Montana House GOP Candidate Declares ‘War’ on the Gay Community Over Tea Party Leader’s Removal


Kristi Allen-Gailusha, a GOP nominee for a Montana House seat and secretary of the Big Sky Tea Party Association, has left the latter group, angry that its president, Tim Ravndal, was forced out following revelations that he posted remarks condoning violence against gay people to his Facebook page.

Allen-gailushas Ravndal, in a Facebook posting dated July 23 and since removed, expressed his views that marriage should be between a man and a woman. The post was in response to an ACLU lawsuit in Montana brought by seven gay couples who want to get married.

In the post's comment thread, Ravndal expressed support for a commenter who (in apparent reference to the Matthew Shepard murder) said, "I think fruits are decorative. Hang up where they can be seen and appreciated. Call Wyoming for display instructions."

In response to the Ravndal controversy, Allen-Gailusha posted a comment to her Facebook page declaring "war" on the gay community (see screenshot above).

The Helena Independent Record reports:

"Allen-Gailusha said Ravndal wasn't even referring to the Shepard case, and that his comments were taken out of context. She said she would submit her resignation from the association at Tuesday night's meeting. She may have also been heading for trouble with the group’s board, following the revelation of one of her own Facebook postings that takes aim at gay people."

Allen-Gailusha is the Republican nominee in House District 82.

(top image via montana cowgirl blog)


  1. Russell says

    Um, HAD gay friends, maybe.

    What’s Sue Barrow’s TPTB martial law thing? Makes me glad planes can fly from coast to coast without stopping near these folks.

  2. SeriouslySick says

    Ahhh, the “straight ally” gaining social privilege from the mob by mocking gay men as deficient. Wanna shoot it out with me? You already have a face like a hat full of assholes, what would another hole between the eyes matter? Hmmm??

  3. Freddie says

    What I wanna know is- who are these gay dudes who WANT to be friends with assholes like this? For real.

  4. TampaZeke says

    I challenge this bitch to introduce us to JUST ONE of her many “gay friends”.

    Why is it that these foaming at the mouth homophobes ALWAYS have gay friends but we never get to meet them?

    I think we ALL know why.

  5. Brian says

    With qualifications like that, she’s a shoe in. Maybe she can be Sara Palin’s running mate for president. No education, no political experience, last actual job (not that I have anything against stay at home moms, some of them are incredibly smart) 2 years as a clerk with the DMV? Sounds great!

  6. Brian says

    And since when can you throw around “out of context” as an excuse without explaining what the context actually was? I read the post, there was no other context. I saw the same exact context as anybody else looking at his facebook page.

  7. Jaybird89101 says

    These homophobic assholes should stay away from us str8-shootin’ g’boys down here in Texas. We won’t put up with that “espoused” GOP hate-batin’ shit around our ranch!

  8. TomSkylark says

    Call me crazy, but I think that elected officials should probably be able to put a sentence together without the aid of a speech writer, or at the very least know the meanings of the words they use.

  9. RP says

    Bitch, I can shoot, and my fiancé is a great marksman. You only have yourself to blame if you pull the trigger first. Also, fuck off if you think the “I have gay friends, too” is gonna work on me.

  10. Kevinintexas says

    Dumb bitch, like there could be ANY other context.

    Oh wait I didn’t read the part about her gay friends. She’s okay then.

  11. TANK says

    So, she’s defending that douchetard’s call to violence…and encouraging it on her own. I wonder how many lgbt’ers in montana are armed. The call to violence is usually the last dying breath of despair.

  12. beegee says

    I like how the racists say “I’m not racist, I have black friends” and now homophobes say “I’m not homophobic, I have gay friends” … Just because you SAY you have friends (and maybe you do) does not excuse the fact that you’re being bigoted.

  13. says

    Remember all that sweet talk about how conservatives are suddenly getting all pro-gay on the Dem’s and how the teabaggers don’t really care about social issues? So the Dem’s are just like the Repub’s, maybe worse? Ah, nostalgia for that golden time just a few days ago . . . when the media invented pro-gay Republicans and some gullible gay people bought it.

    Then, along comes Kristi, to show the true, ugly face of the conservative teabagging Republican party. These are the people who are actually in or running for office, not Meghan McCain and Steve Schmidt and the belated escapees from the closet. You don’t vote for people who declare war on you. You fight them and pick them off one by one. Pay attention, voters.

  14. peterparker says

    I love the last poster on her page…the paranoid bitch who thinks the Tea Party Top Brass are trying to impose martial law.

  15. Bart says

    Can a person be both dumb and ignorant? What an ass wipe.

    This girl off the short bus may scare the sheep in Montana, but nothing else. She likes the sound of her own vodka-ed breath.

  16. says

    Okay, I’m gonna get a bit perturbed here… will y’all stop picking on us who aren’t 10’s nor fit in a size 10 on the same ‘level’ as these twats?


    Don’t get me started on the comment about the “Short bus”… I’ve worked with those that qualified for that bus for over 20 years [including my nephew] and none came close to being any where near in the same category as these twits…

    Consider yourselves ‘spanked’.

  17. Kara says

    What the hell is with all the misogyny in these comments? Yes, what she said is appalling. But calling her a cow and attacking her appearance isn’t okay. It just isn’t.

  18. Russell says

    Right on, Ernie. But, however, it would be nice to hear something out and truthful from President Obama. He signalled the right thing in his campaign speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church, then he jumped back in that closet (marriage = amanannawoman) last vacated by Bill Clinton and, oh, Newt Gingrich?). Queer people know what others don’t, or seem not to: according to opera, if you abandon those who love you in favor of those who offer political power, then when the latter fail you the former will be suicidal or already dead. As Butterfly says, Ah! M’ha scordata? (“Ah! He has forgotten me?”). I will not be Obama’s bitch.

  19. Didgeridont says

    Kara, I thought misogyny meant a hatred of and hostility toward women or the female gender. What does misogyny mean to you here?

    Cory, so Allen-Gailusha, a public figure who declared war on gays and defended Ravndal who condoned violence against gays is somehow equivalent to the frustrated name-calling you’ve read here?

  20. matt says

    I want to be like Otto from the Simpsons, walk up to her, and say, “No offense, but you were born a man, right?”

  21. memarch says

    Perhaps a friend of Mary Cheney? Maybe they go a huntin’ together. No misogyny. But, she be way butch.

  22. X_USMCVET says

    I agree with Brian. Cunts like her need to be exterminated. The sooner the better.

    And for what it’s worth, BITCH, I was a rifle expert in the Marine Corps! (The highest possible ranking in rifle qualification)

  23. rob says

    he is obviously lying about having gay friends…no gay would let her leave the house with that hairstyle

  24. ThomT says

    I’m not thinking her “leaving” the tea party was voluntary. While she may wish to believe that she has gay friends I have a hunch that they don’t feel the same way about her. But then again, she’s a Republican and might well be deep in her own self loathing closet.

  25. mad1026 says

    Thank you, Sarah Palin. You started this Second Amendment remedy bullshit. Are you satisfied? Or will it take an all-out war to quench your “Mama Grizzly” bloodlust? WTF are all these people afraid of? Do they really think they’re so HOT gays are gonna be beatin’ down their doors for dates? This bitch is too fugly for words.

  26. CRG says

    THIS is the face & mindset of the Republican Party!

    TALK TO YOUR FAMILY! Show them the hate! Friends don’t let friends vote REPUBLICAN!

  27. Jerry6 says

    Any Homosexual male or female that votes for any Republican (NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY IN THEIR CAMPAIN SPEACHES) will live to regret their action. Unfortunately, so will the rest of us who did not so vote.

  28. says

    I also hear they are going to coordinate with the Florida Koran burning and torch copies of Larry Kramer’s Faggots and John Rechy’s The Sexual Outlaw.

  29. arch says

    why do people like this always assume that all gay men are somehow not masculine, the whole point is that we are men, my spanish boyfriend sitting next to me on the sofa as I write this comes from a family of bullfighters and grew up running bulls, perhaps this woman would like to spend some down time with him playing with a few bulls…