1. johnosahon says

    DAMN, this is quite shocking to me, it is shocking because i would have thought such a liberal outspoken woman would have been out long time ago, but i guess that’s not true.

  2. nikko says

    Did he just affirm lesbianism biblically and not homosexuality? Is he saying one is ok but not the other??!

  3. Jay says

    I was listening when she came out. At first, I thought she was setting up a joke and/or getting ready to introduce a female guest that she had a particular liking for. It took a few minutes to realize that she **really** was coming out. Shocking moment, but her fans rallied behind her, and it turned into a really great show.

  4. RJP3 says

    Nikko – she was joking, she is a comedian.
    Now chill.

    And the facts are that the Bible does condemn men having sex with men in the current translations – and does not mention lesbianism at all.

    The best humor is based in facts.

    She was funny before – and an expert on what REAL conservativism is and how the current GOP/Tea Party crap is just ring wing propaganda designed to attract those who would support White and/or Christianist Facism

  5. ophu says

    All the posters on this article have had a decent attitude about her coming out so far except for “johnosahon”, who was a total douchebag about it. Congratulations, Stephanie, and don’t listen to asshats like “johnosahon”. He obviously doesn’t understand that not everyone can just come out so easily, and I seriously doubt that “johnosahon” the smarmball has ever come out on a nationally broadcast program, so you are just lightyears ahead of him.

  6. ratbastard says

    The very pretty white woman, with the very privileged upbringing, is a lesbian. Wow….this is really going to affect my world . Wow…I don’t know what else to say, except wow.

    I’m sure she’s a very nice lady.

  7. nikko says

    Why am I a blowhard, OPHU, you judgemental misguided idiot?! The male journalist just excused condemnation of gay sex but said lesbianism was ok in the bible?! Gee, thanks, for the affirmation, Mr. straight disc jockey! RJP3, Stephanie wasn’t the one who said that, but her male co-worker. His bible “facts” were not funny at all.

  8. lorenzo donald says

    Damnit i had a crush on steph since the first time i saw her on msnbc!!! She has a nice swag & sexy as hell. So ladys yall kinda lucky!!!