Some Ferry Service to Fire Island to Be Suspended Due to Hurricane


NYCers on vacation for Labor Day weekend be advised. As Hurricane Earl approaches New York, ferry service to some parts of Fire Island has been suspended, Michael Lavers reports:

"Fire Island Ferries will suspend service from Bay Shore at 3 p.m. tomorrow. It said ferries would resume early on Saturday, Sept. 4, once conditions improve. The Sayville Ferry Company told the News the 7 and 8 p.m. ferries to the Fire Island Pines tomorrow night are cancelled."

Since the above update, the midnight ferry to both the Pines and Cherry Grove has also been canceled, according to a message from the Sayville Ferry Service.

Those in Provincetown have a bit more to worry about according to the latest forecast.

A tropical storm warning is in effect for eastern Long Island, while a hurricane warning is in effect for the Cape and Islands of Massachusetts.


  1. MikeMick says

    I wonder if Sarah Palin, Sally Kern, Rick Warren, Fred Phelps, the entire Ugandan legislature, Pope Rat all those other good Christians are praying to Jesus to send the hurricane to P-town and Fire Island.

  2. says

    Just to clarify, Sayville Ferry is still planning to run most ferries tomorrow (at least that’s the plan as of now). The 7 and 8pm ferries to the Pines that have been canceled are just the small “extra” ferries that run at peak times.

  3. Jeff In Boston says

    “praying to Jesus to send the hurricane to P-town and Fire Island.

    Yes, because no right-wing churches or houses belonging to jeebus freaks will be hit at all. Let them believe in voodoo if they want. I’m not encouraging them with idle speculation that plays into their ignorance.

    Oh, and I’m on the last fast ferry out to Ptown tonight. I’m an atheist. I’ll take my chances. Going to be a gorgeous weekend afterward, while the right-wingers in Appalachia will still be staring at the broken down cars, washing machines and spouses in their yards.

  4. Bravecat says

    I live on the Gulf coast, and while I wish my friends on the East coast no harm, I am relieved that Earl is heading away from us. We don’t need anymore “earl” in the Gulf.

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