. Some of use have them as an expression of our own self awareness not for others consideration at all. I say if he worked at his own self understanding of improvement give the man his expression.

  7. DB says

    @Alex: You find it depressing because you’re depressed. Marc Jacobs was celebrated and accomplished in his career, but he wasn’t taking care of himself, and he was destroying his health — and in turn his sex appeal. Now guys look at him AND — did you read the rest of his sentence? — ask him out on dates. Why should he not feel good about that?

    And the idea that losing weight, gaining muscle and getting less schlubby has made him more “anonymous” (I think you mean generic) doesn’t match up with reality. Jacobs was behaving much more like a typical American when he was eating crap and not working out.

  8. excy says

    I am sure it is really, really hard to be 100 % compliant with those directions. I am sure Lindsey Duncan does not exactly promote/recommend smoking tobacco.

    Life is full of contradictions but we can all agree that Mr. Jacobs has made some positive changes in his life and those changes affected his overall health and well-being.

    Good on him, I say. This is a positive message and an inspiration.

  9. Ugh says

    While he clearly dropped a lot of weight fast (and by all accounts, his description of his activities and habits before the weight loss is true), I think it’s laughable to think he got down to 5% body fat at his age just taking wheatgrass shots, after he was a fatty-bo-batty for decades. It don’t work like that.

    And while I agree he looks much better now (and am annoyed at people who think anyone who loses weight or wants to be thin/attractive is ‘selling out’ or ‘being anonymous’) it IS quite vain and annoying that now he thinks he’s the first man on Earth with abs and pec implants and needs to show them off at every opportunity. There’s a difference between enjoying your own body and looking desperately insecure. Guess which one Marc is. Besides, have you ever talked to one of those guys at the gay bar, standing by the bar shirtless and showing off his crazy gym bod? Yeah, they are 99.99% retarded, shallow, and cruisy. Talk to the gym bod with a shirt on. Personality improves exponentially, because they actually have something besides just a body to contribute.

    Oh, I also have to laugh that someone called him healthy and spiritual, haha. If fucking rent boys, getting ‘ironic’ Spam tats and divorcing your husband a month after you marry him is ‘spiritual,’ well…

  10. Dave says

    Congratulations on your hard work and achievement, Mark. Put your clothes back on and be satisfied with the knowledge that you have accomplished something difficult. That kind of self-awareness and self-confidence is what’s really going to make you attractive.

    Plus — as I remind myself constantly — no matter how hard you work on your body, there’s always someone younger, prettier and in better shape than you. Probably right there on the next bench at the gym. So don’t get too caught up in your own fabulousness.

  11. David B. 2 says

    hey boys — age comes for everybody — go police yourselves!

    That said, gee I really question the business savvy of a clothing desginer always being naked– wouldn’t he want to wrap himself in his marvelous designs and parade that newly gorgeous body everywhere?

    Too much nudity in ads == but that is just attention getting — but in real life?

  12. Bill says

    Marc looks great but he’s not at 5% body fat. I’ve been at 7% body fat for a long time so I know what 7% body fat looks like and how easy it is to maintain it on a daily basis. Marc is probably between 7-9% body fat.

    Dave, don’t do anything because someone will be better than you. That is a really negative attitude.

  13. says

    Here’s the thing. I absolutely refuse to hate on anyone who whips themselves into shape. Especially those people that spent the majority of their lives not in the best of health and definitely not in shape. And flashing that body you’ve worked so hard at attaining every once in a while, again I can’t hate on that either.


    Quiet confidence REALLY turns me on. The kind of confidence that doesn’t need to draw attention to itself. It just is. It goes deeper than skin and goes deeper than body shape. It just is. It doesn’t put on airs or act “macho”. It just is. It isn’t arrogant or rude and it doesn’t expect things handed to it on a silver platter because it has the most smoking hot body in the room. Quiet confidence just is. And it gets me rock hard every time.

    And by the way, to all the people out there that think a daily diet of cocaine and cigarettes will turn you from an overweight schlub into someone that looks like Marc Jacobs, I have news for you. It aint that simple. If it was, every overweight “fatty boom batty” on the planet would do it.

  14. TANK says

    Does quiet confidence really turn you on, stephen? Thank you for that information. I don’t think I could complete my day without knowing that. I feel enriched, like uranium.

  15. anon says

    The actual conversation went more like this:

    Marc: Say, Doc, will smoking help me lose weight?

    Doc: Ahh, yes, but…

    Marc: Bingo!

    Acai and Noni are somewhat toxic and therefore act like a laxative, so take them with caution (and they taste bad too).

  16. elg says

    “Dude looks sketchy! Tats are gross, and he’s old. Once you’re fifty, who cares?”

    Back in the day, gay guys used to say that about turning thirty.

  17. Ugh says

    Stephen said:

    “And by the way, to all the people out there that think a daily diet of cocaine and cigarettes will turn you from an overweight schlub into someone that looks like Marc Jacobs, I have news for you. It aint that simple. If it was, every overweight “fatty boom batty” on the planet would do it.”

    No, true, but they will curb your appetite. A healthy diet of meth will also melt the fat away. I have known people who have lost significant amounts of fat doing all of the above. None of those will give you muscles, and I have no doubt that he DOES work out, but I find it highly unlikely he lost all of that body fat ‘naturally.’ Not impossible, but unlikely. And given the fact that he has obvious pec implants and a very public substance abuse history, I don’t think it’s an unrealistic suspicion. I’m not saying I don’t think he looks good, I just don’t think he did it the way he said he did. Like Star Jones’ bullshit about how she didn’t have gastric bypass…until she admitted she did. We’re not fucking stupid, and Marc isn’t sitting around chiseling his midsection drinking wheatgrass protein shakes and doing a few ab exercises. Not after a lifetime of excess and sloth. 99.99% guaranteed.

  18. Sean says

    Wow, I finally realize that the majority of discrimination we face as a group does not come from outside our community but from within. With such divisiveness, we’ll never see full equality. Very sad.

  19. TANK says

    Go to hell, elg! They still say that…well, it’s a long fall to the bottom, but a quick ride. I’ll be getting the most of it by drinking strawberry milkshakes and smoking in the parking lot of my gym instead of going inside.

  20. Name2 says

    “All that wealth, all that talent, and still vain, obsessive, insecure, and lusting for approval from men.

    Kind of sad, actually.”
    I agree! That’s why I dropped the wealth and talent! (Drrrump.. Chish!) Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

    Re: guys who don’t shower at the gym — first of all, that behavior just screams mental case to me unless they live in the same building. Second of all, it also usually means that this jerkwad is walking the gym floor in shoes he wore out on the street. ACK! GAG! Gross! Far more disgusting than seeing Marc Jacobs naked.

  21. asdf says

    Honestly, anyone who praises the movie Arthur has no room to talk about being old! I mean, seriously, when did that movie come out, the sixties? LOL. Stop being old, Tank.

  22. TANK says

    I didn’t see Arthur at the movies…or when it came out, as I was an infant. But the point remains that if you didn’t enjoy Arthur, you have no taste in movies (not your taste and mine…just no taste whatsoever). So if I said that I really enjoyed north by northwest, I have to be old? You’re consistently stupid, asdf.

    What stuff am I bitching about that people never said, ugh? Do try to keep up.

  23. Ugh says

    Pilot salaries? I believe you must be confusing me with someone else. I’ve never claimed to know anything about pilot salaries, and certainly not on this website. Dumbass. Can’t even keep track of what you’re arguing about with who. Yeah, THAT doesn’t make you look like you have obsessive anger or anything, lol. Lord your little Towleroad “successes” over someone who might be suitably impressed. Someone with as little real life you as you have.

  24. asdf says

    It doesn’t matter if you saw it in the theater! Arthur is a movie about old people, doing old people things, made FOR old people. There ain’t a person (at least not a socially accepted one) under 50 who likes that movie! You’re the very thing you claim to despise. Now shut the fuck up and drink your prune juice.

  25. Ugh says

    Alright Tank, then prove it. Find the post and show me. And remember, anyone can type an unoriginal name like ‘Ugh’ into the name field.

    Also…whether or not Arthur is a ‘young’ or ‘old’ movie, it is pretty terrible. And don’t even get me started on Arthur 2. (Yes, I only watched it for Liza. I AM that gay, lol)

  26. TANK says

    That other shoe is never going to drop. Perhaps…just maybe…that airplane pilot salary comment wasn’t directed atcha…but asdf. Now go back to sucking.

  27. Ugh says

    I see. Rather than clarifying the vaguely-aimed multiple insults in your post, you just decided to engage and be an asshole. You’re right, “you win” lol

  28. TANK says

    Did you just imply that I’m some internet troll, some comment section loser on another “gay blog”,ugh? I’ll have you know that that hurts my feelings GREATLY. I demand satisfaction in the form of a sincere apology immediately, and a commitment to civil discourse from here on out…douche.

  29. gomez says

    Tank – i thought gay men were worthless after 35?

    in any case, i’m sure i speak for many when i say i look forward to the day when you are forced to kill yourself because you are no longer young. :(

  30. says

    I am chubby. I get my picture taken and Facebooked all the time (not cute!). Not too long ago I read an old article where Jacobs talked about his lack of confidence and the difference a “new” body made in his life. I started trying right then and there to change my body and have been slipping lately. Thanks for posting this because I’m jumping back on the wagon.

    What’s wrong with being accomplished and hot? We ALL like it when someone thinks we’re hot. No shame in that. When I get to my goal weight I don’t think I’ll always have my shirt off, but, I won’t be hiding my mannies in loose shirts and blazers in 100 degree heat anymore, that’s for sure!

  31. TANK says

    Nah, rocks. I’m so hot I need…to take some aspirin to reduce this fever…ouch… Anyway! Gomez, who’s advocating forced suicide or murders past a certain expiration date? What is the gay community some version of children of the corn? LMAO! Someone’s comin’ for me…better than at me or on me, I suppose. Thanks for the laugh.

  32. gomez says

    Tank – not that bright either. it’s your own pathetic anti-aging (self) hate that will force you. you’re in for a long nasty bitter old age. if you make it that long.

  33. wyatt says

    Hmmm…why doesn’t he admit to all the HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE he shoots himself up with daily? it’s one thing to say you eat healthy, workout and end up with 5% body fat — Marc, please just be honest and admit to getting some extra “help” via supplements. Isn’t honesty — and no secrets — one of the recovery promises?

  34. says

    you all stop hatin! marc may be insecure, but so what? no one is perfect, but at least he is smart and talented, and over-all a very nice guy, very sweet. i’d say even his somewhat insecureness, giving his social status, is somewhat… adoring? :) anyways, i’m happy for him looking the way he does, happy for him to like what he sees in the mirror. i also wish him to find someone who will appreciate him, as much as he deserves it.

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