Ken Mehlman Fundraising for Anti-Gay NY GOP Congressional Candidate Randy Altschuler?


Politico's Maggie Haberman makes note of a fundraiser invite for NY GOP Congressional candidate Randy Altschuler:

"A reader forwarded this invitation to a fundraiser on Sept. 27 for Randy Altschuler, with a 'who's who' host committee that includes Wayne berman, Lew Eisenberg and Dan Senor. Also on there is Ken Mehlman, who has been lending his name to candidates recently, shortly after coming out via Marc Ambinder. Altschuler is now the GOP and Conservative Party nominee in NY-1 to take on Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop."

Bishop is a pro-equality candidate supported by the National Stonewall Democrats. Altschuler "pro-family values", toeing the religious right-wing conservative line.


  1. says

    To all those who cheered his self-serving, opportunistic grab at the spotlight by claiming to be pro gay now: How’s that working out for ya?

    BTW isn’t Mehlman’s big gay coming out party, er, I mean fundraiser, tomorrow night? Anyone nearby have some rotten eggs and an invite?

  2. Daya says

    I don’t like bigotry.
    But I become a “bigot” against anything that smells like Republican.
    And now that using gay people as a dividing issue has become less popular, they are using Muslims as the new target to use as a common enemy.
    Megan McCain may honestly be on our side, but do I trust the Republician Party? NO WAY!
    I still have trouble understanding how gay people can support the Republican Party at all (i.e. Log Cabin Republicans). I understand the need for conservative fiscal policy, but at the expense of our civil liberties?

  3. Joe says

    What does Altschuler mean when he says he is “pro-family”? He seems more anti-abortion than anything else, so that is something I want to know.

    However, it took Melhman less than a month to go back to (what might be but what is not confirmed) supporting anti-gay candidates.

  4. Bob R says

    Some gay radicals need to get hold of Mehlman and shave his head in public like the French did to the collaborating whores in France after the liberation. Mehlman is a collaborator, a Kapo, a Quisling who should provoke the open anger and disgust of every gay man and lesbian in America. He should be totally ostracized. He’s a reincarnation of the despicable Roy Cohn.

  5. says

    I do not know if he made commitments prior to his public coming out announcement, but in 2012 and beyond if he does not want to do fundraising for anti-gay candidates he needs to help recruit pro-gay, fiscally responsible candidates on the Republican ballot in New York State and beyond.

    I am giving Log Cabin the same message too, sorry LCR Mary Bono is not a pro-gay nominee. Standards need to increase where they must support at least 2 equality bills.

    Else people will think Ken is full of crap still and any goodwill he may have won recently will only go back in the waste bucket.

  6. Tone says

    Just shun the guy. A-list types should stop inviting him to their parties, let him see how being out in the wilderness feels, and let him see how many loyal GOP friends he has since coming out.

  7. ThomT says

    Again I ask GOProud, Log Cabinettes, and other gay republicans – how’s that “working for change from within” thing working for you? Remember the Ken Melhmen’s of the world have much more power than most of you do (but in Ken’s case he’s apparently only in it for the money) and he hasn’t changed any minds from “within” – and it appears that he’s not trying very hard to do it. So while the Democrats might not be doing much FOR the gay community they, unlike the republicans, are doing anything TO the gay community.

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