Rep. Grayson’s ‘Taliban’ Dan Webster Ad Panned For Audio Edits

Grayson campaign manager Susannah Randolph defended the 30-second commercial by explaining that Webster was "speaking at a group that teaches that women should be submissive to men." Quite right: the audio comes from Webster's appearance at the Institute in Basic Life Principles, whose founder, Bill Gothard, doesn't believe women should work outside the home. Webster in 1990 spent over $4,000 on fliers for the group.

Randolph breaks it down, "[Webster's] always pushed an agenda that is anti-woman."

The entire thing reminds one of how conservative activist Andrew Breitbart edited audio to make it sound like former Agricultural Department official Shirley Sherrod had a racial bias. Whether Grayson can escape from this scandal unscathed will be decided in November.


  1. Mike says

    Agree it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, however the republicans and FoxNews do this type of thing H-O-U-R-L-Y. And to answer the question in the article… I believe this was “an example of political expediency aimed at the heart of Webster’s politics.” You only have 15 or 30 seconds so you have to go for the jugular. Grayson at least has the balls to fight fire with fire. I certainly hope he wins! I’m tired of Democrats rolling over to the wingnuts.

  2. JSH says

    Using the Republican playbook = AWESOME. You can take the high road if your destination is FAIL. If you wanna win, sometimes you gotta play dirty. I wish more Democrats had the balls Grayson does.

  3. MammaBear says

    “But is it truly a smear, or just an example of political expediency aimed at the heart of Webster’s politics?”

    Sorry, are we supposed to care?

    Either way it’s unprincipled, idiotic, and shameful. He couldn’t find a clip of the candidate shooting himself in the foot, so he manufactured one? Jesus, what a gift…

  4. John says

    Actually, Grayson’s poll numbers look quite good compared to the goody-goody Democrats in the neighboring districts. Probably because he’s using tactics straight out of the GOP playbook. The Republicans, if you haven’t noticed, are actually very skilled at winning elections.

  5. Yet Another Mike says

    Grayson’s poll numbers don’t reflect this most recent revelation. Let’s see what happens after Webster takes advantage of the huge gift that Grayson just gave him. The next poll will tell the story.

  6. LincolnLounger says

    The ambulance-chasing scumbag who sends promotional videos out at taxpayers’ expense has finally gone too far.

    Grayson is going down. And not in the good way.

  7. TANK says

    Naw, this was fine, and will ultimately be vindicated by his reelection. The biggest enemies of progressive democratic candidates are democrats themselves. Webster’s a dominionist christian freakshow.

  8. Milan says

    Quit the crap, Repubs have been playing dirty since, well since Woodrow Wilson was president. Taking the high road has gotten Obama nowhere. It’s time to fight fire with fire. Dan Webster is a woman hating, gay hating, racist bigot, so what if Grayson had to borrow FOX Spews playbook. Grayson is our man in Orlando and he is going to win, and he loves the gays.

  9. says

    In an attack ad labeling his opponent ” Taliban Dan” Webster, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson uses Webster’s own words to prove the Republican thinks wives should be subservient to their husbands.

    One problem: The Grayson campaign edited the original video, chopping it up and taking Webster’s words out of context. Webster actually was advising husbands to bypass those particular Bible passages, according a longer video clip released Monday by Webster’s campaign.

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