Greg Gutfeld Plans to Open a Gay Bar Next to Ground Zero Mosque

Because fundamentalist Muslims do not tolerate gays (and, you know, want to kill them), Red Eye's Greg Gutfeld says he is planning to open a gay bar next to the controversial Ground Zero mosque. Gutfeld says that he wants to "break down barriers and reduce deadly homophobia" when in reality he just wants to assault the Muslims with something as abhorrent to them as the Ground Zero mosque is to right-wing conservatives.

Gutfeld  Gutfeld's post:

So, the Muslim investors championing the construction of the new mosque near Ground Zero claim it's all about strengthening the relationship between the Muslim and non-Muslim world.

As an American, I believe they have every right to build the mosque – after all, if they buy the land and they follow the law – who can stop them?

Which is, why, in the spirit of outreach, I've decided to do the same thing.

I'm announcing tonight, that I am planning to build and open the first gay bar that caters not only to the west, but also Islamic gay men. To best express my sincere desire for dialogue, the bar will be situated next to the mosque Park51, in an available commercial space.

This is not a joke. I've already spoken to a number of investors, who have pledged their support in this bipartisan bid for understanding and tolerance.

As you know, the Muslim faith doesn't look kindly upon homosexuality, which is why I'm building this bar. It is an effort to break down barriers and reduce deadly homophobia in the Islamic world.

The goal, however, is not simply to open a typical gay bar, but one friendly to men of Islamic faith. An entire floor, for example, will feature non-alcoholic drinks, since booze is forbidden by the faith. The bar will be open all day and night, to accommodate men who would rather keep their sexuality under wraps – but still want to dance.

Bottom line: I hope that the mosque owners will be as open to the bar, as I am to the new mosque. After all, the belief driving them to open up their center near Ground Zero, is no different than mine.

My place, however, will have better music.

Who knows if Gutfeld is serious, but floating the idea is heinous enough.

Gutfeld's show, of course, is well-known for its trans bashing ("These people disgust me") and jokes mocking gays. No doubt Barney Frank, who Gutfeld once called a "wrinkly creature with a knack for anal probing" is Gutfeld's presumed customer for this new bar.

In related news, the New York Transit Agency just approved an ad to go on the sides of buses which depicts the mosque, and a plane flying into the World Trade Center, MSNBC reports:

"The ad was paid for by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, an organization that opposes radical Islamic influence in the United States. The group's executive director says she doesn't find the ad offensive.
The group sued the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to demand it accept the ad, which was approved Monday.
MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz says the agency doesn't endorse the ad's views."

The controversial ad:



  1. DavyG says

    Heinous? How is this idea heinous? Whether or not Gutfeld is sincere is irrelevant; Islam is violently opposed to homosexuality, and world polls show that most Muslims actually support the death penalty for homosexuals, including majorities of second and third generation Muslim immigrants in the UK. Our Christians here in the states are pretty awful, but they are no where near as awful as most Muslims and the Islamic establishment is when it comes to homosexuality. The Left is so hesitant to criticize Islam or the Middle East; it makes me sick. Those on the Left are the people that should be standing up for human rights and for decency and for respect, instead the American and European Left is making excuses for the extremism. Opening a gay bar next to a Mosque is a fantastic idea. Islam’s homophobia is not any more excusable than Christianity’s homophobia (in fact, as I already outlined, it is much worse) and should be fought and challenged.

  2. Danny says

    Gutfeld is hardly proposing this to make the world a better place for gays. He’s using gays as a pawn to piss off Muslims. That’s why it’s heinous. If his motivation was in the right place, perhaps it would be an interesting idea. But given his past remarks about gays and his longstanding attacks on Kevin Jennings, his motivations can’t be praised.


    FUCK GREG GUTFIELD..With a name like that I’d commit suicide. Besides who really listens to her and that God awful honorable mention show on Fox that she has.


  4. peace says

    I think the mosque idea is one of the worst ideas. Basically the radicals that caused the twin towers to fall and killed THOUSANDS as a protest on american capitalism and values now will have a mosque at the same site? If anything the site should enforce american values of capitalism without religious institutions otherwise the religious radicals won.

    This idea is more in line with creating tolerance than the idea of a mosque.

  5. How is this a bad idea? says

    Oh, Towle, Towle — you are a hack. How is this objectively a bad idea? On what standards and grounds? And why do Gutfeld’s motives matter? What about the motives of the parties pressing for the ground-zero mosque? Interesting that you’ll explore and impute the first, but not the second.

    I know we can’t expect objective reporting, but not even objective thinking or analysis?

    So, so hacky.

  6. Matt says

    “I think the mosque idea is one of the worst ideas.”

    Worst than worst. Ground Zero is a graveyard, is that the way to respect people who were killed and their families?

  7. Mark says

    Well, we got the sermon Greg Gutfeld “is well known for….” but I missed the additional Muslims are “well known for….” The two teen homosexuals hanged in public in Iran and swinging for all to see in their button down shirts could have been a visual aid.

  8. MammaBear says

    There’s a representative of the Canadian Muslim Congress coming to NYC to speak with the Imam in charge of the project about that groups “refudiation” of building a mosque near ground zero.

    She makes some excellent points, but she’s keeping the very worst company on that side of the debate. Google “Canadian Muslim Congress Ground Zero” if you want to see who is getting wood.

    If the project is to be attacked, it can’t be on the basis of someone telling someone else where they can worship. Imagine making the argument that because the attacks were motivated by religion there should be NO religious institutions within 5, 10, or 20 blocks of ground zero.

    The project is VERY vulnerable to attack based on the alleged goal of “building bridges” and “promoting tolerance” – there seem to be lots of better ways of doing that.

  9. zxcv says

    Good job, guys, refudiating Andy’s post. Some of you have about as much sense as Sarah Palin.

    Yes, the people behind this mosque are exactly the same as the fag-killing, western hating extremists who caused 9/11. Likewise, all Christians everywhere are exactly the same as the extremists of Westboro Baptist Church.

  10. Houndentenor says

    This is America and people are free to practice their religion. But this is a bad idea. Why not expend this effort to do something about how women, homosexuals and religious minorities are treated in the Muslim countries. I have a hard time taking cries for tolerance seriously when they come from people who wouldn’t tolerate me.

    That said, I do not appreciate being used in this way. But then when I was working downtown a gay bar would have been a nice thing after a day of working for evil incarnate.

  11. kevwyn says

    I don’t think any representation of religious faith should be present at the site. plain and simple. people of all faiths perished that day,even “peaceful muslims” at work in those buildings. They are forgotten and disrespected because they don’t share the super awesome brand of faith that seem to be “in” this season. If the site is so hallowed and sacred,don’t build a bank and a mall on it,does anyone see the irony there?

  12. NoSleep4Sam says

    I happen to have a thing for arab dudes, and if I can find a good gay bar in NYC with a lot of them, I will be happy. This is the opposite of heinous. Also, I really don’t think the character of the bar owner should be called into question… have you met most of those guys? yipes.

  13. Fenrox says

    Assholes, You guys are assholes.

    The Muslim religion has more depth than terrorism. Particularly American Muslims, there is a whole new type of Muslim coming out of America and it shouldn’t be persecuted for what some people do.

    How shameful of you guys to invoke the dead to pass hatred and small-minded logic on the living. How pathetic, this same fucking thing has happened countless times through history and its always the same.

  14. Fenrox says

    As an aside, the people trying to build that Mosque are wonderfully tolerant people who would no doubt welcome a gay bar next to them.

    Lets not forget that a gay bar is just as offensive to christians, and I mean that, its the same level of offense, here in america this is how they deal with it. They take away our rights, they call us monsters and they beat and murder us. The same shit is happening over there.

    So yay for gay bar, yay for mosque. But most of all, Yay for a clearly terrible business plan by greg gutfeld that will financially hit him and the assholes he gets as partners.

    (Seriously, gay bars need gays to run moron)

  15. Pender says

    If some muslims are offended by gay people, then those muslims (like all bigots) deserve to be antagonized and ostracized. I don’t like this guy’s motives, but it’s hard for me to feel bad for homophobic bigots either, even when they’re muslim.

  16. Patric says

    Thank you, ZXCV, for injecting some sanity into this discussion. You nailed it. The willingness of too many people in this country, including too many gay people, to see all Muslims as indistinguishable and all Muslims as the people who “attacked us” on September 11 is frustrating, to say the least, and will prevent us from ever making progress on the issues which divide us.

    “And why do Gutfeld’s motives matter? What about the motives of the parties pressing for the ground-zero mosque?” The motives of the parties seeking to build the mosque are pretty clear. They want to build a community center in the neighborhood where they have operated one for years; there is no evidence that they have intended to provoke or insult anyone. It is right-wingers and others who have blown this issue up and used it as another opportunity to pit culture against culture. Gutfield, on the other hand, is obviously trying to provoke, as well as to draw favorable attention to his hardly-noticed show. So yes, I agree with you that the motives of both sides matter and those motives clearly distinguish the two cases.

    “Basically the radicals that caused the twin towers to fall and killed THOUSANDS as a protest on american capitalism and values now will have a mosque at the same site?” Yeah, it’s Al Quaeda which is proposing to build the mosque.

    “and world polls show that most Muslims actually support the death penalty for homosexuals, including majorities of second and third generation Muslim immigrants in the UK.” You remind me of Tony Perkins. You seem to think that, if you say something enough times, everyone will accept it as true even if you can’t offer any evidence. Please cite the polls to which you are referring. I am aware of a poll showing that British Muslims are overwhelmingly of the view that homosexuality is immoral but the same poll does not offer support for the contention that majorities of Muslims in the UK support the death penalty for homosexuality. Also, the same poll shows that 35% of Muslims in France do not view homosexuality as immoral (that is a figure not so different from the percentage of all those in this country who regularly attend religious services, Christian or otherwise).

  17. JoeBlow says

    Sounds like Gutfeld is a bigot, is using gay folks as pawns, and has mocked our sacred cow Barney Frank. But regardless, the way many Muslims treat gay folks is way more “heinous” than this Gutfeld guy.

  18. Wes says

    I have no problem with the mosque being built. As chester pointed out, its not on the WTC site, its simply somewhat nearby. Boo fucking hoo. And btw, I despise all religion.

    That said, as much as I dislike Gutfield, and realize how douchey his motives are, I have to admit his idea intrigues me. It is sort of brilliant in a way. And I would love to see any uptight Muslims dare protest another perfectly legal private establishment exercising its rights in New York.

    In short, I kind of support both efforts, because they are both perfectly valid endeavors, constitutionally speaking. God bless America! 😉

  19. Patric says

    Oh, and since I called you out for not citing the polls you reference, here’s my citation: The Gallup Coexist Index 2009: A Global Study of Interfaith Relations

  20. daftpunkydavid says

    i think it’s a good idea; or at the very least, i don’t think it’s so bad as the post would have it.

    a few things:

    ** let’s not make an amalgam between al qaeda and muslims in general, please. muslims didnt attack this country on 9/11. al qaeda fundamentalists did. and please stop rehashing the “they hate capitalism and our way of life” meme. when did they attack canada? the issue is much more complicated than that.

    ** i don’t recall this guy really caring about gays or gay rights in the past, whether in the west or in countries where we are murdered as a matter of public policy; so his interests may be suspicious, to say the least. i say “whatever”. don’t matter. the point is, having a gay bar there, a gay bar next to churches and mosques and synagogues across this land would be precisely the kind of emblem of a pluralistic society that al qaeda despises (they don’t have a monopoly on that btw; i would love to see how the wbc would respond to that).

    so all in all, i think it’s not such a bad idea.

  21. Tim says


    You have a hard time taking cries for tolerance seriously… you don’t appreciate being used in this way….

    But, you have no problem at all working for “evil incarnate”? Isn’t that just being “used” for money?

  22. SoberGay says

    I like the idea of a gay bar with an entire floor of non-alcoholic drinks. Politics and religion aside, sober gays still like to dance, and I think an alcohol-free bar could do quite well.

  23. jim says

    this whole thing is confusing and disappointing.

    1) organized religion is for idiots
    2) the more press gutfeld gets, the more his agenda is fulfilled
    3) the more press the mosque gets, the more THIER agenda is fulfilled

    if we all stop talking about it, stop wating energy on it, stop caring about it, everyone will calm down and move on.

  24. johnny says

    How about a Muslim/Christian/Kosher Gay Bar + Mosque, Baths and Gloryholes with a basement Leather Boutique and Bookstore?

    It encapsulates all the juiciy ideas into one big eggroll of fun for all!

    Talk about diversity and acceptance! Yay!

  25. Gregoire says

    The Assata Islamic Center in the Lower East Side is NEXT DOOR to a radical feminist lesbian bookstore.

    The Islamic Council of America in the East Village is ACROSS THE STREET from the Asher Levy Elementary School.

    Nice try though.

  26. Dylan says

    Although they’ve slowed down a bit, I’d like to point out a group called Al GAMEA ( in Dearborn, a suburb which is surrounded on one half by the city of Detroit.

    Dearborn has the country’s biggest mosque, and also one of the biggest Arab American populations. While it might not be easy for young gay Muslims and I’ve heard a couple stories about mothers insisting that they take a wife and screw men on the side, I know plenty of Muslim Arab Americans who don’t have a problem with gays. Who are my friend. Who go to the clubs but don’t drink. Not every Muslim is insanely devout.

    On the other hand I greatly doubt anyone will go to this guy’s club should it open.

  27. JoeBlow says

    I think the tone of the posting threw me.

    It seemed to suggest that this dude shouldn’t be trying to gross out Muslims with the idea of being next to gay folks – but the posting didn’t challenge the underlying assumption that religious folks shouldn’t be grossed out by gay folks to begin with.

  28. Laurence says

    Andy–if you had left out the word “heinous,” your post would have been better.

    What Gutfield is doing is “obnoxious,” “insincere,” “deliberately inflammatory” and “disingenuous.” But it is not “heinous.”

    What IS “heinous” is the way gays are treated in most, if not all, Islamic countries.

    You could even label some of Gutfield’s comments on his broadcasts as “heinous.”

    But to use the word against the bar in this context was as bombastic as the people who say the mosque is “heinous.”

    You may be shocked, but many of your readers believe the mosque is inappropriate. They are not bigots, they are not Islamophobes. They are gay and liberal and open-minded…but they think the mosque should be built elsewhere.

    It’s not a question of one block or two blocks or three blocks away. If the builders of the mosque were interested in being sensitive to the community, they would never have chosen that proximity to begin with. They would have spent some time understanding what an appropriate and sensitive distance might be and how New Yorkers passing by the mosque and the WTC site would be reminded NOT of the advances of Moderate Islam, but of the day Fundamentalist Islamists brought jihad to New York.

  29. zxcv says

    Don’t fool yourself, Laurence. You are a bigot… and the worst kind too because being “gay and liberal and open-minded” (or so you say) means you should know better.

  30. Gregoire says

    Clearly, Laurance, from your post, it IS a question of one block or two blocks or three blocks if you’re questioning why they didn’t evaluate an ‘appropriate and sensitive distance’.

    There is a mosque three blocks north of the Ground Zero site that already exists.

    Why are so many people falling for what is so clearly a ploy to rile conservative voters in time for the November election?

    Use your fucking brains and get over it.

  31. johnny says


    hu·mor /ˈhyumər or, ˈyu-/[hyoo-mer or, often, yoo-]


    1.a comic, absurd, or incongruous quality causing amusement: the humor of a situation.

    2.the faculty of perceiving what is amusing or comical: “He is completely without humor.”

  32. Vince in WeHo says

    What are the zoning laws there? How often do establishments serving liquor open up near religious institutions? Is this even possible?

    Also, I think GG is SO HOT!

  33. Fenrox says

    Hey guys in support of the gay bar,

    Remember like 5 days ago when people were talking about not supporting Target becasue it gave a bunch of money to bigots? This is the same shit.


    Be responsible for the mark you make in the world. Would you really support a gay bar made by this jerk? You will support him over other gay-owned gay bars, or your community bar? You get to decide what you do with your money, please be responsible you asshats.

  34. Wes says

    Fenrox, I never said I would go there. Only that I support his right to build one.

    The best scenario would be build the mosque, enrage bigoted right wingers, build the Muslim gay bar, enrage bigoted Muslims, then watch it go out of business when no gays actually want to go there.

  35. Patric says

    As a New Yorker who lives a couple of blocks from Ground Zero and who has worked across the street from the site for years, I like most of my neighbors support the construction of the proposed community center, including a mosque, and wish that outsiders would stay out of this, especially right-wing politicians who are simply seeking to advance their own narrow political interests by stirring up controversy.

    “If the builders of the mosque were interested in being sensitive to the community, they would never have chosen that proximity to begin with.” They chose this location because they’ve been in the neighborhood, as responsible, peaceful members of the community, for years. Btw, the proposed project will include a 9/11 memorial as well.

    “They would have spent some time understanding what an appropriate and sensitive distance might be and how New Yorkers passing by the mosque and the WTC site would be reminded NOT of the advances of Moderate Islam, but of the day Fundamentalist Islamists brought jihad to New York.” As someone who walks by Ground Zero every day, I can tell you as an actual New Yorker that, whereas Ground Zero itself may remind me of the events of September 11 and the threat posed to humanity by extremist religious bigots of all stripes, when I pass the proposed community center I will be reminded of the wonderful and continuing commitment of my City to multi-culturalism and diversity. If the mosque upsets you so much, then stay away; believe me, there are too many tourists on our streets as it is.,8599,2009147,00.html

  36. Dommyluc says

    I don’t know about New York, but in Tennessee there are zoning laws that state that a bar cannot be built within a certain distance of a school or a house of worship – any house of worship, be it church, synagogue, mosque, etc. Anyone know about the laws in NY? And as another poster has said, this Islamic center IS NOT ON GROUND ZERO, and not really that close to it. And when are they going to protest the mosque in the Pentagon, which was also struck on 9/11? BTW, can we start tearing down Catholic cathedrals, too, since they tacitly supported Nazi atrocities against the Jews. I mean, turnabout IS fair play.

  37. Alex M. says

    Brilliant plan! Why call it heinous? Islam is horribly homophobic. There is not one Muslim country where homosexuality is even legal, not one. Why is Towleroad more interested in the sensitivities of fag-hating muslims than in the rights of gays to be visible and live unafraid?

  38. Gregoire says

    LOL, Johnny I didn’t even read your post and was not addressing it.

    If I ever decide to do so, I will start with typing your name, followed by a comma, denoting a sign of address.

  39. Patric says

    Alex M., I do not dispute that there is an intolerable level of discrimination and violence against LGBT people in Muslim countries, in most instances sanctioned or ignored by the government, and certainly we should all be seeking ways to assist our LGBT brothers and sisters in these countries and to work with moderate voices in Islamic communities to change attitudes. Facts, however, are facts and you are simply wrong to state that “[t]here is not one Muslim country where homosexuality is even legal, not one.” While the lives of LGBT people in these countries may be filled with many challenges, consensual, non-commercial sodomy in private quarters is in fact not criminal activity in Jordan or Turkey or in most of Indonesia. There’s still obviously much work to be done but let’s start with the facts.

  40. Fenrox says


    The problem with his comments are simple, he isn’t nearly as open minded as he would like to say he is. His soft closed minded attitude is similar to the way right wing organizations are using values as a way to discriminate. “Oh, I don’t hate gay people, I just adhere to the values on which I was raised.” That’s bigoted! You are wrong and somehow you need to realize that!

    Basically you can’t be against mosques and not be a bigot. You need reason to be against something and not be a bigot, and since everything has so many shades of gray, It will always be hard to be against something and be in the right.

  41. says

    I don’t get this story. Mr. Gutfeld repeatedly says, “This is not a joke.” Well, I *hope* not, because it’s nowhere near funny. Does he really think foreigners can’t — or won’t — follow the rules of a new land? Like it’s hard for Americans to drive on the wrong side of the road in England, so it’s gonna be impossible for the Muslims not to kill all the gay dudes?

    Call me crazy, but I’m guessing he could open a gay disco next to the mosque and the Muslims would — gasp! is it possible? — ignore it.

  42. TheOtherMark says

    I am writing this comment as a gay, agnostic (borderline atheist) Canadian; I therefore feel like my view and understanding of this situation is fairly objective. I am reading some of the comments that object to the so-called “WTC Mosque” and am quite disturbed.

    I thought that the “Ground Zero Mosque” is actually a Muslim community center? Is it even actually a mosque? Even if it is, its being developed a FEW BLOCKS from the site of the WTC. It is NOT being developed on ground zero.

    Let’s say it is actually is going to be a mosque. To associate all Muslims with the radical terrorist extremists who took down the WTC is a ridiculous, bigoted, and hypocritical thing to do. What about the American Muslims who worked in the WTC who died on 9/11? Are they of lesser status than the other Americans who perished in the towers? Are their murders of less importance because the killers were also Muslims? The American-Muslim families have just as much right to mourn and remember their loved ones as the rest of the 9/11 victims’ families.

    It is sad to see my fellow gays making bigoted statements when we ourselves experience similar bigotry through homophobia. It makes me wonder what stance you would hold towards gays were you straight–you seem to be miss the point of human rights and dignity when it does not benefit you. Maybe we need to stop and re-examine our own morals and values before tearing others down.

    I am not saying that we should tolerate Muslim homophobia any more than we should support “Christian” homophobia or homophobia in general. However, even if the majority Muslims are homophobic, it does not justify unfair discrimination against all of them. They still have their own constitutional rights. As cliched as it is to say, two wrongs don’t make a right and perpetuating such a notion only displays your own ignorance. It is fierce yet peaceful activism, and fighting for our legal rights as human beings that will eventually turn the tides in our favor amongst people of all backgrounds. The Proposition 8 ruling and the resulting discussion surrounding it is proof of that. Even if it is slow to happen, it is still the RIGHT way to do it.

    Back on topic with the news item: I think that putting up a gay bar next to a Muslim center that is asking for fairness and equality developed is a great idea. However, having this known homophobe doing it as a means of perpetuating hate and dissonance between two groups is not the right way for it to happen.

  43. gaymuslim says

    I am a proud queer Muslim who doesn’t visit bars – I don’t drink. If he truly wanted to outreach to us, then perhaps a bar isn’t the best idea. I know some Muslims drink, but for it to truly be a gesture of outreach he should have dome something more inclusive and respectful. Hence, it’s a sham.

    P.S. I have been attacked for being Muslim by “main-stream” gays many MANY more times than I have been attacked by Muslims for being gay. (My own personal history, I know)

  44. anon says

    Very clever idea. “Mo’s Place” is too funny. I think it’s all a joke, of course. Canadians should be warned that given their hate speech laws, lecturing others on civil rights issues is borderline hypocrisy. In theory, any preacher can be fined in Canada for a typical sermon from the Bible or the Koran. One that would be perfectly legal in the US. I have no objection to the mosque or the bar and the first amendment reigns supreme here in the USA. In fact, Republicans passed a law in the Clinton years barring local govts. from using restrictive zoning to prevent the building of houses of worship. The irony is they are now rhetorically going against their own law.

  45. TheOtherMark says

    Anon: Your theoretical assumptions make it clear that you lack an understanding of Canadian law, its enforcement, and civil rights in general.

    “Peace”: The situation with the NYC mosque has nothing to do with the Iranian government’s sickening and inhumane acts towards gays and women, which we all agree should be put to an end immediately. Also, way to back up everything I just said about being ignorant. Maybe I am being a little condescending towards those with bigoted attitudes, but at least I’m pretty confident that I’m right in what I’m saying.

  46. TLS says

    I do love the way certain gays are so eager to pounce on Christianity (which I am not) and yet give Islam tons of slack. Given the choice between Kansas and Iran, I think very few gays would choose the latter. My personal opinion is that everyone is bigoted in one way or the other and some people are just more honest about it.

  47. ratbastard says

    The usual true believers, useful idiots, and party hacks are out in full-force. Gutfield makes a valid point, and the mosque supporters deserve to have their fucking face rubbed in it. Go live in the Middle East or the 3rd world as a regular person (not precious western tourist or wealthy person) as a gay person the way you do here. Go ahead, what’s stopping you? Renounce your citizenship (you despise the country anyway). Contrary to goofy leftwing multiculturalist (who only demand westerners,Europeans,North Americans celebrate diversity…not Asians, etc. because they don’t) all cultures are not equal or valid. With all the problems with U.S. culture, I take it in a heartbeat over most of the world. Judging by the millions who desperately want to live here,legal or illegally, I’m not alone.

  48. GregV says

    ” In theory, any preacher can be fined in Canada for a typical sermon from the Bible or the Koran.”

    @Anon: If you believe that’s true, you need to switch away from FauxNews and American shock jock radio, which are notorious for falsifying and exaggerating stories to attract listeners unconcerned with facts.

    Neither in theory nor in practise can “typical” sermons from the Bible result in fines in Canada.

  49. Joe says

    Gutfield works at Fox News, one of the biggest spreaders of bigotry who is always willing to shout an anti-gay message. They hate everything that isn’t white, rich, and christian their. YUCK. I’m sure many of the protesters who protested the mosque (maybe not the victims family members) would probably protest a gay bar being built to.

    The fact that Gutfield and his gang regularly make fun of LGBT and act as tolkens at Fox (so they can say they are ‘diverse’) makes me sick. This is a slap in the face to gays and Muslims(who are not all bad people who are anti-gay).

  50. ratbastard says


    Canada has something called Human Rights Tribunals, or A.K.A Soviets….and people ROUTINELY are harassed and charged by these tribunals that are extra-judicial in nature. They are outrageous affronts to free speech, that includes speech you don’t like. Not a difficult concept to grasp.


    You’re a tool.

  51. So Left I'm Right says

    And here we go again… It’s so bright to equate all fundamentalist and extremist versions of religions (all of which are heinous and anti-gay) with people of various faiths in general. Particularly when you’re talking about the “big three” there are sick and twisted as well as beautiful versions of each.

    I think I’m going to invest in some spray paint, and if I see that stupid “Why There?” poster, I’m going to paint “Not” over the “There”. Bloomberg, of all people, gave an impressively tolerant speech on the matter, and as far as I’m concerned, he described true American values rather than the typical panic mentality.

    Also, unless you are related to a 9/11 victim, if you don’t live in NYC…STFU on this matter!

  52. TheOtherMark says

    RatBastard, your comments on Canada’s hate crime laws are utterly false. Please provide us with a reliable source documenting this so-called occurrence. Otherwise go troll somewhere else.

  53. TANK says

    1. Gutfeld is an antigay bigot who is unconcerned with gay rights.

    2. Intent doesn’t make an ethical difference.

    3. Opening a gay bar near a building that supports and celebrates a heinously antigay faith expresses that this is not a culture that endorses the rabidly antigay portions of that faith. That is important.

    4. Gutfeld may very well be disturbed with the treatment of gays and women across the muslim world.

    5. Gutfeld has no intention of opening this bar, so the exercise is purely intellectual.

    Of course the mosque and community center will be allowed to be built two blocks away from ground zero if it’s legal, and it is. However, given that 9/11 quite explicitly occurred because of the hijacker’s islamic faith, it’s in extremely poor taste. It would be poor taste if a cathedral and christian community center were being built in the same exact place. But poor taste has never been a problem for the religious unless you disagree with them. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should do something…a lot of people can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that you can be a horrible person and never break a single law; and in muslim theocracies, follow some of the laws and be a horrible person.

    And polling data indicates that the vast majority of muslims are rabidly antigay. Anyone who advocates for the criminalization of homosexuality is rabidly antigay (and they do far more than that with majorities regularly reporting back that they believe in the death penalty for gay and lesbians), and in the vast majority of muslim countries, being gay is illegal, and most of its citizens believe it should be. And they are ALL wrong. Every last one of them is categorically wrong and ethically bankrupt for so believing.

    This indicates that moderate muslims are in a minority…a dwindling minority. It is the moonbat’s (headliner for the evening is patric…give him a clap, please) goal to suggest that day is night, and that most muslims are moderates. Moderate has an entirely different meaning when compared to someone who believes it’s okay to torture and murder gay people in some of the creatively vicious and inhuman ways imaginable…so it’s pretty empty.

    It is quite appropriate to criticize islam, for though not every muslim is antigay and antiwoman (reza aslan, perhaps), they ALL have a responsibility (a debt of blood, in fact) for the atroticities carried out because of islam. And this goes for any religion or social group bound by ideology.

  54. John says


    And I suppose the human rights commissions utilized by New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, and dozens of other major cities in the United States are extra-judicial “Soviet” tribunals too, right?

    Your disrespect for New Yorkers and their civic institutions suggest that it is you who “despise” America. The elected mayor and city council of New York will decide the merits of this request based on the wishes of their constituents and the law. And if their constituents don’t like it, then they can vote these officials out of office. It is entirely inappropriate, however, for senators from Oklahoma, ex-governors of Alaska, and the rest of the beltway freak show to interfere in what is strictly a local matter. And for all their false allegiance to states’ rights and grassroots democracy, it is always the Republican Party that loves rolling into town under the pretense of national security and bossing everyone around.

  55. JT the original says

    Not all Muslims are homophobic. There are some very cool and reasonable ones. But several of the masterminds behind the Ground Zero mosque are supporters of death-to-gays sharia law. So…go Gut !

  56. Kyle says

    Islam is evil, pure and simple, but not much more than other religions. Religion by itself is evil. Islam is just more evil than others. That’s a fact.

    A mossque should not be built close to ground zero. That is an insult to all Americans, but it looks like it will be. It isn’t an argument for religious freedom or expression, for God’s sake, the Muslim people themselves you would think would have enough common courtesy and decency NOT to build on land close to ground zero, but NO, they seem to have NO shame. It is really quite unbelieveable and shocking, how brazen they are. It all shows how evil Muslims are.

    As to whether a gay bar should be built next to their mosque, why not? If they can build a mosque, then by all means, let something be built that will be repulsive to them. Let them know what it feels like. They need to know that this country is at war with them and their ideology. Their ideology is evil.

  57. ines says

    i’m not from EEUU..but i agaist it’s not about the religion is about the people that die ..And the people o die trying to save ,and the people that it’s damage for life ..i think

  58. says

    Gutfield has no idea about Muslims in the US. In NYC, there are *already* gay bars near mosques, and no one really cares (gays or Muslims). Although conservative Muslims (like conservative Christians) may not like gays, American Muslims are fairly liberal according to most polls. In fact, if the recent New York Times article on the gay scene in Beirut is any guide, even urban Muslims in the middle east are showing tolerance for gays. Gutfield is assuming that American Muslims are like the Taliban, but since his views are based on bigotry, they have little basis in reality.

  59. Steve says

    I didn’t know this guy was on Fox News, I don’t watch it much. But, hasn’t anyone picked up on the satire of the article? Writers have been doing this for years as a way to take a stab at something they don’t agree with. What if I advocate a strip joint next to a church for the same reason? I say it’s justified because Mary Magdalene was a prostitute and Jesus said, “let those without sin…etc., etc.” Is it inappropriate? Maybe. Satirical? Definitely.

  60. Kate McDermott says

    If he follows through with his plan, we can just see the introductions now:

    Hello Muslims, nice to meet you. We are your neighbors, the Gays. We don’t want this to be like the Hipsters and the Hasids in Williamsburg. This is not Brooklyn, this is Manhattan. Let’s all just keep it classy and get along.

  61. Rick Fisk says

    I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that there are gay neoocons.

    This is really stupid though:

    “The goal, however, is not simply to open a typical gay bar, but one friendly to men of Islamic faith. An entire floor, for example, will feature non-alcoholic drinks, since booze is forbidden by the faith.”

    Earth to marketing genius: You’re railing against Muslims who do not “tolerate” homosexuals. By your own definition, there aren’t any Muslim homosexuals are there? (And therefore few if any customers from the “target market” for this bar).

    If he actually does find investors, methinks they won’t have much experience in business.

    Logic was never the strong point of bigots…that’s why they’re bigots after all.

  62. Nickie says

    Great idea. If Muslim’s claim that they just want to worship are true, then they should have no problem supporting Greg’s bar…..better known at “Mo’s Place” short for Mohammed…… I love it and would be willing to make a contribution. And, hey, I am not even gay. Lets see how the Muslim community likes that idea.

  63. Rin says

    What’s wrong with a gay bar near ground zero? Why is it heinous? Muslims KILL gays in other countries so this would be their way of showing the type of tolerance they expect from others.

  64. says

    Yeah, I don’t think he is serious at all, next he’ll be opening an Amish sex toys factory. Most Muslims aren’t for the murder of gays, especially the sufi traditions across Africa, Gutfeld is just plain tasteless.

  65. BigGuy says

    The Islamic Cultural Center is modeled after the West Side JCC. It’ll have a gym and showers upstairs and a large room on the ground floor that can be used for prayers. Islamic Taxi drivers will be able to take a shower in the afternoon before they pray and get back to work.

    I think that will be good.

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