George Michael Gets Eight Weeks in Prison for Drug Driving


George Michael has been sentenced to eight weeks in prison at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court after pleading guilty in August to driving under the influence of cannabis, according to the BBC:

"Michael will serve just four weeks in prison, with the rest of his sentence spent under the supervision of the probation service."

Michael was banned from driving for two years in 2007 and sentenced to 100 hours of community service for a similar offense.


  1. Smartypants says

    That’s all? Four weeks in jail then another month of supervised release after violating parole and court orders multiple times? Yes, he’s put out some great music over the years, but this wanker is a clear threat to others with his repeat driving under the influence.

    How nice that the caste system in Britain continues to thrive. The rich and famous truly do live by different rules.

  2. dms says

    The man is responsible for some incredible music and that he is squandering that talent battling drug use is a shame. Hopefully this will be a low point that he can use to turn his life around.

  3. Fahd says

    Just a thought on the headline here: Is “drug driving” used in the same way as “drunk driving”. There are many drugs that are beneficial and using “drug driving” in the same way as “drunk driving” seems to stigmatize all drugs.

    I echo DMS’s comment. Addiction has really done a number on George Michael. Where would we be without Wham!?

  4. Mothermeaculpa says

    Sending the Cottage Queen to prison for 4weeks is like sending him to a Rough Trade Mykonnos . They should have made him do 8 weeks working with snot-nosed children in council flats or teaching dance moves to wanna-be cheerleaders. The greatest prison for him is a sex-less one where no one is impressed with his lame 80’s hits.

  5. says

    I don’t understand why he doesn’t just move to the states, say Hancock Park or Hollywood Hills sections of LA and just call someone from the back of a copy of Frontiers.

    I thought that was part of the fame dividend, that you get to order in, so to speak.

    Plus who wants to drive after smoking weed, that’s what that traditional method of ordering in (food) is all about!

    I will never understand George Michael.

  6. Steve Collins says

    “There are many drugs that are beneficial and using “drug driving” in the same way as “drunk driving” seems to stigmatize all drugs.”

    That’s not true. If you are driving under the influence of a drug which impairs your ability to drive, then it’s irrelevent what the drug is being used for.

  7. jeffg166 says

    At some point he is going to kill someone while drugged up and driving. With any luck it will only be him.

  8. GREG says

    What a shame. Hes been a fuckup now for a few years. Hes worth approx 40 million dollars, which means he must have a ton of enablers around him. He looks like shit.. Hope he gets his act together. He really was a great singer. 4 weeks in prison wont do anything but sober him up. Wont cure the real issues this mans battling.

  9. Luke says

    There’s more drugs in prison than on the street. He’s gonna love his four week’s in Men’s Jail.

    But I do think that this sentence was particularly harsh. I don’t think the average British guy on the street would get sentenced to prison for the same crime.

  10. Bryan says

    George, George, George… Dumb as a box of Wham hair. Can’t you get some sycophant to take the wheel while you’re high?

    Driving while fucked up isn’t cute, fashionable, hot, or cool. It’s selfish, stupid, and couch potato dull.

  11. Tone says

    Why is it a given that he was impaired? There is credible evidence that cannabis does not necessarily impair driving skills.
    But don’t do it because drugs are bad mmkay?

  12. ratbastard says


    Weed DOES NOT improve motor kills. It does not improve reflexes. I smoke weed. For a long time. 30 grams or less is decriminalized where I live in America and the local cops here are lenient about stuff like smoking marijuana. But get busted while driving and you appear impaired or can’t pass a test….you’ll be arrested and charged criminally.