News: Richard Sorian, Utah, Steve Pougnet, Gay Ice Cream

Road Scientist: 75% of the oil is still in the Gulf.

RoadGetEQUAL launches ENDA summer campaign.

Muniattack 'Watch it, faggot': RoadMan beaten on SF Muni train.

RoadKylie Minogue teddy bear porn banned from Facebook.

RoadGay man among Obama recess appointments: "(Yesterday) the White House announced President Barack Obama has made recess appointments of four nominees whose confirmations were being held up in the Senate. Among them is Richard Sorian, an openly gay man who will be the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services."

RoadTed Olson and David Boies may seek to recoup legal fees from Protect Marriage if appeals court upholds Judge Walker's decision.

RoadAlexandra Burke has apparently seen Olivia Newton John's 'Physical' video.

RoadCharlie Crist moves to the left: "Months later, it's becoming more and more difficult to label Crist's departure from the GOP as simply a superficial endeavor. Either out of electoral expedience or ideological disenchantment, the governor has spent the past few days either purging himself of his Republican roots or actively courting Democratic audiences."

RoadMariah Carey is latest name in Idol judge pool.

RoadUtah Governor Gary Herbert invites gay leadership organizations to Log Cabin Republican-sponsored private reception: "But Log Cabin Republicans aren’t the only community members who are invited to the reception. All leadership organizations in the community have been invited, said Nimer, including the Utah Pride Center, Equality Utah and the Utah Steering Committee of the Human Rights Campaign."

Road Brandon Flowers sings "Bette Davis Eyes".

Pougnet RoadGay candidate Steve Pougnet and Mary Bono Mack face off in Palm Springs debate.

RoadShe thinks that she shall never see, a husband as lovely as a tree.

RoadWeb series to explore the NYC drag scene.

RoadAttitude magazine parent buys men's mag Loaded.

RoadShould SAG be honoring homophobe Ernest Borgnine?

RoadA chat with Doug Quint, who runs NYC's Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. On the new music for his truck: "…our music was written by [Go-Gos guitarist-singer] Jane Wiedlin…I don't play anything now and always wanted something original. People said, 'Play the Village People.' Hell, no! I always wanted it to be something of my own. The bells make people psychotic. I knew one driver who had to quit because the truck bells were driving him crazy. Either they don't hear it at all or it's slowly driving them to kill. Also, let the gaytimes roll!

RoadIs this charisma?

Road  White House confirms: Obama a Christian.

Glee_britney RoadBritney tweets from set of Glee.

RoadMaybe Matt Barber does really like shemale videos.

RoadCharges dismissed in attack on lesbian Kentucky teen, who said her "friends" tried to push her off a cliff.

RoadFederation of Gay Games votes to "adopt new anti-doping policies which will not be based on random, across-the-board testing, but rather will be more reflective of the Gay Games mission with respect to inclusion and participation, both in development and implementation."

Road Designer pube shaving grows in popularity.

RoadSenator Robert Casey Jr. (D-PA) introduces Safe Schools Improvement Act: "The bill would require that any public schools that receive federal funding develop anti-bullying policies that specifically prohibit bullying motivated by certain characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity. The measure would also mandate that schools and districts have effective prevention strategies in place to combat classroom harassment and would compel states to compile data on incidence of bullying and report the statistics to the U.S. Department of Education."


  1. says

    Thank you Senator Casey….a very needed, LONG overdue requirement. Many gay teens don’t do as well in school as their straight counterparts in part because they’re worried about after school, or gym class. You got my vote for re-election Senator!

  2. JimmyD says

    Should SAG be honoring homophobe Ernest Borgnine?
    Are the SAG awards about acting achievements or political views?
    Walt Disney was a well known anti-Semite… should everyone boycott Disneyland and all Disney products?

    Pick you fights people.

  3. TANK says

    Brandon flowers is an active member of a religion that condones and fights against those gay kid’s equality in this country, encouraging homophobia and increasing the gay teen suicide rate. You think that he’s attractive and like his music, but don’t falsely equate these preferences of yours with “righteous social justice” in stating that he’s a champion of equality for all, and specifically, gay rights…or is at all helpful to the cause of gay equality and opposed to homophobia. It’s embarrassing and stupid…are you stupid? How about a joke? Are you a joke?

  4. Dude says

    “Flowers has said his religion is “very important” in his life, but told a recent interviewer that he took a liberal position on gay rights.”

    Who’s the most influential gay person in your life?
    Whether I knew it or not, or found out later, a lot of the music that I grew up on tended to be made by gay men. A lot of my heroes were and are gay men.

    Growing up Mormon, you were probably sheltered from gay people. Do you remember your first encounter?
    I remember two women were kissing on a blanket while we were at the park, and my mom kind of rushed us away because she didn’t want us to see it. But I don’t think it affected me either way.

    Androgyny in your style and song lyrics back in the Hot Fuss days had blogs buzzing that you might be gay. Did having to field that question ever get annoying?
    No, because I grew up obsessed with Morrissey, so a strange part of me was very flattered by it all. If that was always hovering around, it felt like I was doing something right. It was fun for a while.

  5. TANK says

    How does that eliminate his culpability for his active involvement and support of a religion that demonstrably harms gay people and gay civil equality? he has never publicly condemned the mormon church for its involvement in institutionalizing discrimination and undermining the constitution. He’s never come out and said that there are mormons who are bigoted because of their faith, and that that aspect of his faith needs to go.

    Just because some religious people willfully overlook parts of their holy texts that demand them to do abhorrent things doesn’t mean that aren’t responsible for the people who don’t overlook them or justify it as literal truth and not a metaphor. They are both endorsing the same book and faith as a source of moral “truth”, and therefore, people who believe it to hold a “separate truth” from others or disagree with some of its truth are responsible insofar as they agree that it is THE source of ethics, and defend that belief…giving those they disagree with as to what the truth amounts to a pass.

  6. says

    So the fact that Obama is a radical christian is supposed to make me feel better? The two guys they sent out to vouch for him, joel Hunter and Kirbyjon Caldwell are two of the most anti-gay bigots out there. I think I rather he were muslim.

  7. freddie says

    TITHING, TITHING, TITHING. Remember who paid for Prop 8, people. I don’t care if he’s left of Trotsky — until I hear him say that he’s not donating the obligatory 10% of his money to that cult, he’s dead to me.

  8. yeahisaidit says

    I appreciate Andy’s coverage of the attacks on gay people, it’s just that on some level I am starting to get “gay bashing photo fatigue.” But please don’t stop your coverage Andy, that’s not my point, it IS very valuable. I mean, now when i’m out and about in public settings I am more aware than ever of everything and everybody, NOT paranoid, but AWARE. I owe that in some part to the news on Towleroad. It’s like I almost wish it were acceptable to have a site with pics of straights that got the s**t beat out of them after attacking gays they assumed were not able to defend themselves only to find out how wrong they turned out to be. I only wish we could take back the “gay panic” defense to mean a gay person who panicked and beat the s**t out of a straight person who attempted to assault them, assuming because they were gay they were weak…I apologize, for I know that in a “civilized” society violence is never the answer, but I had to vent just a little…

  9. says

    Obama’s latest affirmation that he is a “devout christian” was vigorously backed up in the media by several preachers who say they pray often with Obama and guide him spiritually. kirbyjon Caldwell and Joel Hunter are anti-gay bigots whose churches have “reparative” therapy programs. They’ve been spiritually guiding Obama since he was a candidate in ’08. So it should be clear now that Obama’s opposition to gay marriage is rooted in religious bigotry rather than political necessity. It makes me wish he were a muslim.

  10. Brian says

    Borgnine is a dinosaur; a relic from a bygone era made up of folks who really can’t be expected to know better. The SAG Lifetime Achievement Award is for his body of work as an actor, which is considerable. He’s right – John Wayne would have hated “Brokeback Mountain.” Does that mean we should all stop watching his (or Borgnine’s) films? Art and politics are often interwoven, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be exclusive to one another. We all know the Hollywood machine is still virulently homophobic. We also know that it is also changing (slowly, but still…). You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, as they say.

  11. TANK says

    Ernest Borgnine’s a crap actor, though. He has never delivered a good performance in his entire worthless career (which you can’t say the same of with eli wallach). Give it to eli wallach…who’s still working!

  12. IonMusic says

    What a shocker….Latin and black homophobes doing a gay bashing toward us. Don’t mention their race though, and how most violent homophobes ARE black and latin (and usually thugs!)…that wouldn’t be politically correct. But these ghetto thugs attacking us IS politically correct and hush hush.

    I miss the days of San Fran when thugs stayed in their side of town and didn’t depreciate the value of our entire beautiful city.

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