News: Calvin Klein, Mexico City, Eggs, Eric Lee, South Carolina

Road Mexico City woos gay honeymooners: "We are a very tolerant, liberal, avant-garde city."

Ck RoadCalvin Klein's underwear model boyfriend?

RoadRV dealership owner challenges Taylor Lautner to push-up contest to settle lawsuit.

RoadThe Oval Office gets a makeover.

RoadHowever the wind blows: Closeted Florida Governor Charlie Crist was against civil unions before he was for them.

RoadNJ Housewives talk marriage equality.

RoadWest Point cadet Katie Miller, who dropped out over the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy earlier this month, says her hometown of Findlay, Ohio has been less than supportive: "I was shocked that I didn't receive more support than that from my hometown. I think the Findlay area has been especially harsh on me – just really wary of what my intentions were. These are the people I spent most of my childhood growing up with … so I was hoping that Findlay would be able to accept me as one of their own and to support me in this. But I ended up getting some of my toughest critics from my hometown, and that personally disturbed me."

RoadNeil Patrick Harris reads up on raising babies.

RoadFocus on the Family cites George "rent boy" Rekers in criticism of school anti-bullying efforts.

Burlesque RoadCher and Aguilera all lips for Burlesque poster.

RoadSpain breaks up male prostitution ring: "Spanish police say that for the first time they have broken up a human-trafficking gang that brought men to the country to work as prostitutes, providing them with Viagra, cocaine and other stimulant drugs to be available for sex with other men 24 hours a day. Authorities arrested 14 people, mainly Brazilians, on suspicion of running the organization and another 17 alleged prostitutes for being in Spain illegally, the National Police said in a statement Tuesday."

RoadA gay character on AMC's Rubicon?

RoadDancing with the Stars cast revealed. Bristol Palin and The Situation?

RoadStraight ally Rev. Eric Lee charges LGBT community with "unconscious racism" following botched invitation to "strategy" meeting. LGBT POV: "Lee was on a list of folks to be invited to the meeting but apparently was not approached early enough in a manner respectful of his time and position as one of the key civil rights leaders in LA. He told me he heard that the meeting was a major strategy session to discuss outreach to the straight Black community. He and his friend Tony Wafford of Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network in Los Angeles 'crashed' the meeting and basically raised holy hell."

Scpride RoadAnti-gay group angry that Columbia, South Carolina allowed S.C. Pride organizers to hang rainbow banners in the city's downtown.

RoadAxl Rose parties at gay club in London: "The singer was spotted at a gay night at Bungalow 8, where he was later seen chomping on cheese on toast at 5am."

RoadFilthy conditions at egg factory farms to which salmonella was traced: "Federal officials investigating conditions at the two Iowa mega-farms whose products have been at the center of the biggest egg recall in U.S. history found filthy conditions, including chickens and rodents crawling up massive manure piles and flies and maggots "too numerous to count."

RoadBurgled: Hollywood stars targeted by "bling ring".

RoadGraham Norton show to replace Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. Norton: "I'm thrilled that BBC One like the show enough to move it to Fridays. It's the night the show started on many years ago so it's nice to be back."


  1. Rad says

    Interesting, Patrick, I was thinking the same thing. That and how strikingly much like Roman Polanski Calvin looks…

    I wonder if Calvin will be the next Hugh Hefner…?

    Anyhow. Must be nice to command such… hotness.

  2. Matt26 says

    I just don’t find that model next to CK very handsome or good looking. He looks fine but not my taste. But he is not dating me, so who cares…

  3. SeenThisMovieBefore says

    Nine months after DWTS Bristol Palin is going to have a “little situation” for People Magazine to pay to photograph.

  4. nick says

    So after all these years that Klein went back in the closet so people wouldn’t think he had AIDS, like so many gay male fashion designers and he even married a beard. Now at 67, he has himself photographed with some hottie. I stopped buying his clothing/products the minute he got married to Kelly and I’ve never regretted it. He is a disgrace to the gay community.

  5. TANK says

    He was married before Kelly, too. I think calvin klein, like so many of those types, will fuck anything. I’ve no doubt he’s closeted about his sexuality, and maybe he’s bisexual…but he ain’t straight, and that’s that. A lot of people are like that, though…they’ll fuck anything (and, of course, not all bisexuals are like that, so you can’t equate the two), and if there’s an objective to doing it other than the act itself (like in klein’s case, being closeted), all the better for them.

    However, you can understand the resentment out gay men have for bi and gay closeted men. All the perks of hetero privilege, and treat the “community” members like fun play time…a brief diversion. It’d be optimal if they’d just do it with each other, and not with people who aren’t in their situation, and like them…but a lot of gay men are damaged goods. I don’t harbor that resentment…but a lot of gay men do. I, to the contrary, am disgusted by all of the shades of diversity humanity has to offer, equally. Pessimism and misanthropy don’t do it justice; there isn’t a word yet to describe it. People are disgusting…disgusting through and through.

  6. Terrance says

    First, the Rubicon gay guy has a very cool loft – I’ve been dreaming about that floor (and the loft!) for a couple of days, now…!

    Second, the gay boss seems to be a *not-stereotypical* main-ish character, even…! Who approved that?! Must have been develpoed/filmed in Canada – no-one in Hollywood would ever let this fly without forcing the gay guy to be some shallow, narrow stereotype – it’s required by law…

    Finally, I think that Calvin Klein twink actually really looks more like ‘Abercrombie’ material (I wonder if he’ll model for A&F at some point, or is it in the non-compete clause?)….;-)

  7. says

    Rev. Eric Lee’s piece… United we stand, divided we fall, simple.

    And who the hell is still believing anything Reker’s has to say about Homosexuality? Oops, sorry… had a muddled moment there, of course… FOF… cause it fits their “agenda” and besides, the [rent]boy was just ‘helping him with his luggage’, trufax… mm, mmm.

    And Palmetto Family Council: Excuse me but the Pride group is not a “faith-based” group [hello- religious], but a citizen’s action group and there fore have no barriers within the Constitution that separates ‘church from state’.

  8. missanthrope says

    Quite a change for Axle Rose, I remember 20 years ago that there was a controversy when a photograph of him wearing a shirt that said “AIDS KILLS FAGS DEAD” showed up in a magazine.

  9. says

    While I understand anyone who thinks the Rev is a drama Queen, culturally, I get it. In their world, Black ministers are at the top of the food chain. That’s a fact that any Black person could have told the people who organized that meeting. Every culture has their “things”.

    I stopped buying Kleins clothes one season when I counted 50 models on a runway and not one of any color.

  10. Mark says

    Regarding the busted Brazilian-Spain prostitution ring story – I was in Barcelona and visited probably the most famous sauna there – got to talking with the obvious rent boys and noted that 90 percent of them were speaking Portuguese rather than Spanish. I asked about how so many Brazilians got there and figured there had to be some sort of recruiting ring in Brazil.

  11. SSCHIEFRSHA says

    Ahhh, an aged man’s last attachment before his River Styx sojourn. I thought this fool Calvin Klein was straight though. What gives? Karl Lagerfeld has the better-looking muse.

  12. Kyle says

    There’s a reason why Karl Lagerfeld’s muse’s are better-looking (and his clothes)…he has better taste!

  13. ratbastard says

    Klein is a dick and old fraud.

    WTF is up with Brazil? I remember reading a grey academic paper on the sex industry which stated upwards of 80% of transvestite prostitutes in Paris and elsewhere in Europe were Brazilian. Brazil should use the rainbow flag as it’s national flag.

    BTW: That academic study also claimed the best payed prostitutes in NYC were white males, female prostitutes of all races / ethnicities were in the middle, and black transvestite prostitutes were at the bottom. It also claimed the majority of tranny pros in NYC were minority. I don’t know what to make of this.

  14. says

    Dancing with the Stars will also feature Margaret Cho, a very vocal bisexual woman… oh, but “the situation” is more interesting? Gross.

  15. Wiki Leaks says

    Badly facelifted, rich, closeted old queen seeks ambitious ambiguous young twink/porn star/underwear model wannabe.

    Calvin Klein and his rent boy channelling Liberace and Scott Thorson?