1. Brian in Texas says

    How silly. I’m actually surprised from a PR standpoint that he would make such an inappropriate joke like that. Someone who has $100 million dollar endorsements (Vitamin Water), and is trying to be a serious actor (he lost about 75 lbs for an upcoming movie playing a cancer patient.), and a successful music career.

    How dumb.

  2. castaway says

    OMG, how funny. I was just reading somewhere that a gay couple was planning sniper attacks at some 2 for a dollar sale event.

  3. Jim says

    2 quick things:
    1)The man is illiterate- the correct spelling is 50 Cents not 50 Cent. Sell a capped gold tooth and purchase an education. Bad grammar just isn’t sexy.

    2) His homie shot up a wedding? His homie?Really?? Funny because it’s sad..sad because it’s true

  4. ratbastard says

    ‘Curtis Jackson III grew up in the South Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, in New York City. He grew up without a father and was raised by his mother, Sabrina, who gave birth to him at the age of fifteen. Sabrina, a cocaine dealer, raised Jackson until the age of twelve, when she was murdered in 1988. Twenty-seven at the time, she became unconscious after someone drugged her drink. She was then left for dead after the gas in her apartment was turned on and the windows shut closed.[11][12] After her death, Jackson moved into his grandparents’ house with his eight aunts and uncles.’


    ‘Jackson began drug dealing at the age of twelve during the 1980s crack epidemic’


    ‘On April 24, 2000, Jackson was attacked by a gunman, alleged to be Darryl “Hommo” Baum, outside his grandmother’s former home in South Jamaica, Queens. He went into a friend’s car, but was asked to return to the house to get jewelry. His son was in the house while his grandmother was in the front yard.[12] Upon returning to the back seat of the car, another car pulled up nearby. An assailant then walked up to Jackson’s left side with a 9mm handgun and fired nine shots at close range. He was shot nine times: in the hand (a round hit his right thumb and came out of his little finger), arm, hip, both legs, chest, and left cheek.[11][16][32] The face wound resulted in a swollen tongue, the loss of a wisdom tooth, and a small slur in his voice….Jackson recalled the incident saying, “It happens so fast that you don’t even get a chance to shoot back….’



    Curtis Jackson is not a nice, educated, civil guy….he was not raised in a nice middle class background. If you had encountered him back in the day in the street, especially at night when no one was around, he would have jumped you, punched you in the face, maybe pistol whip you, rob you, etc.,

  5. veg says

    50¢ is acting mighty soft these days. Guess all those bullets that ripped out his chest and booty released his manswag too.

    Hey 50: don’t care how many coins you got up your filthy ass or how many sycophantic, exploitative white peeps you sucked off to get your movie & record deals (like M&M), you’re still a homophobic ape swinging through the ghetto to me, a parasite who has never atoned for your drug-pushing, neighborhood-blighting ways. When they run up in your ass on lockdown like a thousand jackhammers, be sure to bleed out.

  6. TANK says

    You’re kidding, right? Rap is homophobic? black culture is homophobic (different from all black people, moonbats)? NO way! That’s just crazy talk…

  7. Sugah says

    @ Tank:

    The cleaners called, dahlin’.
    Would you like your white robe and pointy hood sent to the trailer or your job at te Piggly Wiggly?

    Do tell toots do tell!

  8. Gregoire says

    At this point, I dont consider this truly homophobic (which it is) as much as it is completely and utterly stupid from a PR angle. If you’re a star like 50 Cent (falling star, from his mid 90s days) where does it get you to post things like this? No street cred and no additional hip hop fans.

  9. TANK says

    I’m not in the habit of overlooking obvious truths in the name of political correctness. When black democrats are more homophobic, according to gallup, than white republicans, it’s safe to make a call. This isn’t racism or race baiting, and of course, there are exceptions…but exceptions do not a community attitude make.

  10. TANK says

    And fitty’s not gay…not more gay than any other con who would push a dude’s face in a bag o’ rice to get off…

  11. TANK says

    And actually, the picture with the caption is kinda funny…the more I look at it…tasteless and homophobic, definitely.

  12. Russell says

    We wouldn’t be having this conversation if he (fitty cent is how it’s said, this is America, not Sister Mary Mind Control’s English class) hadn’t emerged from a hidden but real (@ratbastard) place in which a white homo like me could not survive. We need to learn about our world. Half of me says eek, a homophobe, and the other half says if anybody should judge others by the content of their characters, someone struggling out of oppression like me should. Going with the struggling half, it’s clear that 50 Cent and Perez might just exorcise a whole lot of demons of political incorrectness.

  13. beegee says

    50 is a fat fuckin piece of shit. oh wait, he lost weight b/c he thinks he’s an actor. he’s a skinny weak piece of shit.

  14. veg says

    50¢ needs to be fucked with a jackhammer until he bleeds out. They shoulda killed him when he was shot a bazillion times like he bragged about in his sickening, garbage “music.” I can’t stand these homophobic rappers, M&M included (race don’t matter…gay-hating knows no color). These homophobic rappers are the 1st motherfuckers in prison who are hungry to get fucked inside jail–they rush to literally hold their filthy ass cheeks open to receive every Tom, Dick, Harry, Leroy, and Tyrone–they love being in prison ’cause it gives them a chance to let loose their pent up gay desires, even if it means they leave the joint with herpes and a bitter complex for the rest of their scum lives.

    Any so-called straight man who has a problem with gays is just covering up his true feelings. Straight men who are comfortable with themselves never have a problem with gay men.

    It’s time we said what needs to be said: if a goddamn straight asshole wants to kill gays and do violence to us then they need to get brutalized, maimed, and killed in return. No more empathy. No more education. No more understanding. If you wanna kill gays then get ready to be killed your goddamn homophobic self in return.

  15. says

    Since when does Perez Hilton represent OTHER gay people?!

    If somebody attacked me over something that fat fried-haired freak said or done….I’d go after PEREZ! LOL

  16. Andalusian Dog says

    Which is all by means to say: it’d be awful, what he said, if it weren’t so ironically funny in a sad, pathetic sorta tragicomedy way.

    The problem is not Fitty. The problem is this great nation of ours.

  17. MarkDC says


    Wonder how the media would react if Neil Patrick Harris or Ellen tweeted about shooting up black churches?

  18. Chris says

    I’m not in the habit of overlooking obvious truths in the name of political correctness. When black democrats are more homophobic, according to gallup, than white republicans, it’s safe to make a call. This isn’t racism or race baiting, and of course, there are exceptions…but exceptions do not a community attitude make.

    Posted by: TANK | Sep 9, 2010 9:40:40 PM

    And who the fuck did Gallop ask????? WHITE CONGRESSMAN and since when ever that is a question to ask in a poll????

    This whole arguement is bogus. Because ever since Obama won the election some of you on here will try to prove your prejudice by lumping ALL AFRICAN AMERICANS as the same.

    But I’m willing to bet if we were all in a room discussing these things. How many of you would be VISCIOUS in your responses as you are online?

    This is really pathetic. Black Democrats are more homophbic than Republicans??WTF I guess when some Blacks openly speak about these issues in SUPPORT of gays you all here give crickets like when the woman from Tenn (Janis Fullilove) was getting death threats some of you thought it was more important to talk about her hair then to support her for being an ally.

    It’s sad. I really see why Blacks tend to stay away from this site as well as Queerty and the rest.

    Heaven help us all!

  19. finkles2000 says

    What an incredible asshole. Kanye West is cool with the gays, and I never hear any gay rumors about him (excluding the weird “gay fish” thing on South Park). And 50 Cent opens his big damn mouth about hating gays all the time and I’m constantly hearing gay rumors about him. Larry Craig, Ken Mehlman, Ted Haggard . . .

    Don’t these asshats know that homophobia is the new gaydar?

  20. TANK says

    That’s exactly right, chris. Gallup polled a klan rally…because gallup clearly provides flawed and false statistical information. All that’s left is barack obama, motherfucker, barack obama!

  21. Chris says

    Miss Tank, You’re the biggest idiot of all.



  22. TANK says

    OH NO YOU DINT! NO YOU DINT, CHYLE! YOU DINT JUST BRING MOMS INTO THIS, MOTHERFUCKER! PHEW! HOOOOOOOAAAAHHH! *walks around chris, back and forth, eliptically making wild gesticulations and funny noises in a threatening manner*


  23. arch says

    I share a room aty my law practice with a black woman lawyer and she just groans when she hears or sees this type of gansta nonsense in the same way that I sometime groan when having to put up with stereotypical queeny bitching from other gays, whilst I am sure that Mr Cent has good reason to be the way he is I am not convinced that in the long run it is doing race relations any good at all – witness some of these comments.

  24. Jace says

    Yes. 50 Cent is gay. Sad that he needs to go to these lengths to keep selling tracks to his homophobic fan base. Way to cash in .50

  25. Chris says




  26. Patrick says

    I’m with Scott. If anyone deserves the wrath of scorned gays it’s Perez Hilton. 50 Cent made a tasteless joke on the Internet. OMG crazy I can’t believe it the nerve! Gimme a break. Let’s attack the problem at the root people.

  27. mcNnyc says

    Damn I didn’t know Perez could cut so deeply into that chickensh^t .50 butt so easily..

    And Patrick….
    that’s not a “tasteless joke”
    the root of the problem IS this closet case self hating black gay man who refers to his self as
    “fifty cents” or as I would call him…. “half buck”

  28. Rin says

    In this case…its called “beef”…rappers go at each other in beef records in the most hateful of ways.

    Yes, homophobic…but its not like I was gonna buy his album anyway. All the other assholes who buy his CDs are probably homophobes too that aren’t gonna care whose mad at them. Just pray for a tidal wave or asteroid.

    Perez, however, needs to quit starting shit like this. All the people who said that the darling Prince Poppycock is somehow bad for the gay image (he is not!) need to write Perez and tell him to quit perpetuating the bitchy queen stereotype.

  29. Tyler says

    GLAAD and all of you are clearly stupid. 50 Cent’s Twitter account was hacked over a week ago. All of his tweets over the last week have been clearly the work of a hacker.

    Chances are 50 Cent did not tweet this. And at the end of the day GLAAD will have egg on its face, per usual.

  30. djd says

    The picture is from a Czech documentary called “Cesky sen” (“Czech Dream”). It is about the Czech people’s obsession with shopping and has absolutely nothing to do with gay weddings.

  31. jamal49 says

    @DAN Ain’t no rumour about it.

    Perez Hilton calling fitty a “douchebag” is like the pot calling the kettle “black”.

    Oh, the irony of it all.

  32. Hollywood, CA says

    This is going to fuck with your paper, 50… not a good pimp move at all. The fact that you got so upset is more telling than anything Perez FILTHY NASTY PIG GOLUM Hilton could say.

  33. AJ says

    Stupid move and I hope an equal amount of BS heads Perez Hilton’s way. He is an epic fkng mess of humanity and represents NO ONE but himself. And 50: There are PLENTY of gay DJs who are gonna pass on his next single. He just shot himself in the foot.

  34. MarkDC says

    More typical black bullshit.

    @ TYLER

    If, as YOU say, “50 Cent’s Twitter account was hacked over a week ago” why hasn’t he or his publicist issued a public statement denouncing the hateful texts?

    I’ll tell why he hasn’t. Because 50 Cent is a hating douchetard. Black men are all incredibly insecure, little dicked, loud mouth freaks.

    @ KEITH

    Stop projecting “racism” and look in the fucking mirror. Black people get on my last fucking nerve with this CONSTANT sense-of-entitlement, with ENDLESS accusations of “racism”. As though anyone anywhere owes you a goddamn thing.

  35. MarkDC says

    Pulling the “Race” card to defend homophobic bigotry? Really?


    I wonder how you, the Official “African American” Community and The Media would react if Neil Patrick Harris or Ellen Degeneres suddenly tweeted about shooting up Black Churches?

    Taste that.

  36. MarkDC says

    @ KEITH

    “Choke on my dick!”

    Really? Good luck growing one.


    “racist scumbag”?

    And 50 Cent is homophobic bigot douchetard piece of shit.

    Seriously. Give up on that “Race Card” bullshit. Stop pretending you can scare or shame intelligent people in 2010 with that performance art. White people do not give a fuck. We ALL have our own problems so sit down and shut the fuck up.

    Black people’s sense-of-entitlement is disgusting. Stop expecting ANYONE owes you anything.

  37. MarkDC says


    Thank you for proving my point.

    Like I already said: more typical American Black bullshit.

  38. Harjeet Mann says

    What is wrong with you reporters?


    This is 100 percent untrue.

    How do you feel, spending your days making up things and drawing readers into your drama. What are you accomplishing in your lives?

    It is YOU, that is what is wrong with this world. You point the finger at 50 but its YOU.

    Do something more with your venue. Help people grow with truths and not corrupt their heads with lies.

    What is your goal? Your vision? To lie?