1. Rann says

    I love this organization and SLDN. They are so good at fighting for open service. I support them and this is a great idea similar to the one I suggested where we have people such as this brave man record youtube videos like the ones the school kids did some time back asking the President and Congress, “Are you listening?” Of course they are not as far as I am concerned but we must keep calling them out and holding them accountable, and I think putting a face or faces on it is the best way!

  2. says

    Thanks to Brian for his service and participation in trying to end the ban. While I have applauded the amount of attention that SU alone has devoted to emphasizing not just the “unfairness” of the ban but the effect it has on nongays, and have tried to support them in several ways including the modest financial donation I could afford and inviting SU co-founder Alex Nicholson to be the single organizational speaker at the prestigious DADT protest and memorial to Leonard Matlovich along with Movement icons Frank Kameny and Troy Perry, and fellow ban victims such as Tracy Thorne-Begland and Dan Choi I organized the day before the National Equality March last fall which Towleroad covered.

    Sadly, at this critical point in the process I am forced to note how deeply disappointed I am in how poorly conceived this first ad is for which they are requesting donations. Perhaps there’s new research I’m unaware of that indicates public support for ending the ban has fallen and they need to be re-convinced. But, in the absence of that, as others have noticed, too, the ad fails to do what every effective political ad must: ask that that “national mainstream audience” they’re geared for which can’t vote on “repeal” to do something to help make it happen…specifically, we assume, given where we are now, urge their Senators to vote for it.

    I look forward to subsequent ads that hopefully will do that.

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