1. says

    Excellent Video! How refreshing to see two real men and no flamboyant swishy queens. I know I am gonna get a lot of flack for that statement but we really need image balance in our community to further our cause.

    Terrific Music, awesome visuals and great music.

    PS – Obviously Brokeback Mountain had a much greater impact on society than that film Crash.

  2. Tone says

    It would explain so much about how they treated each other way back when Robbie left TT, and effectively took the spotlight away from Gary. I wonder what Nigel Martin-Smith thinks of it all?

  3. JJ says

    I thought the video was kinda corny – but theyre probably (hopefully?) in on the joke …very british. Also, I think it should be mentioned that the song and video are about their falling out – they just recently reunited. The brokeback influence is them being cheeky …its supposed to be about friendship tho.

  4. says

    Five years after Brokeback Mountain, a video that unabashedly steals from (or pays “homage” to) without going anywhere as far as it insinuates. Will this is be the start of a wave of ‘bromance’ videos? Is it a way to pander to a gay fanbase without testing the limits of their straight audience?

    And, while keeping in step with the decor of the bar (and the music), the Stars and Bars are prominently hanging in the background. Okaaaayyyyy; that tells me they made a ‘wink-wink-nudge-nudge’ video, but they sure as sh*t didn’t make it for me.

    Perhaps if Ken Mehlman likes country music…

  5. E says

    Love it. It expresses that men can show a tenderness and afection towards each other without the need for Gay sexual overtones. This is something that is accepted in most other world cultures eccept for the USA. Men can be tender and affectionate towards other men without having to be Gay. Something that American Men need more practice with. Many American (and Latin American) men fear showing affection towards other men so much they turn it into violence. This shows the other option. Great!

  6. Ugh says

    Yeah, we get what it’s ‘supposed’ to be about, but there are also 1,001 other, far less gay ways to do it. I never really thought Robbie Williams was gay but this is yet one more pingy thing in a long line of pretty gay behavior. Hmmmz.

  7. Tone says

    It would have been far more entertaining if they’d found a way to have yummy Jason Orange in a few of the shots with *his* shirt off.

    Does this mean Robbie is Back for Good, or is he just telling us all to Get the Joke?

  8. TampaZeke says

    Sorry Mark but that wasn’t the “Stars and Bars” flag, common mistake. The flag in the bar was a derivation of the Confederate Jack or Confederate/Southern Cross battle flag, commonly known as the “Rebel flag”.

    The “Stars and Bars” was the first national flag of the Confederacy and looked completely different with a field of Blue containing 7, then 9, then 11, then 13 white stars in a circle and three wide horizontal stripes (bars) of red, white and red.

    That’s the vexillology lesson for the day.

    Regardless, your point still stands. I’m from Mississippi, a graduate of Ole Miss, and the flag even gives me the creeps.

    Anyway, cool (and HOT) video!

  9. TampaZeke says

    Some of you have made the point that it’s important for the world, especially men, to realize that two men can show affection, even love, for each other without being gay. I agree but I don’t think that that is the only important thing for the world to learn about affection between men.

    I think it’s equally important for them to learn that even when affection and love between men IS gay, it’s OK and nothing to be feared or mocked.

  10. Dback says

    I’ve loved Williams for years (seriously, I’ve got “Sing When You’re Winning” in my car CD player right now, ironically), and his videos (“Rock DJ!”) are often thought-provoking and good showcases for his body. :) This one seemed to be building up to something dramatic with the cliff (a lover’s leap? A suicide pact?), but then kind of whiffed. Still, I really like the look and feel of the video, and their chemistry and affection is tangible. It’s helpful to know that the song is about a reunion and a healed rift, as opposed to a first meeting.

  11. Reality Bites says

    Robbie is not gay so is not part of our community. Robbie also swishes it up a ton and always has for laughs. He is the UKs cheeky monkey and beloved for that besides his singing. He has multiple times appeared on uk comedy shows in drag swishing it up

    @ugh if ur not a britt then u really cant judge wether its “gay behavior’ or not. Uk culture and male mannerisms are very diff than USA culture and mannerisms despite a common language. What we in the US might consider gay , britts consider quite normal and not gay at all

    Anyway; Robbie is sexy. Not pretty at all, but has always been and is the perfect example of the difference between pretty and sexy

  12. says

    For African Americans, there is about as much difference between the S&B, rebel flag, or the ’56 – ’91 Georgia flag as between the pinkie of your left hand or right; the message telegraphed by its presence is the same. What IS intriguing is the longstanding fascination Brits have with Western Americana. They could be forgiven for jumbling details together as most Americans couldn’t tell Yorkshire from Cornwall.

    Overall, it looks like just another couple of boy band singers hitting middle age & trying to hold on to (or expand) their audience. This remake of their song might end up a big hit among their core fans, but it’d rate as background noise along I-20.

  13. Jack M says

    This from a guy who just got married and keeps insisting he’s not gay? I can’t see this video as anything but gay. Two straight guys bonding? Give me a break!

  14. GregV says

    @JackM: Music videos are a form of acting. I don’t assume that Robbie Williams does his own laundry in laundomats just because this character does, or that the woman he is dancing with is his real-life partner, just as I don’t assume Michael Jackson had a real-life child paternity suit with someone named Billie-Jean or that Madonna married the black man from Like A Prayer.

  15. ST says

    @Reality Bites, Robby may be married and identify as straight(ish), but I know for a fact that he’s open minded/sexual enough to have been down and dirty with guys here in London and not really cared what people think. I wouldn’t pointedly exclude him from “our community” just because gay sex is merely recreational to him – guys like him are a great ambassador in many respects.

  16. says

    He cared enough to sue when the press started printing stories about him sexing up the dudes, ST.

    He’s open minded enough to fuck with guys, but not open minded enough to have people know about it, as we clearly do.

  17. jaragon says

    Nice video but I did not see anything gay about it-it’s pure safe bromance- guys hanging out ect- the shirtless fade out doesn’t even hint at sex.

  18. Wes says

    Robbie is at least a friend of the GLBT community! We can tell from all of the appearances at Gay marriage Equality rallies, gay rights fundraisers, and breast cancer awareness marathons! See????

    Ohhh….wait a minute…

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