Florida AG Bill McCollum Wants Gay Foster Parents Outlawed: ‘I do not think we should have homosexuals guiding our children’


Florida gubernatorial candidate Attorney General Bill McCollum not only supports the state's ban on gay adoption (and brought "ex-gay" fraud George Rekers in to testify), he wants to expand the law to ban gays from being foster parents.

Excerpted from the Florida Baptist Witness:

Florida permits homosexuals to serve as foster parents. That has been used as an argument to undermine the ban on adoptions. Should homosexuals be permitted to serve as foster parents in Florida?

Well, I personally don’t think so, but that is the law.

Should the law be changed?

I think that it would be advisable. I really do not think that we should have homosexuals guiding our children. I think that it’s a lifestyle that I don’t agree with. I realize a lot of people do. It’s my personal faith, religious faith, that I don’t believe that the people who do this should be raising our children. It’s not a natural thing. You need a mother and a father. You need a man and a woman. That’s what God intended.

Bill McCollum apparently puts his god before the welfare of children.

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  1. Jim says

    McCollum, your “personal faith, religious faith…” is irrelevant in this issue and the laws of Florida.

  2. says

    If only we could launch this despicable creature on a permanent inflatable evacuation slide! Beyond disgusting.

  3. David in Houston says

    He looks like Mr. Rogers illegitimate bastard child. I posted this on their website. I doubt they’ll post it:

    Perhaps Bill McCollum should have been asked he believes in the separation of church and state; since all of his political positions are based on his religious beliefs.

    The divorce rate is over 50%, yet gay couples are the biggest threat to children. Really? There are currently over 20 million children being raised by single parents. But I don’t here him condemning the divorced parents that have harmed their children.

    There clearly aren’t enough foster parents to adopt children, and Mr. McCollum would rather the children age out of the system because his religious beliefs tell him that gay people are inferior at parenting. According to him, just because a person is straight automatically makes them a better parent than someone who is gay; and he is unable to see the illogic of his position.

  4. jexer says

    “I really do not think that we should have homosexuals guiding our children.”

    *OUR* children? Wow… did you help father them?

    Stupid right-wingers. “Regulate Families, not businesses!” Should be the other way around knuckle heads.

  5. InExile says

    Creep! Cannot wait to vote against him and his fellow repugs as a new Florida voter!

  6. Taylor says

    The man is a fucking idiot..and if Floridians vote for him they deserve what they get.

    Unfortunately, the children who can’t vote and are living in foster care in Florida, don’t deserve this asshole. And that’s the problem and the shame.

  7. matt says

    This guys photo should be in Webster’s under the definition of “closet case”. I’m sure some compromising photos of him with a call boy will surface eventually.

  8. chris says

    wow…he’d rather rely on the teachings of a cult or some mythical man made deity rather than face reality and do what is in the best interest of these human beings in need of assistance…whata tragedy and a farce.

  9. dizzy spins says

    Im sorry, Im not a Christian, so Im not an expert…but as I understand it, JESUS wasn’t made from a mother and father, was he?!?

    Besides, its not like these foster kids are being denied wonderful Donna Reed homes in favor of depraved gay sex addicts. Their other option is to be stuck in orphanages or shuttled around from home to home to people who may neglect, molest or use them.

  10. TampaZeke says

    He DOES know that it was a MAN and a WOMAN, a MOTHER and a FATHER that PRODUCED these unwanted orphans RIGHT?

    It amazes me that gays can selflessly step in to clean up the messes that straights make and then have to endure the insult of having those SAME straights slap them in the face and label them as selfish, irresponsible and dastardly for it.

  11. Taylor says

    It’s always amusing to me that these asshats who say a child must be raised by a mother and a father, rarely acknowledge that probably 99% of all homosexuals were raised by both heterosexual parents, yet turned out Gay. Not to mention the rapist murders and other assorted felons raised by heterosexuals.

    So…doesn’t it figure that children raised by heterosexual parents are more likely to be Gay or felons?

    My solution to this would be that children of Heterosexuals should be removed from those families and turned over to Gays and Lesbians to be raised, to lessen the probability that they will turn out to be Gay or criminals. I wonder how Bill would feel about that?

  12. crazywoman says

    Nobody told him that kids raised by same sex parents are are smarter and more socially developed and have higher self esteem.

  13. Bob R says

    I left Florida 4 years ago after 30 years in Miami-Dade. I wanted to leave after Hurricane Andrew, but my partner insisted we stay and rebuild. We had good jobs and his family was there and we owned a house. So I made the mistake of staying another 14 years, against my better judgment.

    The state is a sewer. The happiest day of my life was when I saw Florida fading away in my rear view mirror. I would never go back, not even to vacation. Florida was once a halfway decent place to live, but since the age of Bush, and the GOP hold on Tallahassee, it has become a third world dump.

    Bill McCollum has always been a very creepy character. He’s become a perpetual candidate since he lost his House seat. I think he runs for every office available. If Floridians send him to Tallahassee, they deserve everything they get. McCollum is a real piece of work and as ignorant as they come.

  14. TampaZeke says

    The problem is Bill McCollum is the lesser anti-gay bigot of the two Republicans running for governor and, for reasons that are beyond me, they BOTH are way out ahead of any Democratic challenger in the polls.

    I scared to death that we will get either McCollum or the even more conservative, more homophobic Republican.

    As bad as Charlie Crist is, I think we are going miss him when he is replaced.

  15. says

    You hit the nail on the head with that last sentence. They put the welfare of their god ahead of the welfare of our children, our nation, and the ideals we hold dear like justice and equality. It is downright un-American.

  16. Garst says

    Is it too late to take the, “I do not think we should have homophobs guiding our children” stance?

  17. Rich says

    Mr McCollum, you can take your personal and religious faith and stick it up yer ass. Ever hear of a lil thing called separation of church and state?

  18. beegee says

    America to McCollum: Fuck you, old dude!

    But seriously, he’s out of his mother fuckin mind.

  19. Rich says

    People like this who apply their religious morality to their job as a public servant should be impeached, recalled, fired, or though whatever means necessary, removed from office.

  20. Craig says

    Well, here’s our personal experience. I just adopted my son, 23, this year. Adult adoption. His mother was killed when he was six, and the good state of Arizona didn’t bother telling the kid until a year later. It didn’t matter to them. She was a sex worker, so that life wasn’t particularly important in the over all scheme of things, apparently. This child never had a father.

    When he was 13, he was placed with a loving gay couple, who wanted to adopt him a year later. The social worker didn’t approve of gay parents, either, and lied on the application so that his one and only chance at adoption, was denied. One of these men became a priest, and the couple is universally respected in the church.

    The event was traumatic enough that he nearly committed suicide. He still has the scars from that.

    During the joys of bouncing around from group home to foster home and back again, never more than a year at any one place, one of the straight families’ kids managed to rape my son when he was 10. It was incredibly brutal. That didn’t happen in a gay family, where he was loved. It was a straight family.

    Like many kids that age out of foster care, never having been adopted, the clear message that society gave my son was that he was unworthy of love. He was beneath care and compassion. Straight people did that. One foster family kept my son for a four day weekend before turning him back to the agency. My son didn’t want to become a Mormon. They cared more about adding to their church than the welfare of a wonderful little boy. How sad. “Do you know how that made me feel? Like a toy that nobody liked.”

    Abuse like this takes its toll. Kids that age out of foster care suffer enormous rates of suicide, alcohol and drug abuse. My son was no exception.

    Mr. McCullum, I want you to know that even though people like you kept my son from having a loving home, by refusing to let a gay couple adopt him, he has found a permanent home with me, his gay father. Now there’s nothing bigots like you can do about it.

    You should see how much this fine young man has responded with love. Our church gives him lots of care and support. Every asset I have, every dime I own, every moment of my time, belongs to my son, who I love more than life itself. He is the very center of my life. I can’t believe that people like McCullum are so filled with hate that people like my son are expendable for their religious agenda.

    My son has made remarkable recovery. He came very close to dying at the hands of evil people like McCullum. May God have mercy on your soul. You genuinely have no idea what you are doing.

    My son is gay, by the way. I know McCullum doesn’t care, but the local gay center helped my son so incredibly much. We stood by my son, this gay community, when straight bigots consigned him to a life of homelessness and neglect. He’s doing well in college, starting this year, 3.84 gpa.

    How McCullum and his ilk sleep at night is beyond me. The screams of the tortured children crying out for love and nurturing parents should keep them awake for the rest of their days.

  21. robertmalcolm says

    Thank you CRAIG for sharing such a personal “real life” story these bigots like McCollum fail to ever speak to in their rambling religious put downs to gay foster care and/or adoption. I am glad your son is doing so well and wish you both the best in the days ahead. Now if every needy child could find a safe loving home — whether it be gay or straight.

  22. arch says

    what about all the wondeful gay teachers guiding children every day all over the world – some of the best teachers I had were probably gay.

  23. Tracy says

    So then, by his beliefs, if a man and woman are married and one of them is tragically killed in a traffic accident, the widow should lose custody of their children because children need a mother and a father and clearly their children should be taken because his God says it takes both. What a nut case.

  24. says

    I don’t understand why these politicians are not OUTED as THEOCRATS!! All that has to be done is to use THEIR words against them. Let people know what a THEOCRACY is (since many probably don’t know) by referencing ‘Al Qaeda’, IRAN, the Taliban, and show them the TIME Magazine picture of the woman without her nose. Explain to them, that is how a Theocracy runs, no matter the religion. Those old WWII survivors will not vote for someone who wants to take away their hard fought Democracy, neither would any other veteran. These idiots, no matter the party, need to be called on their theocratic ways!!!

    If these politicians are referred to as THEOCRATS, people WILL TAKE NOTICE!!!

  25. Rusty says

    Florida takes such good care of kids in it’s care. There are currently more than 3000 children in Florida foster care that have not been seen for 2 or more years. The state admits they do not know where they are, and hope most are alive … now that’s some kind of Christian Charity???

  26. Fulton says

    @Craig…a gay couple I know also adopted a young man with a very similar background. You and my friends amaze me.
    Have you heard of Ampersand Families? They work to find loving homes for people just like your son. You are not alone.
    And your story and my friends story are the best defense we have against the bigotry BMcCullum. His arguments fall away as real life stories of real love outshine his hate.

  27. TheNiebur says


    All my best wishes to you and your family. You are a shining light, not only in “our community”, but indeed for all human kind.

    Bless you.

  28. Disgusted Gay American says

    well I refuse to GO TOO Fla….until they have Equality for ALL it’s citizens…..haven’t been to Disney World since 1996 (and I’d love to go again,and see the new exhibits/and Harry Potter’s world)but I refuse to go there,I WILL NOT spend my Tourism dollars in a state that Hates me.

  29. walter says

    is this man the illegimate son of howdy doody and clara bell the clown. sure has a family resembelance. the man man continues to carry on a family tradition of being a clown. next step for him is trip with george rekers and his baggage handler.

  30. Bart says

    I fostered two children. They are both now mine and my partner’s legal children. We adopted them both and to say that they are loves of my life and that adopting my two boys is the greatest things I’ve ever done is such a vast understatement, I can’t even put it into words.

    First off, Bill McCollum doesn’t speak for God. Period. And if you look at how many kids are in Florida’s abysmal foster system, you know why. This disgusting, ridiculous worm is so anti-family, anti-child, anti-anything but himself. You see, he ONLY talks about his beliefs, not what is best for a child, not what is best for these kids caught in a horrible, abusive system (has this vile waste of human flesh adopted a child, fostered a child? The answer is no) but it’s “The World According To Bill.”

    There is a special place is Hell for people like Bill, and though I don’t normally wish bad on anyone, this man deserves all the pain and suffering life can bring and even more in the next life for all the pain and suffering he would wish on the children trapped in the foster system. Does he not think these children HAD a mother and a father??? How’d that work out for them, Bill?

    I cannot hold my loathing back for people like this. I know the pain these kids go through, I know the sadness. I know the lonliness. And he wishes this on these kids instead of being with a parent or parents that “he” doesn’t deem worthy? It’s nothing short of criminally disgusting. He’s raping these children of a wonderful future.

    Christian? Yeah. Christlike, not in any sense of the concept. He has the heart of a satan, the morality of an abuser and the intelligence of a simpleton.

    Sad he even gets any platform for his heinous views. He’s a sad, disgusting, pathetic, desperate man. And it’s time for this creatin to go away and live the rest of his pathetic life out of view of the rest of us who believe in fairness, love and goodness.

  31. says

    “I do not think”…….sums up Mr McCollum.

    Onward to full civil and marriage equality rights in 21st century America.
    Joe Mustich, Justice of the Peace,
    Washington, Connecticut, USA.

    The anti-marriage flat earthers need to find another issue……

  32. Beau63 says

    Why should I, or anyone else have to abide by Bill McCollum’s “Personal Faith, religion or beliefs?” Last time I checked this was a free country of the people, not Bill McCollum’s “Personal Country!” This applies to all issues, not just adoption and fostering of children! I can guarantee you there is way more harmony and less fighting in a same sex parent household, than there is in a heterosexual household! Why don’t these old snails crawl away and retire quietly?

  33. says

    Just amazing… If this guy had made a similar comment and related it to race or religion, instead of sexual orientation, his head would be on a silver platter. Instead, he is running for governor of Florida.

    Let’s just hope that equality, fairness and true love win out, especially when it comes to the care, support and well-being of our children.

  34. rjp3 says

    Coastal Florida is a great place. Florida like California is a place where a great swath of poor choice living areas has filled up (sorry why live an hour from the ocean if you live in Florida) – and like The Valley
    in California, inland Florida has a lot of stupid poor people.

    And this man gives them a message so they can go to sleep at night feeling superior to those with money and an eduction.

    It is of course rich people manipulating poor people in a game of class warfare – for votes and POWER.

  35. rjp3 says

    He may be a bigot – but Florida will elect him.

    The center / inland parts of the state are full of white trash and poor blacks who hate gays to feel better about their rank in American society.

  36. FunMe says

    The guy is a weasel. He’s probably QUEER, too.

    He’s so UGLY inside and out, he has no place in a public office spilling out his HATE that comes from his religious FANATICISM.

  37. Jerry6 says

    Every photograph I see of this low life convinces me that he is a deep deep closet GAY which I pray is untrue because I would not want him to be out. Stay in the closet. We do not need you to be out.