News: Stephen Hawking, Cornell, Ryan Kwanten, Blondie


7.4 earthquake strikes New Zealand.

Road Washington Post endorses homophobic candidate backed by NOM.

Handofgod RoadStephen Hawking: Universe not created by God. "In his 1988 book, A Brief History of Time, Hawking had seemed to accept the role of God in the creation of the universe. But in the new text, co-written with American physicist Leonard Mlodinow, he said new theories showed a creator is 'not necessary'."

RoadCeline Dion is amazing! And so is her family.

RoadDid Paris Hilton bust herself via Twitter?

RoadNYT: The British Foreign minister doth protest too much. "Mr. Hague, third-ranking minister in the coalition government of Prime Minister David Cameron, brought the issue into the glare of national attention when he issued a statement on Wednesday seeking to end “continued and hurtful speculation” prompted by a political blogger concerning his relationship with a 25-year-old male adviser at the foreign office." Will he walk?

RoadMadam Secretary and the former Prime Minister.

RoadHugh Jackman makes emotional appearance in cancer patient's birthday video.

Books RoadRings made from cross-sections of books. Pictured: Jane Eyre.

RoadBoy George watches synth duo Hurts launch album in London: "The former Culture Club singer was among the invited guests to the lavish venue for the event, and was wearing a glittery green hat as Theo Hutcraft and Adam Anderson's band played a seven-song set."

RoadCornell newspaper columnist compares being gay to an eating disorder, and not knowing how to insert a tampon: "Everyone has secrets. Your roommate might not know how to put in a tampon, or the skinniest girl on campus might have secret Twinkie binges every night. But these secrets don’t affect anyone else, while yours does. It would be just as unethical for you to 'pretend to be straight' to avoid discomfort as it would be for a guy to get breast implants in order to land a sweet single in [an all female dorm]. No matter what the motivation, placing your roommates in a situation that could potentially make them very uncomfortable if they knew the truth is just not ethical."

RoadMerck to test cancer drug on HIV?

Kwanten RoadRyan Kwanten shows off his man power.

RoadRick Astley has a new video (not a Rick Roll, trust).

RoadShark watch continues in Provincetown.

RoadRugby god Ben Cohen's jock strap fetched $460 at gay auction.

RoadMeeting Blondie.

RoadMore evidence found of super-fast changes in Earth's magnetic field: "Magnetic minerals in 15-million-year-old rocks appear to preserve a moment when the magnetic north pole was rapidly on its way to becoming the south pole, and vice versa. Such 'geomagnetic field reversals' occur every couple hundred thousand years, normally taking about 4,000 years to make the change. The Nevada rocks suggest that this particular switch happened at a remarkably fast clip."


  1. Dancobbb says

    Why wouldn’t the Washington Post endorse a homophobic candidate? Have you read the Post in the last 10 years? It’s no different in tone and slant than the Washington Times. They are both ULTRA-right wing, warmongering rags. I refuse to spend a penny on the Post, but do take the opportunity to read it if I see it in a coffee shop or on an airport bench. It’s abhorrent. Disgusting, really. I know one of the big reporters there –went to school with her in upstate New York, and she says that things are very unfortunate there. I’m sorry for her, but very happy to hear that the Post is really hurting. They deserve it in spades!

  2. ravewulf says

    It’s about time Hawking caught on to that fact. I’ve always been critical of him for holding that particular position.

  3. Terrence says

    That jock strap better have been used by Cohen and come fully scented to fetch that much money. Of course, if it did, $460 was a bargain!

  4. ayee says

    As a Cornell alum and former intern at GLAAD the article about the Cornell columnist piqued my interest. All I can say is read the actual column. Admittedly the author doesn’t come off as qualified to be giving advice on this topic but from this:

    “It’s not fair to you, either. You’re wasting time worrying about what they might think of you, when for all you know they might not care at all about your sexuality. Telling the truth might seem stressful now, but it’ll save you a lot of hardship later. The other girls might not mind a gay roommate; a dishonest gay roommate, on the other hand, would be harder to stomach.”

    you know that she’s at least well meaning even if her advice is not realistic or reasonable (no such thing as a lie by omission). To be honest I think the comparisons to twinkie binging and inability to insert a tampon are just examples an inexperienced writer trying to come up with interesting/humorous analogies so I’m not too put off by it. Of course if I still worked for GLAAD I’d send her a media packet and request she actually educate herself about issues she’s giving advice on ;-).

  5. A says


    Do you even go here? (Or did you?) The Daily Prince would easily make the same mistake, even with all the gay guys working on the staff.

  6. Ted Baldwin says

    Heard that God didn’t really think theoretical physicists were necessary to understand the creation of the Universe, but it was nice to have them around anyway.

  7. Max says

    “Road Washington Post endorses homophobic candidate backed by NOM.”

    So where’s the boycott and hissyfit like with Target?

  8. Kurt says

    There’s a slight difference between a newspaper endorsing a candidate, and a corporation giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to one, dumbass.

    There’s no need to boycott the Post however, as we most of us stopped reading print newspapers a decade ago.

  9. lessthan says

    What was with the inflammatory headline “columnist compares being gay to an eating disorder, and not knowing how to insert a tampon?” You could tell from the excerpt that he was talking about personal secrets and how some personal secrets hurt just you, but other secrets hurt the people around you. If a good friend finds out you are gay from someone else, wouldn’t that be a little hurtful? No matter the circumstance? Being gay is an important part of who we are. If we hide that from people who are important to us, aren’t we deceiving them?

    @Ayee What do you mean, there is no such thing as a lie by omission?

  10. TANK says

    That’s right, ted. All you need to know about the universe is contained in your…bible…written long before any understanding of the universe was available…a priori science! Let’s read the bones…LOL!

    The cornell article was thoughtless, and was written by a “not-so-smart-person”….ha ha. I’d wager she wouldn’t be consistent if uncomfortable referred to a roommate’s religious background or skin color. Disclosure is beside the point.

  11. Max says

    “There’s a slight difference between a newspaper endorsing a candidate, and a corporation giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to one, dumbass.”

    Hey Kurt, maybe you could explain it to me, oh enlightened, intelligent one? Because isn’t the newspaper endorsement just a big free ad that says the same thing (“vote for x”) that the hundreds of thousands of dollars are paying for ads to say in other media?

  12. Matt26 says

    Creation process of universe is too much for my mind, so I stay with Ryan Kwanten: How were they able to make him so unsexy for this cover? Where is his appeal? He is full of energy on TB, and here, nothing.

  13. GrabbinNewscum says

    >”Road Washington Post endorses homophobic >candidate backed by NOM.”
    >So where’s the boycott and hissyfit like >with Target?
    >Posted by: Max | Sep 3, 2010 8:36:12 PM

    Silly Max, it’s because the candidate is black and the looney liberal gays won’t dare call out black homophobes because to do otherwise would be “racist” and also because, even though public polls consistently show that 2/3rd of black people oppose same-sex marriage, black people are still our political “allies.” Or something like that.

  14. ratbastard says

    Hawking’s God comment is being deliberately presented in a false fashion for publicity sake. He really didn’t and isn’t saying a God doesn’t exist. No one understands how our world first came into existence out of nothing, not even Stephen Hawking.