1. k says

    Wow, the gay hipster fight is embarrassing, if for no other reason than these guys slap each other like a bunch of teenage chicks. Oy. Make love, not war. Or at least fight like a man.

  2. LAWL says

    @K: I was just about to post the same thing. That fight is beyond embarrassing for me. Even a weak ineffective punch would have been more respectable than their weak flailing. I am disappoint(ed).

  3. Seamus says

    BEST HIPSTER FIGHT EVAR! It looks like the outside of Akbar. I think? Either way, I would have paid money to witness that first hand ūüėÄ

  4. hugo says

    I want that foam printer to disrupt a Christine O’Donnell rally with flying foam penises, or something similarly mature.

  5. Rolph says

    lots of fights in west hollywood lately. the young kids love to fight…they’ll walk up to you for no reason and start pushing and hitting. most of the fights that I’ve witnessed have been young latinos. every night it seems.

  6. Bakeley says

    What’s with the posting of the gay hipster fight, Andy? Is the joke is that they slap like girls or something? That’s one of the more homophobic things I’ve seen you publish in a long time. If a Christian site had posted the same thing, with the same words, you’d be up in arms, and rightfully so.

  7. jakeinlove says

    RE: Gay Hipster Fight
    Notice how the queen in the white shirt is kicking and hitting everybody when their back is turned.

    Sad queen.

  8. Raf says

    Thanks for calling out the Latinos, Rolph. Not sure it has shit to do with the video posted, but great that you were able to get that generalization in there.

  9. scrufff says

    Actually, not Akbar but very close, it’s El Cid a Spanish nightclub that has weekly/monthly gay nights, which is just down the street from Akbar.

  10. Black Bart says

    I think that Andy was probably posting it because it is such a cliche. And as JakeinLove said, it is what it is.

    I mean, I’m as BIG a fag as the next Towleroad reader, but those boys hit like schoolgirls.

    And then, OF COURSE, it prompts spontaneous showtunes!

    I love it.

  11. Rolph says

    RAF if you look at the guys fighting in the video, a good many are very young and Latino. If you read the post below yours. It’s at a gay Spanish club.
    I go to pretty mainstream gay clubs in Weho. I can only speak about what I’ve seen. In the last month, I’ve witnessed 6 fights inside and at the doors of these clubs. All with very young Latino guys doin the fighting. I’ve witnessed same age Latino guys walk up to passerby on the strreet and just start pushing and yelling trying to start fights.

    Certainly not all, but a certain young fraction with something to prove.

    When I see other ethnic groups or people fighting. I’ll
    be sure to let you know, but as of now, based on what I’ve been witnessing, I’ll stick to my generalization.

  12. Jeffrey says

    I hope none of the hipsters broke a nail.

    Geez, that was embarrassing. (So, naturally, I’m sharing it with everyone.)

  13. Acronym Jim says

    Did the definition of hipster change when I wasn’t looking?

    There was nothing hip about any of the twelve year olds in that video.