1. tooboot says

    Mr. Shirvel’s affect and speech pattern are like that of someone on the spectrum. He comes off like having Asperger’s disorder.

  2. Terry says

    That was an outstanding interview by Anderson Cooper. Brought up some good points (especially Michigan law defining harrassment). I liked Anderson blunting asking the anti-gay bigot if he considers himself a bigot. That homophobic asshole is absolutely guilty of harrassment and stalking the gay body student president. And said bigot deserves to be fired. There are limits to one’s First Amendment rights. I’d saying stalking someone, harrassing them at their home, is definitely going beyond those limits.

  3. says

    I was not prepared for the total and utter, um … gaiety emanating from Mr. Shirvill’s mouth.

    There’s no story here. Another closet case directing his self-hatred outward, that’s it.

  4. David in Houston says

    I completely agree with Red Seven. Andrew is CLEARLY a self-loathing closet-case lashing out at someone else who happens to be a self-confident gay man. Which in Andrew’s warped mind is totally unacceptable. He’s probably attracted to Chris Armstrong, so this is the only way he knows how to cope with his inappropriate feelings. The guy really does need a lot of counseling. But he’s obviously not self-aware enough to get it.

  5. Gary says

    Shirvill is a complete closet case. Armstrong probably declined his invitation for a blowjob. Nothing worse than a scorned woman.

  6. Troy says

    What a freak. “but…but…I’m not the only one doing this stuff. The Alliance Defense Fund told me the guy was trouble.”

  7. Toto says

    So was that comment about Anderson’s apparent “anger” some attempt to call him out??? How immature.

  8. Aaron says

    If I were Chris Armstrong, I’d seek a restraining order against this whacko! He is clearly disturbed and in need of professional help!

  9. voet says

    There is no way that Mike Cox will do anything about this nut case. He is a lame duck and lost his bid to be on the Republican ticket for Governor.

    Aaron, you make a good suggestion. I hope no harm comes to Chris Armstrong.

    U of M cannot be too happy about having Shirvell as an alum.

  10. dc20008 says

    I wish Anderson was able to enumerate the specific things this guy hates about Chris.

    Also, what campaign? He kept referring to a political campaign. There is no political campaign.

  11. Dave from Chicago says

    Mr. Shirvell is clearly a closet case who is obsessed with Mr. Armstrong. Perhaps he wishes he had been an out gay man elected to student government while he was at U of M.

  12. Jim says

    Anderson Cooper GRILLED this self-loathing closet case! Although Anderson himself is not out, he may actually be more effective to be “neutral” when he seeks plain justice in cases like this. As for Shirvell, he is clearly IN LOVE with Chris Armstrong. I just wish Anderson could ask all the questions that we REALLY want to ask him. Excellent job Anderson Cooper!

  13. says

    Completely agree with all the above comments. However, is anyone overlooking the fact that this guy is a LAWYER? Are you fucking kidding me? Clearly, this guy really believes that he understands the laws of his state and what he’s doing is legal by using his constitutional guarantee of free speech to intimidate and harass another person.

    This is a losing case. When this gets to court, he’ll have a hard time proving any type of “radical” agenda or “recruitment into the gay lifestyle” that he so freely spews from his pursed lips.

    Hey Andrew…can you spell L-I-B-E-L?

  14. Ken says

    This guy comes off as gay and mentally ill. I think this is a case of stalking and should be treated as such.

  15. pete says

    I think there’s a typo in the second paragraph, saying Shirvell, but meaning Armstrong. When first reading the story I had a hard time keeping straight who’s who and so I used this to remember:
    Gay guy = Arm, strong.
    Crazy guy = Shrivel up and blow away.

  16. William says

    This nutjob’s blog is clearly in violation of his host site’s Terms of Service. Please go to the blog and take 1 minute to flag it, and maybe he will lose his forum for hate speech. If we are all lucky, he will lose his job shortly as well.

  17. patrick nyc says

    It is this kind of hate that feeds people, who feed their children the same. That is what caused two young kids to kill themselves recently. We should not make little of these nut cases. He is clearly unstable and deeply in the closet. Mix that with right wing religion, like with the Rev Long, and you have a dangerous combination waiting to explode.

    Armstrong is wise in taking legal action, and a restraining order is a wise thing to get as well. As for us, I emailed both Mr Cox and the president of the University.

  18. tgstock says

    What if Shirvell had created this blog/hate campaign against a black or female student body president? Would there even be any debate whether or not he should be fired? While Shirvell is clearly disturbed, the Attorney General is also at fault for not taking swift action to terminate him. The AG has the right to dismiss any employee, civil servant or not, for conduct unbecoming a State employee. I can’t see how this can be viewed as anything else. In addition, I think Chris Armstrong should obtain a restraining order, as Shirvell seems capable of crossing the line to acts of violence. This is, yet again, another example of how gay and lesbian Americans are not afforded equal protection under the law because of the tacit approval of bigotry by elected officials.

  19. CarolO says

    I’m not gay but found Shivell to be a very offensive human being. All the stuff he is saying about Chris Armstrong is the same crap people say about Obama, if you notice. In neither case should this be condoned. This is when Freedom of the Press goes beyond common sense and becomes only messages of hate. Shivell and Mike Cox both make me ashamed to say I live in MI.

  20. phineas says

    These Republicans are truly disgusting. As long as someone’s bizarre behavior is directed toward one of the three boogeymen: the Gays, the Illegal Immigrants, or the Muslims, everything is fine.

  21. TC says

    He seemed slightly autistic to me as well. Go to Mr. Shirvell’s blog and click the report abuse link on the top of the page. On another note, I find Anderson Cooper to be almost intolerably handsome.

  22. JTlvr says

    Dear Mr. Shirvell,

    It’s easy to hide behind your religion and the First Amendment, when it’s suitable for you.

    Since you think think personal attacks are par for the course in political campaigning, how would you feel about investigations into your private life? What’s your ideology? Where’s your wife/girlfriend? Are you gay, or unable to reconcile your sexuality with your religion?

    I have my suspicions… but at least, I see a mentally unstable, ethically defective man unjustifiably attacking a young college student. A state AAG committing crimes he’s elected to help prosecute is enough justification for firing in my books.

    In the meantime, you might want to pick up a book: “The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man’s World” by Alan Downs. It’s a helpful look at what you might be going through. At least, leave Mr. Armstrong alone and try to find some peace.

  23. Matt says


    In the 2nd paragraph: “…where he also calls Shirvell “Satan’s representative.”

    I think you meant to say he calls ARMSTRONG “Satan’s representative.”

  24. alexInBoston says

    This man has an unhealthy and sick obsession with this college student! the worse aspect is that he is an Asst AG for the State of MI! His animus is beyond his faith or his sexuality this man is def ill…. and most likely a closet self loathing Homosexual.

  25. Acronym Jim says

    I get the idea that Shirvell was the victim of anti gay bullying in school.

    This extreme reaction to a democratically elected student body president screams “how dare that cute dude get a free pass in spite of being afflicted with “Teh Ghey when I suffered because of the existence of people like him!”

    Also, shades of Roy Cohn.

  26. Mr. West says

    The person who needs to step down- and very soon – is Mike Cox. For a State Attorney General, who creates pamphlets against cyber-bullying, to continue to work alongside this wack job is beyond reprehensible. His inaction to fire Shirvell makes him an accessory to cyber-bullying himself. Why aren’t the courts putting a stop to this behavior in Armstrong’s defense? This is not free speech. It is defamation of character at least. Shirvell is an obsessed stalker.

  27. Randy says

    What I don’t get is how isn’t this libel and slander? Those are both against the law even before cyber bullying laws.

  28. Royy says

    RE: “Mr. Shirvel’s affect and speech pattern”

    Very good observation. He has some kind of disorder. He obviously wrestles with obsession. He needs medical care.

  29. mad1026 says

    My gaydar exploded when Shervill spoke. OMFG! Mr Armstrong, please get a restraining order immediately; do not pass go, do not collect $200. This man makes Norman Bates look like the model of sanity. He is a loose cannon looking for a target and, I’m afraid, you are it for whatever reason.

  30. Ben says

    i can understand why TooBoot thinks this guy has Asperger’s Syndrome (I have AS), as it was one of the first things that came to my mind (first thing being that he was 1) gay, and 2) ashamed of his feelings for a handsome, out college kid.
    I have no idea if this nutjob has AS or not, but his eye movements, and body language could also be indicative that he doesn’t COMPLETELY beleive what he’s saying, that there is some sort of awful internal conflict. I didn’t find him sincere, despite his protests to the contrary.

  31. Bart says

    Holy shit! This is a very sad, disturbed, pathetic man. Mental instablity pours out of him and that dump truck full of rationalization for his twisted, sick behavior makes him a case study for psychosis.

    My guess, he’ll be fired from his job and brought up on charges for cyber-bullying or possibly libel. I’m sure he goes to work knowing the AG of the state has half the other lawyers working under him collecting other grounds not only for termination but also law suits.

    This guy needs some time in a mental facility.

  32. says

    Again amazed at how these nutbags apparently just only hear their own spew and nothing else. I’d love to watch him and Ann Coulter get into an argument.

  33. patrick nyc says

    I just called the AG office that Dan listed above, they had to bring in people to answer all the calls. I also emailed them and the President of the University. My fear is that they will fire Shirvell and he’ll go over the deep end and try and harm Armstrong, I hope that the University supplies him with security.

  34. anon says

    What was the thinking behind his hiring the first place? Now, just so you know, a lot of AsG are this crazy, but the outlet varies. It goes with the monomania of being a lawyer.

  35. Elizabeth says

    I’ve reported his blog to FB as promoting hate, I’ve contacted Michael Cox and requested action from him and his office. I want to do more. This man needs to be stopped before someone get’s hurt. Love AC by the way, his reporting and interviews are fabulous.

  36. TANK says

    This is a mark against the meme that republicans are becoming more gay friendly. His ass would be fired for improper conduct if this were the case; and moreso, it says a whole lot more about cox than the clearly mentally disturbed shirvell. How embarrassing…that this is how adults behave, and are rewarded for it.

  37. Charlie says

    The final question is the killer for Andrew Shirvell. How can any LGBT citizen of the state be assured that they will get the equal protection of the law if he is assigned to the case? And how can people feel they are protected if the AG doesn’t fire him?

    I am sure the AG just wants this to go away. If he gets fired Andrew Shirvell will just claim it is the result of a vast LGBT conspiracy that has victimized him. He will be the Carrie Prejean of the legal profession. Perhaps Shirvell is trying ot be fired so he can go to work for the ADF. They might like to take him on for the celebrity he would bring, but they must be aware of what a dim bulb he is.

  38. Richard says

    Thanks, Rob G (et al)! Great suggestion – I went to his blog, reported it as hate speech and I suggest everyone else should do the same.

  39. jonny says

    I am relieved to hear that Mr. Armstrong is pursuing legal action – and hopefully a restraining order as this guy comes off as quite unhinged.
    While the AG may not be firing this guy for inappropriate and immature behavior off the clock, I sure hope he has the guts to fire an assistant AG once he is convicted of harassment.
    I forget if it was Ted Olson or D. Boies who referred to the difference between fighting your case in public vs. sitting all alone on the witness stand trying to defend yourself. But according to that sentiment, Mr Shirvell is going to be mighty lonely and look mighty childish in a witness box.
    And, yes, my first thought upon hearing this guy speak with such contempt was that he was rejected by Mr Armstrong.

  40. Danny says

    wow. Shirvell’s a pretty sick puppy and a closet-case with a crush on Chris Armstrong.

    Or, to put it more compactly, the louder they scream the louder they scream.

  41. Reality Grounded says

    Wow-Andrew Shirvell-can you say ‘flame on high?! I’m embarrased that this guy, is:
    of the human race,
    holds a public office,
    has not been fired yet,
    has not been served a restraining order to stop harrasing,
    has not been rolled in some back alley to introduce him to bullying,
    has not been asked by his church to consider joining a reprograming church program to get that gaiety devil out of him!
    Another truly disgusting human being!

  42. Thomasina says

    Aside from everything else that is incredibly ridiculous about this man, how on earth is supporting gender-neutral housing promoting a “gay agenda,” radical or not? If “the gays” really did have an “agenda,” wouldn’t it be for everyone to live in SAME-sex housing? Someone who wants to change the gender basis on which roommates have traditionally been assigned is trying to allow men and women to live together–sounds like a radical heterosexual agenda to me.

  43. CBurg says

    What a sick individual, and I mean psychiatrically ill. I feel terrible for poor Chris* who has to go through all of this. Hopefully they’ll find a legal resolution soon and that the complaints to blogger will be effective in deleting the site. I’ve read a few articles and it’s complete insanity, the level of obsession is scary. Don’t take any notice Chris and hope you feel better soon! x

    *who by the way is quite the cutie! Student politicians are just so passionate about their cause!

  44. Hollywood, CA says

    “Yes, does this train go to Sh*t House Crazy Land? Oh, goodie. Just let me grab my baggage…”

  45. jaragon says

    Shrivel comes across more as creepy nerd stalker than gay (even if his obsession with Chris is obviously some sort of repressed love thing)

  46. JDB says

    So the State of Michigan allows its employees to make unproven allegations of sexual misconduct as long as it’s “outside of the office?”

    I can’t wait for this kid’s lawsuit to shrivel Shirvell.

    And why am I not surprised that the ADF’s fingers were in this pie too?

  47. NJDave says

    I think here stands another repressed homosexual. He needs to step down as he is a bad example of a state employee. It’s only a matter of time until we read about his arrest at some truck stop soliciting gay sex??

  48. Igor says

    The guy is clearly mentally challenged. He needs meds and a straight jacket. Too bad his employer has not noticed yet.

  49. Paul says

    Hey Andy! Anybody who reads your blog can see it – you got a serious manlove thing for Chris – but he’s just not into you. If you can’t get under him, you’ll have to get over him. You need to find a dude who’ll do you (might not be that easy) and get it over with. Regards from a fellow homo

  50. Timzilla says

    I’ve read this psycho’s hate-filled blog and he is posting more than a few of these homophobic diatribes during work hours. The time posted on Blogspot does not lie even if he does.

  51. ty says

    This is what Christian fundamentalism does. Preys on the defenseless. rather than celebrate diversity, they seek to homogenize and will remain a small but vocal minority.

  52. dijiraffe says

    Wow…amazing that he didn’t realize people would know he is gay. SHRIVEL IS A FLAMER!
    ya start calling him shrivel!

  53. Ryan says

    Cooper keeps saying “freedom of expression” and that Shirvell needs to act more “maturely”… How about hate speech, homophobia, and hate crimes??? That’s what he’s actually taking part in!

  54. says

    I agree with the current AG on this. Much as I don’t like what Shirvell has said, the 1st Amendment guarantees him the right to say it. His blog and other anti-gay actions supposedly have all been done off the clock and away from his job, so why should this affect his job? Just think, if every employee was fired who said something we didn’t like, nobody would be working!

  55. melina says

    Mr. Shirvell your an ignorant immature prick. Your obvious closet homosexuality is truely showing itself through your actions. The fact that you still have a place in this country’s government makes me sick. Grow up and get a life, your a bigot loser that’s truely exploiting a position of power.

  56. KC says

    This is what happens when religious families and bigots force anti-gay views on their kids. People just get fucked up. Despite what hes doing, I feel bad for the guy. Certainly an interesting person.

  57. David says


    “Part for the Course”?

    Not only is Mr. Shirvell OBVIOUSLY gay himself [surprise, surprise], his command of the English language is shockingly bad for an attorney, or even a college graduate.

    I’m sorry, but even if he’d had anything worthwhile to say, which he doesn’t, anyone who can’t speak properly loses me immediately. I’m rather embarrassed for Michigan if this is the caliber of individual that gets chosen to work in the Attorney General’s office. Shudder…

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