Greg Gutfeld Plans to Open a Gay Bar Next to Ground Zero Mosque

Because fundamentalist Muslims do not tolerate gays (and, you know, want to kill them), Red Eye's Greg Gutfeld says he is planning to open a gay bar next to the controversial Ground Zero mosque. Gutfeld says that he wants to "break down barriers and reduce deadly homophobia" when in reality he just wants to assault the Muslims with something as abhorrent to them as the Ground Zero mosque is to right-wing conservatives.

Gutfeld  Gutfeld's post:

So, the Muslim investors championing the construction of the new mosque near Ground Zero claim it's all about strengthening the relationship between the Muslim and non-Muslim world.

As an American, I believe they have every right to build the mosque – after all, if they buy the land and they follow the law – who can stop them?

Which is, why, in the spirit of outreach, I've decided to do the same thing.

I'm announcing tonight, that I am planning to build and open the first gay bar that caters not only to the west, but also Islamic gay men. To best express my sincere desire for dialogue, the bar will be situated next to the mosque Park51, in an available commercial space.

This is not a joke. I've already spoken to a number of investors, who have pledged their support in this bipartisan bid for understanding and tolerance.

As you know, the Muslim faith doesn't look kindly upon homosexuality, which is why I'm building this bar. It is an effort to break down barriers and reduce deadly homophobia in the Islamic world.

The goal, however, is not simply to open a typical gay bar, but one friendly to men of Islamic faith. An entire floor, for example, will feature non-alcoholic drinks, since booze is forbidden by the faith. The bar will be open all day and night, to accommodate men who would rather keep their sexuality under wraps – but still want to dance.

Bottom line: I hope that the mosque owners will be as open to the bar, as I am to the new mosque. After all, the belief driving them to open up their center near Ground Zero, is no different than mine.

My place, however, will have better music.

Who knows if Gutfeld is serious, but floating the idea is heinous enough.

Gutfeld's show, of course, is well-known for its trans bashing ("These people disgust me") and jokes mocking gays. No doubt Barney Frank, who Gutfeld once called a "wrinkly creature with a knack for anal probing" is Gutfeld's presumed customer for this new bar.

In related news, the New York Transit Agency just approved an ad to go on the sides of buses which depicts the mosque, and a plane flying into the World Trade Center, MSNBC reports:

"The ad was paid for by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, an organization that opposes radical Islamic influence in the United States. The group's executive director says she doesn't find the ad offensive.
The group sued the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to demand it accept the ad, which was approved Monday.
MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz says the agency doesn't endorse the ad's views."

The controversial ad: